Please don't photoshop me into a soyjack. (YIAY

čas přidán 9. 09. 2021
In today's YIAY, I asked you VERY NICELY not to photoshop me into a soyjack, since we look NOTHING alike. Disappointingly, you did. Shame on you. Shame on your houses.

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  • 1:51 someone's gonna use this to cancel jack in the future i'm telling y'all

  • 6:53 what


  • 6:53 its time we call him summon thy mat pat

  • Cool Pokémon fact: N always uses fast text speed, regardless of what text speed you're actually using

  • ... but you didn't give him any yiay tokens

  • #YIAYmeal Mcdonald's Sprite mixed with grape nuts to make an edible form of torture. (When you order it you are forced to eat it all)

  • Jack crunchy roll sponsored you so many times in the past and you still can't get truck-kun

  • Someone needs to make a FNAF mod with all the animatronics replaced with soyjacks from this episode 😂

  • You are soyjak

  • Easy. 5 layered Big Mac.

  • The susmeal. The sus doesn't stand for suspicious it stands for suspense, you spin a big spinner wheel and if it lands on an odd number you don't get your meal but you still have to pay also if it lands on 8 they sing happy birthday while bringing it out. #YIAYmeal

  • The chicken nuggies part always makes me lose my mind. The gasp sound effects are so goddamn funny to my awful monkey brain

  • #YIAYMEAL (You need to read my name!!) Salt -Bun -Asid -Salt -A fox tail -Bun

  • The Girl in Pink, legally white girl in red meal. With pancakes or oatmeal bc the the oatmeal there is underrated, a coffee, and a box of chicky nugs

  • Idk why jack gets so excited when he predicts the most obvious answers

  • If mc Donald’s teamed up with me I’d make a gluten free/ dairy free/ egg free/ burger so I eat there and suffer with the rest of you #YIAYmeal

  • Jack: Watches anime Also Jack: Doesn't know the -kun honorific

  • Jack posted this on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Just saying

  • I call it the death row meal. So how it works is you can get anything on the McDonald’s menu but then you have to get shocked and killed by the electric chair

  • #YIAYmeal the tear nuggets

  • 2:16 jack say cerberus like that again and i won't do anything because i don't know where you live nor do i want to physically harm i'll just be mad that you cerebus

  • #YIAYMeal "The IBS Meal" Guaranteed to irritate your bowels ❤ 💩

  • The drought meal, where McDonalds sucks all moisture out of your food so it is all just incredibly dry and thin. Also the drink is just an empty cup #YIAYmeal

  • #YIAY Girth. just alot of meat i mean alot

  • #YIAYmeal A box full of dead cockroaches covered in szechuan sauce

  • #YIAYmeal the meal is 2 number 9's a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7 two number 45's one with cheese and a large soda

  • #YIAYMeal The disappointment burger

  • The Tate Meal: Two cheeseburgers, a large frie, A hash brown, And a large Diet Coke

  • Now, you've heard of the happy meal but what about the sad meal?

  • #yiaymeal mccum

  • #YIAYmeal it's the Earth meal, and it's just a box of chicken nugget shaped dirt balls. ...served with a large fry and a sprite

  • #yiaymeal cumburger

  • The gratefully ungrateful meal - A toast sandwich (a piece of toast sandwiched between two slices of bread) and a cup of leftover grease from the fryer to wash it down.

  • Please Collab with Eddy Burback to bring us YIAYKES merch :D

  • #YIAYmeal the kind of meal that wouldn’t make me vomit on the train into my dad’s hat like my last McDonald’s meal did.

  • A happy meal that has been sitting in a bucket full of my own tears overnight. #YIAYmeal

  • It would be a single chicken nugget with the crust peeled off and a cup of my secret sauce. #YIAYmeal

  • #YIAYmeal it would be 3 triple cheeseburger all staked on top of each other thus making the nonupple cheeseburger

  • This is what it looks like to get older

  • The mcchikfala

  • It's filing cabinet themed, there's only one actual filing cabinet toy that's impossible to find and the rest are all plastic files with no writing on them #YIAYmeal

  • #YIAY Meal @Jacksfilms If McDonald's was going to let me create a new meal it would be Futurama themed, we would call it the "Shiny Metal A$$ Meal" Every wrapper would be silver and say "BITE ME" on it, the burger would have a thin leaf of silver paper instead of lettuce and it would be EXTRA Oily. The drink would be a Bottle of beer/rootbeer, Cigar shaped mozzarella sticks/fries/chicken nuggets and the Happy meal toy would instead be a lotto ticket. The bag could even look exactly like Bender. Hell I'd buy that.

  • #YIAYmeal the icecream machine meal where McDonald's just gives you the broken icecream machine for you to take home.

  • #YIAYmeal nuggies, fries, and a whole lot of sadness

  • #YIAYmeal Vegan chicken nuggets, but the side of fries tests positive for multiple animals DNA.

  • #YIAYmeal it's called the disapoinment, the nuggets are always missing at least one, the fries are soggy and half full, and they never give you any straws

  • “I like the anime in the back” it’s a loli.

  • #YIAYmeal Let’s just say there will be a lot of chicken nuggets....

  • #YIAYmeal bumcurger

  • Haven't seen his videos in a while, why does he look so much older all of a sudden

  • The "McCast Iron". 2lb of bacon (half cooked to start, rolled up into roses), 12 eggs cracked between the bacon roses, 4 of their hashbrowns on top, all baked/broiled and served in a cast-iron pan. $49.95, and you get to keep the pan.

  • That man is going to hell and isn't even getting any YIAY tokens. For that, I say frick you.

  • #YIAYMeal 1 quarter-pounder with unsalted fries and the spit on you when you come to pick it up.

  • The Rue Meal: 69 packets of ranch, and the straw from the apple juice box #YIAYmeal

  • New from mc Donalds! Just a chicken nugget! ... Just one nothing else. #YIAY

  • You cgnage you icon

  • #YIAYmeal The Depression Meal, It’s just twelve packets of ketchup and some soggy lettuce.

  • #YiayMeal A meal that isn’t just a big mac and a soda with two new sauces that goes for 6.99

  • #YIAYmeal The Special Special menu: bun, mayo, bun that's it

  • McSadness. A bigmac but just the buns, sauce and a picture of my dad who never came back :( #yiaymeal

  • #YIAYmeal bigmac with extra lettuce and a soda with 90% ice and 10% water

  • The McDisappointment: One bottom bun with a slice of stale cheese, nothing else. #YIAYmeal

  • T-the lego movie had guns

  • stinky big mac

  • #YIAYmeal just a big ol paper bag of grease, for the kids

  • The "Only Ketchup Meal" you only get ketchup in the meal and exclusively in the paper holders, no plastic packets. #YIAYmeal

  • #YIAYmeal larger chicken nuggets

  • If McDonalds makes an Ezra Meal, they would make a Quarter Pounder with NO cheese and french fries and Hi-C. No sauce because sauce is SUS

  • The unhappy meal #YIAYmeal

  • I am starting to think Jack has some kind of humiliation fetish, like why else is he constantly encouraging his entire fanbase to roast him and smiling gleefully at the horrors they make. 5:19

  • #YIAYmeal the throat goat mac, extra long and extra sexy

  • #yiaymeal A burger but the patty is Popeyes spicy chicken nuggets

  • #YIAYmeal introducing: the Problematic-on-Tumblr Meal!

  • #YIAYmeal A Big Mac but everything is soggy

  • toast #yiaymeal

  • #YIAYmeal the McKnuckle, the McDonalds employee socks ya right in the jaw (drink and fries sold separately)

  • #yiaymeal a cheeseburger with every topping possible but the actual patty

  • okay whyd u say bella like tht

  • #YIAYmeal I’ll make the mcemoji, it’s a burger with buns onions tomato pickle a little bit of meh and some of that sweet sweet geney goodness


  • just mayonnaise #YIAYmeal

  • #YIAYmeal Its called the Sad Meal™. Its like a Happy Meal™ but without the Fresh® Apple Slices™

  • #YIAYmeal the the stone meal, everything is made out of stone, except the lettuce

  • an among us meal where one of the nuggets is poisonous and you die from it

  • #YIAYmeal the sussy baka meal, including sussy balls, baka borgir and our new amogus coffee

  • #YIAYmeal It’d be the exactly like a McDonald’s happy meal, except that A Guy Who Hasn’t Seen Hamilton But Thinks He Knows Some Of The Songs sits next to you the entire time, singing his version of the music.

  • #YIAYmeal It's just 1 cold fry and a note saying fuck capricorns

  • #YIAYmeal When ordering a meal and then asking for sauce, Ronald McDonald will personally with a smile from ear to ear unzip himself and relieve himself all over your food. As you watch him drown your food he looks down at you in your seat and licks his lips. Have a nice day😎

  • The karma meal, one out of every 10 is poisoned. You get what you deserve. #YIAYmeal

  • I call it "Mc you" meal it's a bag of fries showing 'flipping off' symbol where instead of fingers there is fries #YIAYmeal

  • the furger: made by furries, made for furries, made of furries #YIAYmeal

  • Beware the cane

  • #YIAYmeal McOreos!

  • #YIAYmeal the McDisappointment

  • Just hamburger buns, and it costs -0.10$... #YIAYmeal

  • It didn’t take much alteration. Probably a slight decrease in testosterone levels. From young girl to elderly grandmother productions.

  • McDonald’s meal The vegan surprise A vegan food that has secretly has meat in it

  • The Ronald McDonald x Hamburgler Meal #YIAYmeal

  • uhmmm... a sandwich probably #YIAYmeal