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Post Malone VelociRaptor 6X6 Delivery

čas přidán 7. 01. 2019
Congratulations to Post Malone, who recently took delivery of his one-of-a-kind Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6 a few days before Christmas! Happy trails, Posty. Special thanks to Taylor Sanger for shooting video: Instagram: @TaylorSangerPhotography
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  • Guys the man

  • $320

  • He’ll burn out the transmission in a month. Poser.

  • Love Hennessy💖💖... Post Malone... 🤮🤮

  • I like the look of it better than the Mercedes 6x6. but if I had the cash I would go with Mercedes because they make top notch luxury cars, sports cars and offroad vehicles. the g wagon suv is and was one of the best offroad vehicles ever made and they line it up with Mercedes amazing amg performance in the Mercedes 6x6 and g wagon. and cause it's a luxury brand every thing is over the top. and last thing because Mercedes 6x6 is actually a real built and tested production truck not someone's custom job though Hennessey has made some awesome cars more awesome. but this is way different then the ford raptor was meant to be driven and the size and the way it handle all was made with 4x4 and a shorter truck length. so I'd just go with a Mercedes 6x6. but I do love the raptor and this looks amazing and more fun. and I would prefer offroadng in a ford raptor over a Mercedes g wagon although the g wagon is better offroad doesn't make it more fun. the raptor is made to drive hard and fast offroad and drive decent on road. but if I did make a 6x6 I'd want a dodge ram runner over a raptor because the ram runner is way better offroading then the raptor but not as good on road as the raptor. but if I bought one of those trucks and wanted it converted to 6x6 and modified I'd be more focus on driving it hard offroading than a super smooth on road driving truck considering how rugged it is. so I'd want Hennessey to build me a dodge ram runner 6x6 over this velosraptor

  • CS-tv: wanna see post Malone get a sick truck? Me: I think I’ve seen it about 5 times but yea why not

  • Post seems like a chill guy

  • These comments were starting to piss me off, but then I realized everyone here is probably like 12

  • This guy is this generations "rapper" and doesn't even know eminem's music 🤣🤣..that's like an NBA player not knowing kobe

  • Bitch.. I just paid WAYYYY too much money for a truck. Instal my shit for me

  • Who is 📫 Malone?

  • Hennesy ladies and gents

  • So post Malone has a technical😅😳😅

  • It’s a souped up Ford lol

  • This is my neighbor, this is on Prospector Dr, Utah all the way at the end of the road. 😈

  • Who is this late 90's homeless stoner who's always begging outside of a gas station

  • What's with wearing your sister's pants? Dudes in trucks taking a HUGE hit on this day. And I can't stands me some dudes in trucks. That bald dudes stroking him like crazy. He's glad to suck from that teet.

  • Dudes just buying random shit lol

  • That's what post Malone looks like? wow. that's exactly what I thought he looked like. a giant smelly douche....

  • Anybody else feel its so damn obvious this dude sold out?

  • Why do I need to see this ?

  • Ugly rapper ugly car

  • Who Is this pirla?

  • Always Tired 🍼


  • Man I want a raptor so bad 😢

  • Does it come with a shower? He can finally take one.

  • He protec He attac but most importantly he hav 50cal mount in tha bac

  • Wasted all that money on a ford......

  • Ysh maybe but u sold ur soal to get it. Fool !!!

  • what is the exhaust system on his car ???

  • Post dont even know what's in that Ford. All he knows is that it looks dope. Dude looks like patchy the pirate from spongebob.

  • Awesome pavement princess post

  • does posty live in colorado?

  • Wait....I thought this was ford EDIT:fuck

  • The true nigga drinking at 7 in the morning

  • Anybody else seeing how pos Malone out here rocking slippers

  • The six tires look kinda weird. The four tire one looks better

  • How do useless shitbags like pokes Malone get “fans”? Lol. Answer: Only other useless pussies like him.

  • American cars are so chunky and ugly af. Look at Mercedes GLE Coupe or G class. THAT‘S an Auto!

  • Beautiful project...bravo

  • He will prolly drive it 5 times,hotbox it 2 times a week,it will sit in his Megatron garage for the majority of its life....

  • Und Deutschland will Co2 einsparen

  • Starts at $350,000 😂😂

  • This man is the coolest men in earth

  • Wow!! How much does post have??

  • Sus ass sandals

  • Junkie rapper promo spot. Class.

  • When you hit the lotto, but you're still white trash

  • Bro that's park city!

  • this truck is so badass😍🔥🔥😍

  • *Repo intensifies*

  • Then the idiot goes "wait, whats a suspension?"

  • mans lost so much weight

  • I cant help it but I like the song. Lol. And the more stuff I watch with Post Malone he actually seems pretty cool.

  • Lame!!!!!

  • I’m happy for him, that shit dope


  • Nice mall crawler

  • Nice truck

  • This is so sick!!

  • $350 G’s plus add ons. That’s the sh$t POST. Keep it real!

  • Oh hell yeah boii

  • I wanna be as baked as you my man 🌿🌿

  • For those who don't know that's a 400,000$+ truck. Meanwhile I'm driving a 2005 f150 with rusted wheel wells. Fix my shit Hennessy!!

  • Mans always with a drink

  • $350k for this truck I would’ve bought a hellcat and s63 amg and still have more money lol

  • G wagon has left the chat

  • Winter snow and he is in flip flops and t shirt

  • Beast

  • I am so happy for him!!!

  • Is that sick? Him: "Yeah this is sick"

  • Brembo yellow brake calipers yellow coil overs and the coil overs have his tats! 😍 I’m a car guy the biggest car guy just letting you know. Lol

  • That Hennessy venom looks sick! Btw it’s on his profile

  • Snow?? where was this >?

  • You are very brutto! Minchia se sei brutto!!!🖖

  • 6x6

  • To many yes men...barbwire went out of style so long ago when it wasn't in style. Throw a grenade out the back window in the bed of the truck? Stupid ass...

  • Should spend some money on them wack ass tattoos!

  • It’s sad that he smokes!

  • sooo happy......dang he is on it...

  • Gettin' some likes here

  • How much to buy it off yoi

  • The bois drunk af

  • Lol a low quality Mercedes 6x6 ripoff

  • Who is post malone?

  • Какое-то дельмо

  • A 6×6 raptor? U have money for a mercedes brabus 6×6! Is better

  • You should buy my 6x6 all electric wireless charging 600 mile range only one in the world for 500k

  • meanwhile posty is riding around my town in this tractor boolin o.0

  • I'm not a fan of Malone but dude seems cool as shit and down to earth like a normal guy guess fame hasn't hit yet!!.🤣💪👍nice truck!!

  • The Dodge Trex was the first 6x6 in civilian trucks. An now i wanna stay even Mitsubishi is making them also called the X or somethin like that

  • How much? Cause I'll buy one in my dream

  • Omg I luv this truck and Mr. Post Malone

  • Guess these trucks are just made for show and not work

  • isnt that back part in the thumb nail of Rockstar

  • Bro wearing crocks in the cold lmao I swear white people are crazy

  • Amazing truck 😂😂😂

  • Trucks ok but that Dallas shirt is 🔥 I want one..

  • Bruh the yoga pants?