"Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" | Kitchen Nightmares

čas přidán 13. 03. 2019
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  • Old stone mill episode no?

  • Im so drunk.warching thid lol

  • Poor Gordon! The look of sadness as he said, "don't make me eat anymore." XD

  • 4:17 « Honestly, your food is crap » Gordon is a fucking savage

  • if i see chef Ramsay in a restaurant : step 1 : go get his autograph cause i'm a huge fan step 2 : throw all of my food cause that shit probably poisonous step 3 : standby and watch the show

  • All of these idiots have one thing in common they are pre madonnas who think they can cook because somebody came over to their house and said while this is fantastic because they grew up in a trailer park

  • What's the optimum shape for a chopped salad?

  • any proper chef or employee of a food business that gives a shit knows that this treatment isn't personal. Gordon speaks the way chefs do, factual and to the point. He might show boat a little bit for the cameras but essentially he is just a chef trying to help, professional to professional.

  • "Is this a popular dish" Owner looking dead inside: "yes"

  • "Is the crab fresh?" "Yes it's fresh." Anybody that's seen a single episode of Kitchen Nightmares knows damn well it's never fresh.

  • I'm sorry but what's wrong with the waiter chewing gum? He's gonna get close to me, I prefer he chewed gum and I didn't have to smell his smoke, coffee, or morning breath

  • What's wrong with chewing gum?!

  • a Michelin star chef whos known for being a harsh critique, he visits your restaurant to save you and you take his harsh criticism as some petty insult. smdh

  • is it even clickbait if the title delivers?

  • The endless story: There's nothing wrong with our food, I dont have a clue why customers don't come...lol. ITS THE FOOD ! ITS ALWAYS THE FOOD !

  • All of that food looked disgusting, I can only imagine how horrid it tasted.

  • WTF HAHAHAH 4:27

  • Are you chewing gum

  • Crap cake

  • Rizaht-hoe

  • 4:28 this is a meme right there

  • I like the overrated soundeffects

  • So the chef is what would have happened if Lin Manuel Miranda didn't write Hamilton?

  • The gum part is bit too much..

  • I’d imagine a child in Africa saying the title

  • Not trying to be disrespectful, but I don’t know what’s wrong with chewing gum as a server? Can anyone tell me?

  • Am I the only one who is confused with why it’s a big deal to chew gum as a waiter?🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  • It’s not your house it’s a BUSINESS and he’s not your guest, he’s a CLIENT

  • Everytime they say fresh you know DAMN well you’re in for a surprise

  • that owner was so scary. silently aggressive etc. I bet he beats his wife

  • 2:00 Right, that sits on top...Was the chef a mechanic? No. No.

  • I ate at franchise restaurants and my waiters/waitresses chewed gum and no one said anything Gordon

  • Why are people mad at Gordon?? He's the one voluntarily subjecting himself to eating their shit food to try & help them. The man deserves a trophy for all the horrific food he has eaten.

  • Damn, this guy took it like a man.

  • Owner: "I appreciated a world-renowned chef taking time to come, honestly critique my food and offer his advice." Producer: "No,no! Say you wanted to take a plate and smash it on his head!" Owner: " I was pissed. I wanted to take a plate and smash it on his head."

  • Lord Gordon of the House Ramsay

  • 4:52 - Gordon’s reaction to the threat.

  • I love how he just talks to cameraman when he talks

  • At least he knew he was a shitty chef.

  • 4:30 Hamilton what are you doing there😂

  • Which episodes is this?

  • Anyone else wondering "what the f*** is he ordering tilapia for?"

  • ****of this shit You're not monetized anyways get it right. It's like not having lamb sauce

  • what's wrong with chewing gum?

  • No one can take criticism, omg

  • Which episode is it from ?

  • Gordon took another bite of the shrimp

  • First time ive seen him critique a waiter.

  • The americanwannabe macho "I was disrespected in my house", "I'd want to smash the plate over his head" like that is pretty cringe.

  • *1:24* “Wrapped in filo *pasty* ”

  • The crab was fresh tho... Fresh Frozen! 😂

  • All of this actually looks nice except the 3rd one and the 4th one

  • I don't get it don't they have to sign paper and ask to be on TV why are they so angry and what were they expecting

  • wht episode?

  • HAHA HAHAAAAA ! Cooked shit in a bag HAHAAAAA

  • I'd love to see someone smash a plate on Gordon's head, and then enjoy Gordon kicking ten colours of shit out of them.

  • Ye Should’ve Changed The Title To “Honestly, Your Food Is Crap”

  • Savage

  • Shit in a bag!!! Legend.

  • I wonder if he's ever went to a restaurant and liked one dish at least lol

  • he wanted to act like a little girl truth hurts yanks suck

  • Extra sour mayo for me please

  • 2:32 😂

  • Angerissues.com

  • Ive worked in restaurant nominated for best restaurant in america for james beard award and we used can crab for crab cakes...he knows it isnt fresh crab he is just seeing if they will lie to him.


  • "I can't help but feeling defensive" well that's clear enough. He sat there with Gordon and he folded his arms on his chest

  • 3:28 How many times did this dude just walk in from the right , that editing

  • Gordon, the kind of guy who tells your food taste worst that shit at your very eyes...

  • It called cut corners for a reson . Not cut the entire shit

  • "My eight year old daughter can cook better than that" To be fair her father is one of the best chefs in the world.

  • Lol

  • When was this episode aired

  • I gave gordon water once he was impressed, he said “The water is filled with flavor, and very moist”.

  • those who has anger problem Learn from the owner of this hotel That's what I call anger management

  • Why is da camera looking like its from 2008

  • Gordon! Gordon! Gordon! 👊✊

  • CHEF RAMSAY: You are the best!!!!!! You speak comments that i sometimes think, but keep quiet. Some things like " please don't make me eat all this shit." I love you, EXCELLENT WORK!!! I think you're the best that the world has ever had!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍💖

  • I love seeing people passionate about their jobs regardless of whatever it may be. For you to be in the food industry and not have that passion is a shame.

  • At least this owner didn't disrespectful Ramsey in front of him

  • Asian cooks is better

  • Obitual complainer

  • Somebody Save Gordon

  • Trash restaurant

  • What's wrong with the water ? Gordon "Too dry."

  • My business is not working my way. Lets call Ramsay for some guidance and help. Ramsay doesn't like the food and the service. Owner doesn't agree and argues with him. *Owner doesn't agree and argues with him.*

  • He has always been so vulgar and rude.

  • Anyone else find it hilarious that his name is Chef Mike? If your a cook you'll definitely understand what I mean

  • How can you not nake good krabby patties!!! Watch spongebob

  • I love that Ramsay got rid of his awful peeping when he speaks.

  • Honestly Gordon’s eaten so many best of the best dishes in the world it’s hard for him to say something tastes nice. To us t would probs taste ok

  • Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" of this shit lol

  • Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" of this shit lol

  • Was the chef a mechanic lmao 😂😂😂

  • If you think your food is good and he comes in and says its crap you should be happy knowing he will improve your food increasing your money.

  • Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 Gordan "please don't make me eat anymore of this shit" 😆

  • Yo I thought the guy at the beginning was Ben Shapiro

  • 4:30 I was like woah is tht lin manuel miranda???? Wats he doing fucking up Chef Gordon’s food😂😭😭

  • Gordon: water please Waiter: *brings water* Gordon:it’s fokking wet Waiter:but water is wet...