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Sometimes dead is better. Watch the official trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • No Ramones?

  • mmm not sure? can it live up to original as 1st film is best in series..

  • They should have left it alone.

  • I literally watched this movie way too much when I was a child that I started to see halluicaions. I remember waking up in the middle of the night having to pee really bad. My door was always open and our bathroom door was always open too with the light on. I remember sitting up getting ready to walk to the bathroom when I looked up and seen a tall ass male figure standing in my door way. Where the light of the bathroom was on behind him I couldn't see him all I seen was the outline of him. He was super tall too. Scared the living shit out of me. I layed back down and scooted all the way to the wall on my bed. Put a pillow over my head. And prayed he would go away. He didn't go away till after about 20mins. I never watched that movie again till I was a adult. Sometimes I still get scared to watch it just because of that night.

  • Oh look. Modern society is making another remake because people can't come up with original ideas anymore. Hence why 98% of modern entertainment is a steaming pile of garbage.

  • Wow... Not bad

  • John Lithgow, yay!

  • Another fricken reboot. Booo!!!

  • the ground is bad sounds fucking stupid! the ground is sour is what he's supposed to say ffs!!!

  • Ella, I totally agree, but Hollywood will be Hollywood.

  • This will suck

  • Hype

  • El libro es genial, sobre todo el aspecto psicológico de sus protagonistas; espero mucho de esta película, la anterior fue bastante aceptable.

  • SOOOO UNNECESSARY. ANNNND they made the good ghost black. For WHAT?

  • I swear, these movies are getting ridiculous. An ordinary truck drives by, mother actor: shocked, embracing her child, as if she's seen Chtulu rising. I've read the book, I know the meaning of trucks in it (won't spoil it), but come on with the overreacting, fuck.

  • Good music

  • This trailer makes me happy 😃

  • Good trailer

  • Imagine John Connor being hybrid Terminator and kill those bastards

  • And Where's TV Spots

  • The 1989 Pet is the scariest movie I've ever seen. Let's see if 2019 version is going to overcome the old one.

  • Gage was the cutest everrrrrrr!!!!!

  • Amazingly great horror movie!!!!

  • That new cat looks like a pussy, lol Church was a scary and tuff looking.

  • Sometimes I feel like books don't work super well converted to film. Especially Stephen King books. They were created through a written medium, and translating that into a realistic visual is extremely hard. I'd say Stanley Kubrick is really the only one to ever pull it off, and he REALLY pared down the work so it would work as a movie, to the point that Stephen King hated it.

  • am i the only one think tht the baby from the old one and this one look alike?

  • Ugh, this did not need to be redone. Hollywood is a joke, in many ways, nothing new, fresh. Except for mr Eastwood.

  • Hmmm...

  • kinda ironic isn't it?

  • why you fuckers ruin everything

  • I'm sick of them redoing everything they running out of ideas redone carrie like 5 times and other shit. The originals r always better then remakes

  • Will superman make a cameo?

  • Cant they come up with new shit.

  • HOW ABOUT THE PUNK ROCK PLAYING ? Ramones' s Pet Sematary is timeless classic

  • Espero no cagen este peliculon. Y los ramones??de banda sonora.

  • Here we go...Another damn remake.. Pathetic that hollyweird can't come up with anything new.

  • I hope they drop that accent Stephen King loves so much. It sounds so fake! Pulls me out of the movie. Edit: you think they'll use the Ramones song? I don't wanna be buried in a Pet Sematary... 😆

  • Looking forward to seeing this.

  • Pet Sematary.. okay. As long as it's not new Carrie I'm fine with it. But what's up with the world? So many remakes and readaptations.

  • Yes 😀, welcome back, Pet Cemetery or pet Sematary ? Anyway, i Hope the new ONE is Better

  • This is real shit to pain in my ass......i am ready

  • This version better have the classic moment from the novel when Gage grabs a microphone and starts singing the Ramones "Pet Sematary" while Church rocks the drums in the background.

  • aaaahh chillhood

  • I truly hope They dont mess this one up, because the 1989 original was and still is a haunting classic.

  • Looks really good. And they showed the truck racing by, alluding to the incident where the cat and then the son get hit by a truck. Because that damn road with truckers racing through a residential street at 90 miles per hour... wait. What?? That shit went right over our heads in 1989. In 2018.. people be like, neighbor hood watch. Giant speed bumps, kids at play signs. What ever happened to old fashion small town speed traps. I mean have you ever been down a little country road like that one? Speed limits like 25 miles an hour!

  • trailer is full of suspense and thrill

  • Such a nice family with beautiful surroundings but scary and disgusting to watch haunted groups wondering around them

  • Pet sematary by ramones

  • John Lithgow looks like Uncle from Red Dead Redemption lol

  • マジか? ペットセメタリー懐かしい。

  • Better include the Wendigo this time

  • 1:13 *GAAAAAAY*

  • Looks good

  • Otro remake que nadie pidió😔

  • Sometimes, no adpation is better.

  • Reboot of this?... damn I'm old

  • This one will be a big disappointment, time to time

  • two things I hope they include from the book that they did not include in the original movie: a) those windigo scenes. They're beyond scary and they should include this monster in the movie, come on! When he carries Gage to the burial ground and something huge passes next to him through the trees, the wails, the 'loons', the glowing sickly yellow eyes.The image of Lewis at the end with white hair and almost hypnotized to go bury his wife. It needs to be there. Also b) more Timmy Baterman. Especially that scene where grown Jud and his buddies go see him and he's a shell of his former self, creepily looking at a blood-red sunset with glassy dead eyes and giving them a beyond creepy smile. That's all I want. The book is better.

    • Fuuuuuuck this is exactly what I want!!! I need these scenes to be in the movie!!! That's all I ask for!!!

  • Wtf ghost animals??!!

  • Romance movie🔥💘❤

  • and i just finished reading the book.. 🤯🤯🤯

  • I can't wait to see who they casted as Zelda. SHE WAS THE SCARIEST!!!

  • This is the old version when i was a kid, and love it!! And now they make the remake 👍👍👍 i hope this new version is golden like the old..✌💖

  • I’m gonna watch this! Sana meron ding remake yung Cats atska Ginger Snaps! 🙀🙀🙀

  • All hail Mr King!!!

  • What a shock, pedo symbol on the tree. King is a pervert.

  • Zelda @ 1:36?

  • The original film never die,that's a masterpiece

    • It wasn't an original. This will be a second book adaptation that will (hopefully) follower closer to the novel than the older adaptation.

  • This better not be as crappy as the other countless King adaptions.

  • They better not mess this up

  • a remake?

    • No, it's a book adaptation that will follow the plot of the novel.

  • Freaking Jason Clarke is Australianizing every American masterpiece

  • Please include the Ramones song in this movie

  • 0:25 already with a false jumpscare. Im quiet doubtful this movie wont be worthy with our money.

    • That was actually a necessary "jumpscare." Those trucks literally come out of nowhere.

  • em Mato Grosso, existe uma Estrada, chamada da guia, que era rural antigamente, depois virou uma BR, mais os moradores são os mesmos sitiantes, crianças brincam à beira da BR, os carros passando a 140 ao lado.

  • That actor playing the Dad, Jason Clarke, is my dream choise for Dr. Doom in the new Fantastic 4 😋

  • They need to make a movie of the long walk.

  • The old one is great

  • ilk film muthisti. umarim bu da öyle olur

  • the older movie is better ..this remake sucks ..not good at all don't waste your time or money watching this. .or should i say trying to watch this. ...

  • "Sometimes not remake a classic is better." - People who have never read Stephen King's novels

  • Sometimes, Red is better. What a dialogue

  • cartoon film

  • its good but not that scary..

  • Hereditary wanna be style

  • I actually have high hopes for this remake!

  • I wish they made "Eyes of the Dragon" into a motion picture. I really enjoyed that book.

  • This is Necromancy!!!

  • The trailer is so good

  • John Conner

  • A truck passes by. Movie: OH MY GOD!!! SCARY AS HELL!!!!!! I literally face palmed, it's like horror movies these days just randomly tack on jump scares to every little insignificant thing. It's frustrating. Your movie isn't going to he scarier just because of stupid jump scares, that just makes you look desperate.

    • +b juardo spoilers dude

    • +A Ohler of course its also for a jumpscare, its 2019 for fucksake, thats why this remake is gonna be shit because of the jump scares its gonna include, but its also using cinematic symbolism, as the truck is a crucial component of a scene that changes the whole course of the films plot. again, people who've seen the first or read the book would know that :)

    • +malfoyxluck Where Gage gets run over by the truck.

    • Yeah Spoiler alert but that truck-scare is super intentional.

    • the truck isn't for the jump scare, it's actually foreshadowing for an event that takes place further into the film. you would probably know that if you'd seen the first film or read the book

  • Yesss more Stephen King, also waiting for IT Chapter two !! 🖤🖤🖤

  • John Lithgow is a fine actor....but I hear no New England Twang in his speech. Fred Gwynne nailed it. I'll be curious to see if Jud's wife Norma is in this version.

  • Clinton road in Florida

  • Can they bury a dead teacher so they can learn how to spell correctly?

  • So cute pussy cat

  • Where tf is Tom Hanks at

  • Hollywood can't come up with anything new. Then when they remake something they screw up the original formula. I won't be there.

  • hmmmmmmmm ....I hate how they ran out of ideas.....hay Hollywood give me a call I have great ORIGINAL ideas.....or stay with old shit guys that make movies suck ass.

  • //gasps