Pharlap Horse Racing Challenge - RAW ONLINE RACING FIRST LOOK!!!

čas přidán 22. 03. 2019
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  • So this horse game uses no whips...

  • Horse racing is a massive sport and from PS1 to PS2 it had great support for gamers. But since the PS3 to PS4 we have had next to nothing, not even a G1 Jockey this gen. Yet for some f**king reason there's about 20 fishing games on the PS Store. I was excited to see this game, but could not believe they added online trophies. Even none horse racing fans would have bought this just for a completion rating which could have helped the dev team financially. But with that kind of crap business thinking and even a lack of excitement from horse racing fans, I've left this game alone.

  • You can get this game on an app, but i dont think you can race online

  • Their seat is terrible

  • Is this on android ?

  • DDC. ,$

  • gddffffgv👽️👽️👽️👽️👽️👽️👌👌👌👌

  • Wait you can race online or not? Bc i want to race my friends

  • You’re so bad

  • Guys run for real money with virtual horse racing. These games are fun but breed, train, race and win real cash.

  • Thanks for showcasing this. I'm hoping I have a way to turn off the announcer. I hate announcers in horse racing games, they limit my horse names. The one in Gallop Racer 2003 had the decency to call numbers and not names. Unfortunately you can really see the Phone App orientation of this game in it's simplicity. There's probably a way to cheese it with a front-runner or closer but I don't even see anything fun like abilities. Only thing worth 40 bucks about this game appears to be the graphical engine. I may get it anyway for the sake of it. Only Horse racing game I ever truly thought was a waste of money was Breeder's Cup Challenge. God that was an awful game.

    • I think it makes the game even more exciting.

    • @Ronja Sweet! He is funny sometimes, if kinda samey. There are a lot of names in this one.

    • you can switch off the commentator in your settings as well

    • @Jasmine Truit Thanks! I caved and got the game, its different. A little arcady but not terrible. I think I like it. The limitations of the system only give you one good way to race tho. Break hard get the front and keep it no matter the horse.

    • You can name your horse whatever, just the name wont be announced

  • The horses have really dumb names unfortunately

    • You can customize them as you’d like.

  • Can you tell me please how to play online?

    • @EDxSLATER I can't see it

    • Agathe Iversen there’s an online section

  • i need Gallop Racer 2006 Remastered

  • It's 2019.. surely they can make a better looking horse racing game then this lol

    • @barnibizer Yeah

    • @ErosLikesGames Oh come on Jasmine....its terrible, yet again!! Just compare with any other sport and its still looks like we are trapped in the 90s or 2000's! It looks plastic and cartoony!! We want realism. I am a big jumps racing fan, the scope could be huge. Where are the unique tracks that we get in the UK, not these boring oval tracks. I think there could be a huge market for a horse racing game that is actually any races etc.

    • @Jasmine Truit Yeah

    • Make a game yourself that reaches your standards, they worked hard on this game and your not even critzing their game constructively.

  • Is this game on PC?

  • Are you enjoying the story

  • My honest opinion is the game needs a bit of work. Graphics and controls are good but it's not random enuff. The odds on favorite seems to win overtime no longshots seem to ever win Ever. If your the odds on favorite and you dont screw up royally you will win and the next favorite will be second. Also I'd like to see the betting more realistic. You can only bet WIN,PLACE,SHOW. no trifecta exacta no box no wheel nada. The story seems a bit to linear. After a couple times you'll be just zipping thru not even bothering to read the story. Wish there was more to training instead of 3 stats. Wish you could make a horse with heart. Wish you could have a stat of Composure. I played online maybe 5 or 6 times and got absolutely smoked.

    • I agree, the game does need some work, I have enjoyed it so far, the story mode is pretty cool but yes I do agree they do need to add more content.

  • Whoa, whoa...what? I don't know any horse alive which could run 1800 meters in 1:30 and change. 1500 meters, yes absolutely, but the time for 1800 m. should be in the 1:44 to 1:52 range, depending on horse ability and racing conditions. What's more, jockey who raced like these jocks did would be booted from the track for dangerous riding. I'm a bit discouraged that programming a basic understanding of equine racing ability and the rules of racing seem to have taken a back seat to the simulated wagering side of racing. I hope these issues can be patched soon.

    • I know a horse winx

    • Jacqui Schumacher At the end of the day it is a video game and I’m sure the budget would’ve been quite low considering it’s an Australian title but yes I agree the times for each race run were quite different to real life

  • Have you played enough of this to form an opinion yet and how does it compare to other horseracing games, can you ride aswell?

    • Reteif Goosen It’s pretty fun, I am playing through the story at the moment and will upload more content soon but it’s not a hard call racing game. Seems to be more aimed at a younger audience and doesn’t seem to be as serious as the Melbourne cup game but still challenging once you level up in the storyline but I will upload more gameplay soon

  • g1 jockey still number 1

    • @MegaCaza1 GR may not have had the tracks named but they had the tracks; the horses too. And GR was harder. FDC/MCC were cheese knockoffs right down to the HUD layout. EDIT: I forgot FDR/MCC also had a 10 year Time limit on their "Story Mode" which made me mark them as garbage games.

    • @john christie Only the Pros like us remember how diffucult and *satisfying* the GR series was before 2006.... G1 Jockey was tough but the GR series was brutality in precision.

    • @MegaCaza1 But the game play for both games aren't even that good it's really weird, also gallop racer 2004 has the best breeding systems out of all horse racing games besides winning post. Winning post is one of the best horse racing games out there

    • ​@MegaCaza1 the game play sucks in those games

    • @john christie Has no licensed events. Frankei Dettori Challenge or Melbourne Cup Challenge is the most authentic game you'll get besides Starters Orders

  • can you even use whip ?????

    • @Lara Stechmann omg I'm watching the movie rn😂

    • why would you need a whip anyway, the horse sprints when you want so

    • @kozzah miles whips aren't needed irl anyways so, big red never needed one

    • kozzah miles hahaha love it!

    • thats a shit go horse racing game without whip lol still gunna buy it as im diehard punter

  • I have this and i don't think phar lap is even in the game. Can't find him to use anywhere

    • Can you tell me if it has trophy support?

    • Maybe deep in the story dunno