PLANETARY GEARS why they are pretty cool

čas přidán 28. 02. 2023
Epicyclic gears or Planetary Gear sets are explained in this video from how it works to why it is beneficial


  • Helical gears impose axial loads ie gears will try and push apart along the shaft axis. Thrust bearings are required to cope with these loads which reduces overall efficiency and adds cost. One major advantage of planetary gear sets is tangential shaft forces are minimised reducing bearing load and thus increasing power transmission efficiency.

  • Hedgecutters use a similar system to convert axial rotation into oscillations

  • Thank you for this, short, sharp and to the point. My brain has a block against understanding gears but videos like this help.

  • The beauty of the Prius drive PSD

  • It was my understanding that straight cut gears are stronger and distributed load through the tooth evenly compared to helical but are noisy

  • I already knew about it, but I found this video great anyways, and easy to understand. Great.

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  • 2 or more planetary gear sets are the foundation of an automotive automatic transmission

  • I love these videos that are short and to the point.

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  • Thank you for the useful reminder to drink water. Most videos remind me to do something else that is not so useful or important.

  • excellent video...

  • they are cool but not strong enough in high power application.

  • planetarygears as differential?

  • Gearbox breaks cracked... 1U 1V 1Y 1N 1X

  • Wait no planetary gear for bicycles? :P

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