Phresher Feat. Dream Doll & Jay Critch "100K" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán
Watch the official music video for "100K" by Phresher Feat. Dream Doll & Jay Critch.
From the album, "PH" Out Now!
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  • Here for critch ✍🏾

  • #hogg gAmE fLeX wE dOnT weIGHt foR sHiT

  • that bird fucked the song up, btec nicki

  • Came 4 DreamDoll 😍

  • Thank you Jay Critch

  • I madd because i wabt to be a rapper who is gorgeous

  • What is a Phresher?

  • Does anyone rlly understand Phresher cuz I for a fact don't

  • yo Getcho cuzzin bruh LMAO was trippin

  • Why jay critch features always ass

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • We only here to hear Jay critch an that's it 💯😆


  • Dream Doll’s bars are good but she’s a wanna-be Carbi B. Stop being someone your not.

  • I fucks with jay critch part 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay critch mad corny on this one and dream doll the wife I deserve

  • Dream Doll always saying talk to me nice in every song

  • Best thing you can do when your an upcoming rapper having to do trash features for money is make sure you have the best verse every time, which I was Jay Critch does so well 🔥

  • My nigga J only did this song wit them 4 thu cheese cuz this shit trash😭😕🚮, u can't ft wit errbody

  • Trash

  • 🤦🏾‍♂️3️⃣🅾️

  • Jay Critch saved this song

  • Stack your cake holla at the gig beauty and fashion and every wound healing health 💋 @PROFESSIONGIG

  • Ik Jay Critch killed his part & made the song but another thing I found out, Phresher gay.

  • As first I hated it but it’s alright

  • But phresher be dancing type suspect

  • He didn’t need dream doll Or jay critch on this meek Mill and busts rhymes woulda been dope

  • This night be coming threw with the turn up records

  • WTF you doin´ Critch :(

  • jay critch's verse saved this ngl. This shit is fucking wack

  • Came for Jay like everybody else did

  • I’m a hotdog bitch ketchup lol that’s fucking garbage 😂😂😂

  • Critch fire but that bitch too annoying

  • Jay critch waxed for the feature

  • Dream doll)

  • Shit I'm here for Cuban doll👀😂

  • I just got out the ps4 party with chief.... he said this ain’t it

  • 2:55 Casanova

  • Jay wasted a verse

  • Bro that nigga ass

  • I can’t listen to this song around my guy friends😭💃🏽🕺🏽dream verse could’ve been longer but🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Phresher sounds like Goro

  • ik they payed Jay ass soooo much LMAOOO

  • Jay critch saves the day again

  • Jay Critch fire ! 🔥🔨

  • Dream doll 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hadda dislike cause the i ain’t like the intro and chorus. Plus dreams lyrics was lame, she still look good but it was lame. Jay Critch did his thing as always. 💜Sad case for them two though 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jay critch all fuking way !!!

  • Same team aint no new faces, You came for 3:12

  • My talent is really wastin' check my channel 😥😥😢😫😫😧😧😭😭

  • Here for that 30 boi.!💪 " Heeyyy!"

  • I fr skipped over just to hear JAY CRITCH !!

  • Sheck Wes version 2

  • this shit dumb trash

  • 2:42 omg i love that sound so much

  • OMG this is so horrible wtf 😂

  • You’re a hot dog bitch alright, nasty ass meat mixed into a dumb bitch.

  • So no one gonna point out the fact that this motherfucker phresher was in a cody pirson video smh

  • Song is asssssss

  • Dream Doll rap like she on the Rap Game 😂😂😂

  • Came for jay crich




  • not another nicki Minaj wanna be.

  • I actually for critch and phresh


  • U can’t fuck my bitch if u wanted to😂😂 only came here for critch


  • I want to fuck dream doll. 🍆💧💦🍑

  • Dream DoLL she is NXT 🌟🌟

  • I really hope Jay Critch wont be making this kinda music... He should keep it like he used to make it

  • This song is all over the place lmao

  • Bbbbbang 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Omg this is trash dreamdoll messed the song up and that phresher dude can’t rap remy killed him I. His own song she had the best verse on the 50 cent version too damn she do rap better than most male rappers, so he only collabs with female rappers from the Bronx?, remy, Cardi and now dreamdoll okrrr

    • Jay Critch saved this song

  • I’m a female rapper from Alaska! Please check out my channel Thanks! Peace & Love

  • 100k💸💸💸💸????

  • Jay critch was the only good one😂 the first nigga ain’t even know what he was saying😂 the girl was just total ass

  • Jay was the only reason this song got views let’s not cap 🧢

  • Phresher🔥🔥🔥

  • Dream doll was not made for this song

  • dang Phresher up next

  • Tired of waiting 3 min just to hear Critch

  • Dream Doll has no bars

  • wait a minute is only good phresher song tbh

  • yall late asf

  • first guy so trash

  • Jay C. Verse was better than Dream and Phreser bars

  • Hood favvv. Signed it. ❌✍🏽

  • Dream doll verse🔥💪

  • How many dolls are there 😂😂 Cuban Asian dream doll wtf 😂

  • The simple fact that Dream Doll said "I'm a hot dog, bitch catch up (ketchup)" and they cleared that bull shit is beyond me.

  • if just one person reads this and likes, y'all dont understand how helpful it will be. I am a trap producer from Miami, FL.. I just broke 1500 subs and only have had this account for 3 months. If someone could find the love to thumbs this up I would finally be one step closer to beating that punch a clock BS, trying hard to beat that. I’m not one of those guys who say my content is good when its not, i promise you boys, I got somethin ull like. Help me climb to where I want to be in this industry and rise w me!!! I live for this shit other producers will agree, Much love, reach out if you liked anything I really enjoy meeting new people and their criticism! If someone trolls just try to put urself in my shoes, respect my grind please and sorry if you see this more than once. Also, many people have been copying my post and it sucks cause I put my true story and people just sneakin me..

  • Came for dream doll this song lit

  • Ugh dream is TRASH in this song smfh

  • Damn Jay Critch making moves being consistent🔥 #neverSleep #UpNext

  • Jayden Smith flow orrr?

  • Who’s the CD with the halter top mink on?

  • Let’s not ignore the fact that is a a total rip on the concept with. His. Song. Featuring cardi b “Right Now” it’s a cool video none the less. But. Cardis has my attention. More

  • Jay fuck the song up , specially with autotune