Players vs Goalkeepers 🥶

čas přidán 3. 03. 2023
Players vs Goalkeepers 🥶 #shorts
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  • Pique is Most underrated striker😂😂

  • Bro striker pique is the most cursed thing i've seen today

  • Pique finish was just unexpected 🤯

  • Had to watch the video again, pique was so smooth with it

  • We got to give pique credit for scoring that goal

  • R9 forever so close to the keeper and does that insane best ever.

  • Do obejrzenia przez RL i zastosowania.😊

  • Bro Knew for Pique Goal, we would watch the whole damn video again.

  • I love when pique scored right as he spinner it said “la media vuelta” which means half spin 😅

  • Only R9 can do step overs in front of the Keeper and never fail

  • What did I just see from Pique 🥺

  • R9 stepover like how he always dancing samba… classic

  • Emi "this aged. Well"🇦🇷🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • キーパー相手に裏街道はすごい!

  • Zlatan did what Pelé tried with less space 😂

  • Cavani soooo underrated.

  • Disclaimer: No Goalkeepers were hurt during this video 😂

  • If you are one on one with messi, you are dead.

  • 메시는 축구를 정말 쉽게 한다. 천재다.

  • Cavani just rolled the ball over.