Please help us..

čas přidán 2. 03. 2021
Up for grabs in todays video is a brand new JEEP or Thirty Thousand Dollars CASH!! Jump in! -
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  • Thank you for joining us on Chapter 3! Jump in on this.

  • Money

  • My dad always wanted to get me a jeep😯

  • Wtf kind of content is this? Like what in the fùćk are you even talking about and why should anyone care.

  • Jeep for sure

  • Cash, EZ my crypto holdings will be sky high soon 🚀🚀🌚🌚 lmaooo


  • youtube got alive as roman is here😁🤘

  • international fans can apply for this jeep🤔 love India❤💙💚

  • What happens if u live in Australia?

  • I love you guys

  • Cash so I can save it and invest it and some day start a business

  • Yaaay they posting again :)

  • depends if the cash will be taxed🤔

  • Roman the china engagement was way legendary. I wish I could do the same for my Fiancé. I love her so much and I will never do her bad. She knows that. I know she will never do me bad . Im on my path of love and honestly its made me grow up and realize the true meaning of life. Loves is everything. Im 27 years old and we've been together since we were like 18 and I know were going to last forever . Maybe one day we will go places like Yall. Have a peaceful year. Stay blessed.

  • I am doing a challange.. In how many days this comment gets 500 likes.. You have nothing to do just like it.

    • You did it? Thanks❤

  • Your kids gotta watch your old videos haha

  • Sick ride😎 Good vibes headed your way with the fam and the new house😊🥰

  • For sure the jeep because one it’s more then 30k and I could really use a new jeep because I drive 2003 truck with 200k miles on and the transmission is about to go out

    • I’m really really happy that y’all are back because you helped me smile more when I needed too and you have helped me so so much

  • :O

  • jeep

  • Omg i have not watch roman atwood in a long time i first watch roman it was 3 years ago

  • Where is flash? Who has the old house? The pond and such and such. The store

  • Cash to help the family out and pay for my studies

  • Cash

  • Blessingsss 🙏🏻💖

  • I would pick money buy me a fair vehicle and put the rest to my little family

  • Gotta love them

  • if I ever won I wouldn't even believe it. if they handed me the keys it still wouldn't hit me.😂😂 Cant wait to see who wins, who ever wins I know deserved it.

  • Roman what happened to the smile more store

  • do u think roman will let me move in rent free if I pay for groceries lol

  • how about the fishies?

  • jeep man worth more and what a collectible from you

  • How r u and I'm I want to come to your country so u help me

  • God bless you all and your family’s

  • Jeep

  • I love y'all. So glad you're back!

    • and I would take cash.

  • You guys are back that's more than Enough 😭❤️❤️

  • Jeep

  • Cash

  • $30k Europe trip and college funds!!

  • Definitely 30k I’m goin to college 😁

  • ✌🏼

  • Hello

  • Wait.... WHERE IS FLASHHHH!!!!

  • Thank you all for coming back! It’s such a wonderful feeling to have you all back again 🥰🙏 I just followed you and Gfuel and tagged 2 people. Alaska here!

  • I would pick cash cuz my family needs it right now

  • It was nice to get away from my reality for a while, I’m excited and happy for you guys 😁

  • Dream come true wow.. but honestly I’m just so glad you guys are back! ❤️

  • I need cash to move out of my moms house I need it because all of the apartments are really expensive now I can’t afford it please can I have the cash I am gonna sign up

  • I don’t have Instagram but everyone who does good luck!!!

  • I’m a new CS-tvr also. Came here from trending but I see you’re kind of a big deal on here lol

  • where's the cutiee flash!

  • How did I end up on this side of CS-tv sksk

  • Cash

  • No

  • Your def close enough to me .this would b awesome I'm n the last stages of heart failure an this could save my life .this could possibly make me live so I can watch my grandchildren's grow up..I just had a new baby girl the 2nd of march an shes n childrens hosp .I'll never win but it's nice to think I u yall!!

  • I never win anything but it’s worth a shot. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • 1.20 in to video.... I'll be back

  • Yay I love u guys

  • This is amazing 🤩🤩 I entered. Life changing for my son and I

  • Easy I'd take the cash if i had the choice, I'm a college student in Ontario so I would take the cash and pay off my student debt and then buy a used vehicle with the rest of the money, maybe even a older jeep🤔

  • First time viewer. God I hate vlogs

  • Where's the gtr???

  • Imagine my brother got this for his 17 birthday

  • cash! we need it so it will help my family a lot right now!!

  • What happened to flash??😢

  • Roman Atwood living the life

  • I can’t believe you are finally backkkkkkkk

  • Cash

  • My son was soo happy to see u guys are back So from the Flores Family WELCOME BACK!! 🎉

  • cash

  • Cashhhhh!!!!

  • Im happy that atwoods are back in youtube

  • Cash

  • I Will pray for y'all in Jesus name. Stay safe as much as you can. Get saved in Jesus name rebuke all the evil.

  • No I will not help you

  • Jeep

  • I would have signed up but you have to be 18 or older😭

  • No

  • cash

  • If I ever win it would be cash because it will help my family out so much like a whole lot

  • Right now I'm on job and watch atwoods back.. ❤️

  • JEEP!!!

  • Where’s flash??

  • Keep the old intro song that stuff has me emotional I’ve been watching since y’all lived in that little house

  • I felt really bad when they told me about what happened at the old house and how they were getting stocked

  • Jeep all the way

  • $30k

  • I LOVE THIS NEW CHAPTER ! 😭💗 and I’m so excited to see what’s more to comeeee !

  • Drive it down to SoCal in a road trip. Gladly take it.

  • I'm an Aussie, so I'd say the $30,000 because I'm not sure about shipping a Jeep down under. Hopefully I can enter...good luck everyone!

  • Or if I get 30,000 I would use it to good use

  • I’ll take the picture Cora drew🤣

  • Love you roman still remember my first smile more shirt back when I was 12!!

  • where is flashh

  • Definitely cash

  • I wish I could enter but I can not

  • I was so sad when u stopped posting, glad to see u back u were literally my childhood

  • Your my inspiration ROMAN!!!