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Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.

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  • Just a hint -- have the coastguard stop the boats going out before they get to the throat of the outlet and check for life jackets and boat occupancy dangerous seating arrangements???? you might just save a few lives.....

  • The sheerline of mystery boat 1 looks like that of a Grady White from their 1990's line up.

  • didn't see anyone fall out of a boat

  • 5:12 The Vandutch is a distinguished, dignified looking boat. But also looks out of her element here. Maybe somewhere on the Seine? Or the Hudson.

  • the oke at 8:03 is an idiot, small kids should not be on the bow, and certainly not without a PFD

  • ANY PERSON ALLOWING KIDS ONTHE BOW SHOULD LOSE THIER BOAT!!!! EX- COASTIE and it drive me crazy to see kids in harms way, hit a wave wrong and it's child over board

  • Mystery Boat 1 has lines similar to an old-model Grady-White. Not sure if that's what it is, but would be my first guess.

  • Mystery Boat 1 looks like a Grady White Express or Sailfish.

  • I can still hear my dad always telling us to get the bow up ! One time we broke down we only have reverse, we had to go backwards through cape May inlet. That would have been a great video. Fire , smoke , waves of water coming over the back of the boat and bad words being used to signal other boats to get out of the way... LOL

  • I want a nice calm lake when I'm on the water, I wouldn't care for any of this, the uncertainty of falling out at any given moment!

  • Nobody said you have to be smart to own a big boat…just wealthy….🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Perfect “ending”..! 🤙🏼☺️🤙🏼

  • Mystery boat, the rare Sea Hunt WACC

    • on second thought...hmmm...not sure...second mystery boat looks like a Scout

  • Mystery boat at 4:45 looks like a Grady White.

  • 4:20 1993 Grady White

  • The markup on fiberglass is through the roof!!

  • First mystery boat is a Grady White 272 Sailfish model. The 282 has a different window design.

  • mystery boat #2 is Altima Yachts Xcape 38

  • A shame to see a new operator in that New Scout. Nice boat. The Invincible didn’t fair any better.

  • Some hull designs and weight distribution are terrible for ocean going !

  • insane how stupid people are

  • The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info

  • The overpriced, oversized and overpowered center consoles make absolutely no sense to me at all. You have limited if any cabin space relative to boat size/max capacity (no protection from the elements) yet it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  • That guy driven fell cuz his hat was backwards.

    • Check new video Midnight Express boats vs Haulover: Worst Fails

  • Hey! lets all party in the bow! Hey! great idea! lol

  • The dangerous stuff starts around 14:34 and lasts for the rest of the video. No matter how many "WAVES" they are ignoring me. :) LOL

  • ONE or even TWO know how to actually 'run' a boat through that 'choppy' inlet. - The rest as we say in the "UK" - if they were on dry land are 'The Boy Racer Type' - no road sense. Except this lot appear to have no boating sense, carry no safety equipment, (that I could see), and are just showing off to the girls, - they are all just accidents waiting to happen. As for that Mother & Baby - God Help the Baby.

  • What up with that crab? Species? Species? Anyone?

  • Kudos to the cameraperson. Great "eye" for detail.

  • Vandutch is a asshat design

  • Could be wrong but the yellow one looked like a scout?

  • The crab at the end was amazing. Great work!

  • I'm just here for the Assimut

  • The driver of that Proline with the 2 people on the bow needs to have his head examined for brains. Pretty stupid and dangerous in those rough seas!

  • You need to rename ur channel to NO FUCKING LIFEJACKETS Required

  • Vandutch is a wave eater

  • Whoever designed the bow slope downwards on some of these boats should get into another line of work...imo.

  • Nice to see the jet ski boys making sure the kids don't get washed out of the bowriders

  • Крутяк конечно.

  • @ 8:30 WHAT THE HELL,.. NO LIFEJACKET on the kid and her,. IN HAULOVER,.. In the front of the boat,... STUUUUUUUID.

  • The Haulover isn't the most dangerous, not even close. Ever navigate Drake's? Haulover is nothing relative to that.

  • 5:29 that hull is NOT designed for rough water!

  • The Azimut 66 looks like a battleship steaming out of Haulover.

  • 10:26 is a bad one, literally everyone at the bow, no trim, no power

    • Oh yeah, bunch of idiots for sure with no clue what they're doing.

  • A million dollar boat with just one guy aboard. Loser.

  • Gotta get up on one foot or else you can't be a beach bunny model lol.

  • Child on the bow, no life vest!

  • Forget the freaking boats....

  • always overhyped

  • Mystery boat #2 possible a Scout?

  • $600K for a f*cking Mako?!? Gimme a break... that is ridiculous to even make one that size(42'). That being the case, I'd have to imagine that the M.E. in a comparable size is like double the Makp's cost, haha- so maybe it's not such a terrible idea afterall. Even so, I'd rather a Regulator, Cape Horn or even Ocean Master- just something from a smaller, preferably 'local' company if they ever decided to make one that size even! Or I really liked that "VonDutch"(shoulda called it "SWAMP-Dutch"... cuz that what it did best, swamped itself!). I'd like to know the pricetag on that piece of artwork! As always, BoatZone, hands down some of the best video content here on YT! Thanks for keeping me entertained when I can't make it up to our inlet(Jupiter) on a snotty day. Or a close-second on the 'entertainment-scale', there's always the boat ramp mayhem right around the corner@ Burt Reynolds Park with huge T-storms getting ready to strike on a Saturday or better yet, a HOLIDAY long weekend! Much Love....

  • so who fell out - none that I saw

  • After watching many of these videos I've come to a basic conclusion. People with money are dumber than a box of rocks. Most of these so called "Captains" should be keel hauled.

  • The folks on DUSKY made the wise choice! Don't bet your life on the open sea with an E-Tec on the transom, head back to the pier!

  • Haulover… the land of broken stringers and transoms 🤣

  • It's a miracle that people aren't killed at this outlet. These drivers can go slower. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Mystery Boat 2 is a Altima Xcape Sport SFE.

  • At 15:20, pathetic generation , full of themselves.

  • I haven’t seen anyone with a life preserver on especially small children.👀😳🧐

    • @Ken Russo no one should ever be in the bow in rough water

    • Yeah. I have never seen so many ignorant boat owners. Crossing the bar on a rough day, and not a single flotation device in sight. The boat with the woman in the bow holding a small kid in her lap is criminal. If he got thrown out, which he almost did, no way could he have been able to swim awaiting rescue. So many idiots all in one place.

  • Those Midnight Express captains look like they've finally figured out that it's easier not to stuff the bow when they keep the trim in balance with their speed.

  • That girl waving and shaking her ass at 13:13? That's my kinda girl. She knows what's up.

  • I ain’t the po po but throw a life vest on the kiiiiids

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  • Been watching a bunch of these videos of Haulover lately (dozens of them), and the captain at 6:51 seems to be the ONLY female I've seen. And though I'm not an expert by any stretch, it seems like she did pretty well.

  • That´s the first time I have seen a whale on a boat :-))

  • 7:55 - I've seen stupidity, but this captain takes the absolute phucquing cake: allowing a passenger on the bow - holding a small child, NEITHER wearing life-vests - is the colossally bad decision making. Boat licenses are available from a gumball machine?

    • @TheAnimeist , sure looks like that, doesn't it. Hey, you let that wave come.

    • @TheAnimeist good assessment. Nailed it.😅

    • 8:36 As she gets tossed, she looks back and yells at the captain. Yeah the captain should know better, but you just know she's a total bitch and got what she wanted by sitting there. Yet blames someone else for the outcome. If you look carefully, I think the name of the boat is Not Carin' Karen.

    • In Florida you don't need a boat license if you were born before 1986 in think. You can get a coast guard safety card by taking a class. It's not required but the Coast Guard and FWC/police like to see it.

  • The folks who like to sit over the cuddy cabin with their kid on their lap, sans life jacket, are they just dense, or don’t they realize skinny kids don’t have much flotation?

  • Everybody is a jetty model!

    • Hey check this video & let me know if you like it -->

  • Many of these boats have too many outboards, making them stern heavy to the extent the captains can hardly see over the bow.

    • yea you only need two.

  • The Azimut 66 did a great job - but I would suggest using the flybridge, not the pilot house.. I use a similar heading, trac, and speed with my Nordhavn 64. That Invincible who followed the Azimut had triple engines but still cruised as if he was in a no-wake zone. Experience will cure that. It's easy to poke fun at those who go too slow, use the wrong heading, etc. Haulover doesn't care about how knowledgeable a captain is. Haulover changes up on a dime and only the most flexible can adapt to her mood swings.

    • Won't the flybridge toss you around more? To the point where you have problems maintaining control?

  • Dude which Camera are you using for recording?

    • @Boat Zone which model of Sony?

    • SONY

  • Man!! I was Really looking forward to seeing that scout 380 lxf perform in that condition! I know the boat is built for it but you never see good captains running those Scouts how they deserve to be ran!!

  • 7:46 - Brain-dead fool.

  • The guy in the Rinker looks street Jesus’s brother or cousin.

  • it never ceases to amaze me ,why people sit on the bow on a boat ploughing into a swell with no life jackets, its some kind of game.and how the capt /parents of these boats allow it .totally reckless and irresponsible. it will end in tears one day. seems like all as these people do is showboat.

    • @Lightning strikes twice No shortage of shallow vain ego inflated cheap tricks with dreams of instagram fame there .

    • Helmsmen , they are NOT CAPTAINS !!!!!! Those stupid fools haven't earned it obviously .

    • Bet on that attractive blonde at the end of the video. She definitely has a gear pulling differential.I'm thinking 4:11 maybe even four five sixes. Lots of torque there! Might get hurt!

    • My thoughts exactly Kevin. What complete bunch of thick bellends!

  • Mystery 1 Wellcraft Coastal

  • Mystery boat at 6:35; Altima Xcape

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  • I need to move to Florida and start filming boats looks like an amazing job!!

    • No lefties please. Dems flee their hi tax states and then make the new place as bad as the state they are fleeing.

  • I don't understand why parents don't put life jackets on the kids..

  • Not a boater, but it sure looks like you need a decent head of steam heading out, and a be a little more reserved on the way back.

  • It's clear that the "new style" of having little or no bow flare (Van Dutch and Azimut 66) results in a complete soaking of the deck, occupants and cockpit in rough water. I don't see what the advantage is.

    • The advantage is the style. Chicks dig it more.

  • How many haulover channels are there?? Nice quality video!

    • Many. We are the best, obviously :)

  • Amazing how the Azimut 66 just cuts through the waves as if they were not even there.

    • 9:44 Next time do us all a favor and give us a time stamp.

  • Mystery Boat 2 looks like a 38' Xcape Altima. with 3x 300hp Evinrudes .Hopefully im right


  • Is their a good reason WHY they are NOT trimming the bows UP??? With all the weight on the stern of 3, 4,5 outboards or big inboards, having the bows plowing seems 🤔

  • That yellow boat, about six and a half minutes in, is a 38-foot Altima!

  • It would be awesome to put cost of these boats with the titles of the boats...

  • Try the Columbia River bar where USCG trains lifeboat crews. Place is a graveyard.

  • Once again, great cameraman distractions....

  • Can you balance it out a bit and film some hot guys on the beach... asking for a friend

    • @Boat Zone Thanks 😍

    • we have plenty of videos w/ hot guys. check my Miami River playlist

  • I love these videos. I remember 50+ years ago going off-shore fishing out of New Smyrna Beach, Fl before they built the jetties, sand bars would move and on a fast going out tide and a strong easterly wind that inlet was a mess and dangerous. My grandfather's wooden boat was a 16' with a cutty- cabin. I remember heading out through the inlet on a bad day and him smoking his illegal Cuban cigars and this time he said calmly "hang on!". Well the bow went straight up and all the coolers, tackle and everything "fell" to the back of the boat. I had my arms around one the seats or I would have fallen to the back of the boat. We'll we got to the fishing grounds and began trolling. The bilge pumps ran the entire time, because we found out later that we cracked the hull. My granddad was in WW2 and fought in the south pacific... Nothing scared him... He got a new

  • Love those dark gray and black boats

  • I missed the people washed out by the big wave???

  • Out of curiosity, why are they going so fast? I know zero about boating, but it looks like they are going so fast.

    • showing off

    • geeze. I cringe when i see the little ones without life vests.

  • More like Vanstupid

  • Az 66

  • I wish I could say I am surprised by the lack of seamanship exhibited here but I am not and would not go to sea with 90 percent of these "skippers"

  • little sea doo has no problem with the waves.