Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

čas přidán 3. 06. 2019
There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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  • New sport?

  • Throws plunger to Guiness World records certificate Guiness World records : am i a Koke to you

  • Everyone :DP is running out of ideas DP:makes plunger trick shots Also DP:no we’re not

  • Why are they just throwing plungers to their stuff

  • If u have a plunger and a dent in your car pour some hot water on the dent then pull it out using a plunger

  • What do you mean by perfect I says DUDE PERFECT "DP"

  • It’s funny how they made glass flat surface targets just for this video

  • You’re giving kids ideas 😂

  • bang lets goooo

  • I’m surprised there are barley and comments about the fact that mainly every sound that the plunger makes fits with the beats in the song ;-;

  • Plunger across the room ?

  • You are the best

  • Not once did they shoot a plunger from a bow; I was waiting.

  • Egg trick shots

  • I just deionised dude perfect has 47 million subs

  • what the heck that dope

  • 1:01 wasn't that so in sync

  • They ran out of ideas

  • K “ L

  • 2:45 Anyone getting Luigi's Mansion 3 vibes? I am.

  • А можно на русском?

  • They brought Panda back! YES!!! 🐼

  • Do paper dart trick shots like if u agree

  • I tried doing this But I broke a window👍🏻

  • Where they buy this pluger? Please somebody answer me, please!

  • The best music in video

  • شكون مغريبي يدير لايك

  • When you run out of ideas Video's still great though

  • 2:21 that spin and catch though

  • haven’t watched these dudes in years, today i find this in my recommended

  • Is it just me or is there a weird noice before each plunger hits something

  • We did this in our high school bathroom yesterday and I won with a behind the back flip onto the mirror

  • Luigi’s mansion 3 be like plunger everywhere

  • Your skate bord is super

  • is it just me or does anyone else think its funny that the is we were born for this and they sticking plungers onto objects

  • Why does it sound so satisfying

  • Hello ai mail jur videos

  • 1'35 how did he get that far?

  • I was watching this while i was on toilet...

  • So I want to get a lot of likes on a comment so can this comment get at least 1000 likes? (Whoever likes thanks)

  • Mario approves this video

  • Swaggersouls helmet?

  • And they didnt even stick it to a toilet.

  • Tyler- Spot light.. Other dudes- Dim lights 😁

  • They’re running out of ideas like if u agree 🤪

  • DJ cool

  • I was waiting for someone to shoot Garrett in the head with a plumber

  • They had way to much fun

  • They make it look it easy

  • 1:30 he broke the pattern

  • I just came home from buying a plunger wtf

  • dp

  • that was great and amazing but the real question is can u throw it a the face??

  • When you run out of vid ideas this is what you come up with

  • There running out of ideas

  • P,p,p,p,panda where panda. Panda love plunger

  • tbh plungers are one of the easier trick shots, its basically knife throwing but with different weight centres, its fairly easy after you learn the weight and spin

  • Uao

  • Hết idea

  • I was totally expecting bathroom humor when I clicked on it 😂