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Post Malone, Swae Lee, Ty Dolla $ign & More at the 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Premiere

čas přidán 5. 12. 2018
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  • Which is the best Spider-Man movie so far??

  • if you came here for posty, skip to 4:50

  • Xxxtentacion would be a good spiderman fr

  • I feel like these guys just gate crashed this 5 year old birthday party that was happening 😂😂

  • Real nigga! He sed favorite Kanye album college dropout!! 💯💯💯

  • watch the hands not the mouth

  • It was like I am watching the characters live.....their voice"s match the character so well it was like they did"t have to put effort to act like the character in the movie

  • i love the spiderman uniform too

  • Swae lee aka Rae summernd

  • that body guard is huge

  • Who the fuck is Kap G

  • Jake is such a badass lmao

  • Anybody peep kap gs chain 2:45 👀👀

  • Post "the eyes" Malone. He gonna be walking around looking more like a raccoon if he get them tats. LOL!

  • Man Wtf wasn't Black Spiderman by Logic on the soundtrack a remix with more relevant lyrics would have been dope

  • Hmm wonder if x is gonna show up

  • Swae lee>>>auto tune

  • All the rappers in this video seem high, except Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign

  • I hear sunflower in the background

  • Rip xxxtentacion


  • Damn, ole boy dome could be seen from the moon😳

  • I wish XXXTENTACION could had been there he’s the best in the song “scared of the dark”

  • yo its so crazy how good swae lee is, shameik is so energetic and happy its infectious and always loved jake johnson, this was a great fantastic amazing movie, knew it would be great but it exceeded my expectations im gonna buy this on DVD as soon as its out, im hyped!!!

  • swae lit haha

  • Lmao this girl needs to be more professional when talking to celebs, she’s fan girling too much

  • Big boy should be red skull in infinity war

  • She really did try to feel him up 😂😏 5:08

  • Starting to think “Sunflower” was a strain of weed

  • Is it just me or does swae Lee look absolutely retarded in his vid

  • Epic

  • I love Shameik's voice

  • Swae lee is retarded

  • Anuel?


  • 4:50

  • I've been watching him since a baby aswell

  • Swae Lee and Post Malone album😁😁

  • Where was this premiere?

  • That Goku and Frieza necklace Kap G has tho.

    • @Tubby Montana lol

    • Carlos Honorio I was to busy focusing on his hair I didn’t notice until I read your comment that necklace looks dope af

  • Swae Lee is high af, just saying lol

  • natalia perez is so beautiful; )

  • Lol! did not expect to see Kap G here.

  • whats with kap G hair? he got that jim carrey bowl haircut

  • Girl tried to caress Post lmaoooo I see u 😂

  • kap g needs to chill with that hair

    • Should have kept his braids

    • yoooo for real LMAO

  • Clean


  • Post malone 🔥🔥

    • The Put On Swae Lee🔥🔥