Players and their longest goals | part 1

čas přidán 17. 03. 2023

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  • Last guy really tried to handball it 💀

  • The defender who jumped and tried to keep the ball out with his hand for rooney's goal 😂

  • I just love the fact that the long goals are almost always chip goals or like lob passes, but Ronaldo's is just a straight power shot. Madness

  • Rooney's shot was a "Just do it!" moment 😂...I hope Nike has a deal w him fr

  • That Cristiano shot was literally a S.A.M.

  • Bro how is noone talking about Suarez's goal? That was Insane!

  • Zlatans bycicle kick is probably his 2nd longest 😂😂😂

  • Robert Carlos was left the chat

  • Reborto Carlos left the chat 💀

  • Bro Rooney literally scored from behind the mid line . Every child's dream goal 🎉

  • Zlatans bycicle kick was 40 meters

  • roberto carlos be like : wake up to reality

  • The fact that Ronaldo did it when the keeper wasn't off his line is just crazy

  • Robert Carlos left the chat

  • But frankly , Ronaldo was damn good in his prime ✨

  • Tim Howard: This is how it’s done

  • Ziyech? 50M😮

  • *Roberto Carlos left the chat*

  • Man that Ronaldo goal is just something special… golden United days

  • Zlatan's bycicle kick is 2x so far😂😂