PEOPLE VS FOOD CHALLENGE || Try To Eat In 1 Second! Fastest Speed Eating By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

čas přidán 30. 07. 2020
Have you ever competed in a speed-eating competition?
Or perhaps you’re just a speedy eater in general - hey, no judgement!
Why not gather your friends and hold your own speed eating competition!
Just be sure to have lots of water handy, and maybe a pale, you know, just in case things get out of hand.
Share this video with your friends and challenge them to a contest! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO! CHALLENGE’s CS-tv page for more awesome videos like this one!
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  • emily is so bad to clare

  • I'm a big fat it's like just like amazingthe food white is the best because it's the best the winner and so is my drip and your dress is so amazing why don't you do a part 2 of the 3 IB another one of those food combination challenge

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  • And they covered with the red paper

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  • These are all the people that like sushi 👇🏾

  • those sound effects with the pizza tho

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  • Who could seriously eat a pizza, ice cream, a watermelon, sushi, and more food items 😱😱😱😱😱

    • Girl the pizza and ice cream do not go together I'm telling you is don't go together like why would it go together it's disgusting

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  • Hi 123 go into love you all and if any one is bored I am going to tell you one joke What is the best thing to do staying in the house? Answer util August starts tell me on comme

  • I don't like amily because she is cheater

  • Fast food much

  • I drank an entire bottle of water in less than one minute absolute record of maybe the first kid to ever try this out in real life I guess but I got an absolute record of 59 seconds and 95 ms

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  • Well maybe 💐😋😅

  • Clair only won 1 round 😕

  • That hot peper is not spicy 🌶

  • Clare cheated

  • emily is gonna win but her face is gonna be so cold

  • ice cream i love ice cream

  • No fair look at all that food

  • And ate the peel while eating the watermelon and it was then peeled straight

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  • 8:00 change the timer 25 to 29

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  • Hahahahaha at first claire said im gonna dunk my head in the in the toilet 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  • Claire looking soo cute

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  • In the thumbnail her mouth looks like VENOM. And you can't make cotton candy that small.

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  • How did clair win emily won all rounds im so confuest

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  • 3:20 Food is good ;)

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  • Is this for kids to get hungry

  • The hot pepper was so spicy

  • I am a very speedy eater

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  • Me eating spicy food and dupping my head in toilet

    • That would be gross dumping your head in the toilet

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  • Emily is so beautiful ❤️

  • I hate the thicc eyebrow