Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

čas přidán 3. 06. 2019
There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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  • *MASUK PAK EKOOOO....!!!! 😂*

  • When your ideas get this dumb

  • Tyler lands plunger next to T in dude perfect Coincidence I think not

  • Next vid knife shots just as dumb twice the danger and triple the not doing

  • I think they ran out of ideas

  • four words "cornhole trick shot video"

  • cody says "you guys will never guess what's coming out of that door" but, I have seen this 10 times sooooo...................

  • Dude Perfect: hey what videos should we do? *as Tylers using a plunger in the toilet* Dude Perfect: plunger trickshots song: we were born for this 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Part 2

  • Dude Perfect: Yeah you know, I only have 42 million subscribers! Me: How? I’m trying to get 10,000 subscribers and I only have 0😢

  • 2008:basketball trick shots 2014:ping pong trick shots 2019:PLUNGER TRICK SHOTS EDIT:forgot 2017 real life trick shots

  • Who’s gonna carry the dp legacy when they decide to stop making videos?

  • *Yay, The Score!!! I love their music and motivational lyrics!!! Oh sorry, this is Dude Perfect I didn’t mean to barge in here...*

  • 1:59 you know they had to cut that clip short because they knew a mom would ban theyre kid from watching them because they’re “inappropriate”

  • How are going to get it down

  • Best tricks in the WHOLE universe!!!!!

  • Song: Born for this Dp: Continues to make Trickshot by throwing plungers at walls Ty: Yea..........


  • do u know old town road

  • Dp is amazing

  • more bloopers please

  • I love the sound they make

  • This is the sdfggrdghhhhgtggghgffssfhjkoiutfv

  • Nice

  • Too much Taco Bell

  • Number2

  • People ask y they over react imagine how many trys

  • The best part was when ty threw the plunger at the TV and they all flinched

  • I love the music I listen to this song

  • 2:46 SwaggerSouls has entered the chat

  • wowww

  • They always make it look easy. 😅

  • bro has panda died or something the man hasn't been in their videos lately

  • Wow

  • Meanwhile.... Plumber: Where the heck did all my plungers go?

  • What is next hacky sack trick shots?

  • Have they officially run out of ideas?

  • I wonder if they washed their hands?

  • You may think this is easy but it’s actually quite hard to throw a plunger and stick it to something

  • 2:47 yeah i know is a knight

  • can i be in your next plunger video

  • Could u guys do a fail video

  • Next time frisbee trick shots.

  • Yo dp do more of the first person perspective shots

  • You guys should make another stereotypes video! like if you agree. AWESOME TRICKS

  • Please Cody wine

  • Defienetley didn't run out of ideas or realise 6 ping pong trick shots would be too much

  • The song represents them so much

  • They ran out of ideas didn’t they

  • some of these were kinda easy no hating but just an observation

  • Not your best work tbh

  • They are running out of ideas

  • Mr.Beats(Money) VS Dude Peferct(Challengue) WHO WILL WIN BOIS ?

  • Awesome trick dude

  • Is this plunger thing a hint to a tomahawk vids?

  • Have you guys done nerf gun trick shots

  • 3:30 I like how they know what they want.

  • Dude perfects launching a metal detector battel 2 in like 15 min or leas

  • hi

  • When you know dudeperfect is running out of ideas

  • This wasn’t even that hard

  • Hey, DP. Who is your supplier of sugar bottles that you use for bottle busting Cory?

  • Never to old to do trick shots. edit: great trick shots come from practice

  • can u do basketball trick shots next

  • 34 seconds that sink up 😯

  • You guys are awesome😆

  • i love your video

  • Can dude perfect plzzzz do baseball trick shots/baseball stereotypes

  • Gonna be honest I’m bored of these new videos. All shot in their warehouse and nothing new and exciting. We need more stereotypes and battles.

  • I like how it took him 3 tries to get the name right

  • Running out of ideas ey?

  • do all sports golf battle 4 please

  • The TV said be careful

  • Her: pull my hair Also her: has cancer Dude perfect:

    • Do what now? I’m confused 😂

  • amazing

  • @ let's fish Hawaii (fish 300kg+)

  • Do knife trickshots

  • were dude perfect and were defenetly running out of ideas this time


  • Plungers trick shots 2?

  • If fortnite was irl the guys love the clingers

  • Can you do bouncy ball trickshot?

  • They should do magnet trick shots you think comment yes or no

  • Dudes perfect can you do bean bags tricks shot please say yes

  • this makes me question my sexuality

  • React video ytcrash trik "Please"

  • You have been chosen as youtuber 12/100. This is for a challenge video of seeing how many comments I can get pinned in 24 hours. CS-tvrs selected: - Sidemen - MrBeast - The King of Random - NileRed - Mark Rober - The Slow Mo Guys - styropyro - Tod's Workshop - Taran Tactical - RyanMcQ - NOVRITSCH - Dude Perfect

  • Sub to loch and co

  • How many of them have been used

  • Great Shots Dude Perfect

  • Can you make a baseball stereotypes plz I love your vids

    • Mikey Gonzalez check their first stereo types vid

  • Do a water park stereotypes

  • Dude perfect are actually perfect

  • Do driving trick shots like where you throw a plunger out of a car onto a target

  • Y’all should do water skipper trick shots

  • You are are my favorite You tubers are you running out of ideas really plunger trick shots🙄

  • Bloops

  • Man, that's cool ! What about a tour in India, Mumbai ? Ton of fans in here waitin' for you

  • I want to see a video with random trick shots, like a ping pong ball trick shot then a baseball trick shot next

  • Some of those aren’t even trick shots. Your just throwing plungers at walls