Prague Food Tour - ULTIMATE CZECH FOOD + Street Food in Czech Republic!

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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - I was excited to visit Prague, a city I’ve been wanting to visit for many years. In this video, we’re going on an ultimate Czech food tour of Prague, and doing a full walking tour of the attractions and center of the city along the way. #Prague #CzechRepublic #CzechFood
Café Savoy - For one of the most historical and beautiful restaurants and cafes in all of Prague, head to Café Savoy. It’s one of those restaurants that’s as much a museum as it is a restaurant. It’s a good place to have breakfast, or to have coffee. I had the Czech style breakfast set. Total price - 685 CZK ($29.62)
Párek v rohlíku - Ladislav Červený - If there’s one Czech street food your don’t want to miss, it’s sausages and hotdogs. And after doing some research, I discovered that not too far from where I was staying, was a popular local hotdog stall just outside the metro station. What was amazing to me is that the bun was toasted on the inside, but the outside of the bun was so soft. Great hotdogs, well worth going out of your way to eat when you’re in Prague. Price - 25 CZK ($1.08) per hotdog
Restaurace U Bansethů - My favorite type of food to eat is classic, traditional food, anywhere I travel. Restaurace U Bansethů is a restaurant with over 100 years of history, and I was very excited to go there. Menu was all in Czech, but our waiter was friendly and helpful. Something you have to note about Czech food restaurants (at least in my experience so far) is that they often have dishes of the day, and don’t have the full menu. So it’s best to choose the dishes of the day. I ordered their signature stuffed duck, a plate of tongue and dumplings, and we also tried a beef stew, which was similar to goulash, but had a different name. Food was delicious, and especially paired with Czech beer. 477 CZK ($20.62) - Total price for everything
Lahůdky Zlatý kříž - Next up on this ultimate Prague food tour, we headed back to the center of Prague and I ordered a few Czech open faced sandwiches from Lahůdky Zlatý kříž. Great local place to get food on the go. 77 CZK ($3.33)
Zahradní restaurace Letenský zámeček - Next, we headed on a little walk across the river and up the hill to a beer garden and terrance overlooking old town of Prague. I would highly recommend visiting, the ambiance was fantastic, and the views were spectacular.
Lokál - Beer Restaurant - Finally, when I reached out to you on social media about where to eat in Prague, one of the top suggestions was Lokál, a place loved by all for their great Czech beer, and for their food. We had a great experience, and it’s the type of place that would be fun to go with many friends. 726 CZK ($31.39)
Thank you for watching this ultimate Czech food tour of Prague, Czech Republic!
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