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Post Malone - SUNFLOWER (Lyrics) ft. Swae Lee | Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse

čas přidán 18. 10. 2018
Hey ! Guys.
So, this video is about lyrics for a beautiful song called " SUNFLOWER " (From Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse), originally by Post Malone feat. Swae Lee.
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Post Malone - SUNFLOWER (Official Music Video) ft. Swae Lee (Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse) ▶
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  • They say it don’t make sense but it does wtf

  • I like the intro

  • What does it mean by "she wanna ride me like a cruise"? Thank you. :)

  • R.I.P Stan. I'll see you up there. ]:

  • Best song made Swae Lee and Post Malone

  • The picture reminds me of when they first came out 🔥🔥🔥

  • Will miss you Stan Lee that was and incredible mark you left us. Your voice 😌

  • #vicieinessaporra kkk

  • I like this song makes me wanna make a song to

  • Adiccion musical hecha realidad

  • Swae Lee

  • This song makes me want to roll my windows down and take a long drive but then again its winter soooo

  • I think I have a crush on Swae Lee

  • Its even if we gotta risk it all right now, not even if we gotta race get off right now.😐😐 2:04

  • Spider.Man

  • i think.a.good music...slow....but this SPIDEy

  • I love his lyics and vioce

  • 0:30

  • My new favorite song!

  • this a song you play to your to your girl on valentine's day

  • i know all the lyrics

  • U messed up posts part... it’s not, even if we gotta race. Get off right now! 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s supposed to be, even if we gotta risk it all right now.

  • 2019 anyone

  • Can I use this in my video

  • L

  • Great job I love this song, thx for the lyrics


  • I know right it's so good I just want to see the movie on Netflix like right now

  • Favourite song.....

  • *By far one of my all time favorite songs. I even sung this entire song In public 😂 the video is up on my channel if you wanna give it a look.*

  • Some say swae Lee's part is the best. But for me they are equally good

  • Love this song ❤❤❤

  • Leader Lyrics

  • Love this song

  • Their voicessss damn so good

  • Who saw the new spiderman movie in the movie

  • Idol post malone

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  • Velocity 0:75 💕

  • First time hearing this. I love it. Swae Lee voice is EVERYTHING

  • Aye

  • Your the sunflower

  • swae lee he gooD but homeless sUhloNe makes the song bad dislikE

  • Ya

  • This is In spider man

  • Its my ringtone

  • 1 Like = Post Malone Verse 1 Comment = Swae Lee Verse

  • Cant stop listening to this beautiful song edited by leader of lyrics who is awesome!

  • Oh dios mio como amo esta canción

  • I hate because I can't download this video

  • Lyrics need correction😀

  • this is the best song

  • Keep *her* in check... not... it...

  • Love this song I can't stop PEOPLE HELP ME SUBSCRIBE to this channel 🍫😜😝😜😝😜😝😝😝😝😝🙃

  • I like this song

  • I saw the movie yesterday and i LOVE the song

  • I fuckin love this song💋💋💋

  • R.I.P

  • Yassssssssss this song is LIT BRO!!!!!!!!

  • 00:11 i thought i got an notification or something

  • Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I few lyrics are wrong but you tried👏🏻

  • Spiderman songs just keeps getting better

  • I can’t believe that this is on the spider man movie 🤪🤪🤩🤩😍😍🥰🥰😘😘😜 like if u agree 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Lol swae lees shirt thou no flex ZONE!! And I also like swae lees part but I still love post Malone’s part 😍😘☺️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • Not to be rude but post malones mustache looks like two dogs kissing

  • Me

  • Swae Lee is really good


  • I swaer post malone had face tats


  • Post Malone's face lmaooooo

  • I think am obsessed the song is gooooooooood😍😍😍like if its true

  • 😄😄😄

  • Wow

  • I’m so addicted to this song. Swae Lee and Post Malone mash up well

  • A girl at my school sung this to me and this is my favorite song

  • Even 2 months later- this song is still fire 🔥🔥


  • This makes me so happy😁😁😁

  • Me and my crush

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  • I love this song

  • This song is so good

  • I love this song

  • Screw it fuck his shirt 💪🏻😂

  • I love this song

  • I love this song

  • For Stan Lee.

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  • awsome lryics keep up the good work post malone and swae lee

  • I looovvvee this song it gives me such good vibes

  • Sweet song miles

  • I love this songgggg

  • It’s every time I walk in now*

  • Hy cute sway lee he loves me he loves me no he 💘 me sunflower

  • It's "even if if we got to risk it all right now" not "race get off right now"

  • I love 💕 this song and i can’t stop 🛑 watching omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍