Preakness Stakes 2019: Containing Bodexpress' joyride | NBC Sports

čas přidán
Outrider and former jockey Kaymarie Kreidel runs through her chaotic ride in the 2019 Preakness Stakes as she and her horse chased down the riderless No. 9 horse Bodexpress.
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Preakness Stakes 2019: Containing Bodexpress' joyride | NBC Sports


  • Fox huntsman do that in the uk

  • Thank God, Johnny was not dragged. It could have been so much worse. Great job Kaymarie.

  • Notice how she’s using a hackamore

  • Bodexpress just beat the track record at Gulfstream Park a few days ago. Happy ending for all involved :)

  • Disgusting nothing but animal abuse and exploitation

  • This woman has guts and nerves of steel. Crazy how good some people are at difficult decisions, and our gooberment is a gooberment with all the time in-the-go world to get things right and the goober it up.

  • By the way, Stormwolf All the females LUV "Bodyexpress" who refused to Stop racing riderless ... turn about is fair Play Casse, we all were laughing our heads off ... guess you were watching WOW.

  • Stormwolf ... EVERYONE HAS A STORY .. it's a Drag when you can't see very well, I always had perfect eyesite before getting very injuried ... i had to learn almost everything again .. i never about "covert narcsisst " i was trying to stay alive. Everything was Stolen, LITERALLY EVERYTHING my horses, my big germans shepherds gard dogs, felines .. (So bored with my own story) ... my doctors call me a mircle ... I had a great memory & vision . l used to Bet & Luv Horses prior.. all critters .. Thank -You for taking the time to read my pissed off rant towards K Derby rip-off Race. SOME PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ME .... Maybe, you otta focus on your Name seriously "stormwolf" ... is it your goal to sound tuff or are u caption oblivious? RK

  • What an amazing woman. You can tell how much she loves horses but also at protecting the public. She is definitely a hero!

  • Everyone hating this are 10 year olds that just play SSO and think they know everything about horses because they play sso.

  • Bodexpress was having way too much in the Preakness

  • Yes, she did a good job.

  • this girl is for real! awesome job

  • Would be rlly nice if there were more ppl who understood horses better. I kinda wish I didn't see so many idiots in the world. But you and a lot of other caring horse riders and owners appreciate it when we get to see somebody who also rlly cares about their horse friends. :3

  • She’s So Gorgeous

  • did a great job of patting herself on the back is about all, where was the lariat ? hanging in the barn?

  • BodeExpress just wanted to keep on running

  • Guys I’m in the video😂😂

  • My friend thought horses ran at 80mph 😂😂😂

  • I hate horse racing, (just my opinion don't attack me plz)

    • Haha... then way even post? SMH

  • Props to her but her horse is a badass

  • These horse run due to be scared automatically and like she said they are heard animals, and they can avoid people when their in the right State of mind if they are scared then yeah they can hurt people not the horses fault stupid people are in the way of what they are scared of and what they see as safety

  • No racehorse runs at 45 mph. Quarter horses yes.

  • the 9 did not lunge.. his headman didnt turn him loose when they kicked the gates

  • Sweet goat, horses love him too😍 good for them all!

  • Great job.. very skilled at her is unharmed and she's ok..🏇🏇🏇

  • Bode is the true triple crown winner

  • She’s riding bitless

  • It’s so cool that you ride one of your horses in a hackamore! Just something I noticed. Bits are fine, I just didn’t expect a hackamore ❤️

  • Girl, you freaking rock. I groomed at the track for many years and worked on a breeding/training farm for even longer and all I wanted to do was what you do (I even had the most awesomest mare the was all over that). I know the feeling where everything else just takes a backseat to what you are focused on and you get it done without getting anyone else hurt. You don't panic, you just say what needs to be done and hope everyone else jumps to help. Awesome job.

  • Horse racing is horrible

  • 👍💜💜💜

  • Kaymarie is awesome...

  • Cool that she's doing it bitless too :) awesome job

  • Her horse is also very well trained in my opinion. Cause it just doesnt mind being between a horse and the fence

  • Ha ha, that horse is a little stinker. Full of personality and fleet of foot, quick reflexes. He did not want his run to end. He’s like; you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man! 😅😎👍🍀

  • This job seems very nice

  • Who else saw the goat chilling in the background 🤣

  • おそらくベルモントステークスも負けるだろうな ベルモントステークスはマスターフェンサー一択だろ

  • Do we talk about the cute sleeping goat in the background ?

  • Decapitating that horse

  • then the horse gets put down

    • @StormWolf omfg people are too funny like god why bother

    • No he's not! For one, he's still a perfectly healthy horse and despite what you've been told, horses don't just get randomly put down if they don't win. For another, purely economical reason, he's earned over $200,000 for the connections, and he's only 3. Bode's got a few years left in him.

  • wow nice job....

  • She and her horse are amazing😍 She’s so smart, and that’s a speedy horse she has there!

  • Respecc

  • Good job.

  • She made the right choices and kept everyone safe I also think it’s adorable how even though Bodexpress had no jockey he still ran the race

  • Great job!💪👌🌷

  • Love how Bodie just dumped the rider and said "I can do this myself". I sometimes think my red dun quarter horse would make a good outrider pony. Then I remember that she maxes at 40mph and can't keep going that fast for long. The couple of retired tb racers I've owned have all been wicked fast out in the pasture. They were too old to ride by the time I got to riding decent, but wow, call them for grain and they flew up to the front for dinner. They even remember the call to post into their 20s, so it's easy to get them excited and alert. They also remember how vets smell and bolt whenever the vet comes out.

  • this is so impressive and im thankful for people like her. what i also find grate, is that she uses a hackamore and not a bit on her horse

  • I wonder why they dont use ropes like with cows. It seems really hard and dangerous to lean out like that to grab the reins. I guess either way something could go wrong.

  • Here is what happened.. the guy inside the stall with the horse held onto the Horses Bridle/reins causing the horse to dip its head and then it lurched up inside the gate.. you can clearly see the man inside the gate hanging onto the bridle of the Horse.. he caused it and there should be an investigation into it because there is betting on the race and people can do and or look to do something stupid, but could be being paid to do it..

    • Because the gate handler still had his hand on the bridle when the gates opened, Bodexpress should have been declared a non-starter. I can't believe they didn't. He didn't get a fair shot at the race because of that.

  • Racing literally makes them crazy not to mention all the other horrible injuries they suffer to their legs. Maybe stop racing them and things like this won't happen in the first place. Glad no one was hurt this time, and that especially goes for the horses.

    • You have no idea what you're talking about.

  • He wants to play games?!? wtf he was in panic

  • "He's probably running closer to 40-45mph . . . You can't move fast enough." Someone's never seen a crackhead cross I-240.

  • horse racing needs to stop, the stress it brings to the animal needs to be the priority not the people and the money

    • Oh brother. Racing has been around for centuries.

  • The jockiless horse should have won. But it was funny to see him gain 2 positions

  • Great job

  • She awesome she got that horse as nothing

  • Ban horse racing already! It is abusive and dangerous for the horses... How many have to die before we do something!

  • Thanks

  • He has a gorgeous trot and canter!! To bad he won’t be sold as a OTTB. He would probably be the most expensive OTTB ever 😂

  • Such a shady industry.

    • Not really, but certainly one lied about a lot.

  • It’s only a difficult situation bc ppl in the racing industry harm horses. This shows that this horse had enough

    • Stop lying to people, PETA member.

    • Jared Lancelotta But the riders arent the industry. The industry does not control what the rider does with their horses. Along with that, you posted your opinion in a public comment section, expect it to be replied to. It is extremely rare to find a race that allows drugging, please name race courses that do allow drugging, if there are so many.

    • And still horse racers do send their horse to slaughter which I still animal abuse because they did nothing wrong. The only wrong person is the rider for sending the horse to slaughter because they aren’t fast enough.

    • Barbaric Birds you should understand that this is my opinion and the rider did do well in reaction to being bucked but still in some races they do abuse horses by training them too young or drugging them. After watching the video many times I would like to point out that they did let the horse run/ tire out which is good but still my opinion remains, I do not like horse racing. I have in fact educated myself enough to have proof for my opinion. If you do not agree with me then please do not bother me

    • Jared Lancelotta Go educate yourself, the breakdown rate of racing is only 1.5. Drugs are banned, and you can be banned/suspended for whipping your horse too many times. Not every horse goes to slaughter afterwords.

  • Its not funny but it is ... I love when animals say .."NOT TODAY" , just so they don't get hurt or hurt anyone. Its cute !

    • That's not at all why he did what he did.

  • i love her decisions, she did an amazing job. I also love that she rides her horse in a hackamore.

  • Play games??? Looks more like he wanted to run a race!

  • That's very difficult to deal with such a situation! She did WONDERFUL!!!!!!

  • I bet on Bodexpress in the Kentucky Derby, guess I'm always attracted to crazy horses lol. I love that spark about him he's so cute. Great job for catching him safely.

  • Well done my fair lady! YOUR horse was awesome for you in that situation!

  • I love the fact that she is riding her horse bitless and she does a great job taking care of those horses that run wild and free 👍 I don't like horse racing but I appreciate this woman 😄

  • Bodexpress just wanted to run and have fun. It would have been epic if he had come in first 😁😁😂😂

  • Great interview. You never get this kind of perspective when things go smoothly.

  • THis lady and her horse are amazing! She just pulls up to the field like it's nothing. The horse she is riding should be in the race instead of these lame ducks! And the riderless horse? This was a great display that a jokey does play a vital role in winning a race. This horse was 60 kg lighter than all the rest - a massive difference - and it still just trundled along.

  • all very impressive but im not sure she made the right decisions - it couldve ended really badly when she had her hands on the loose horses reigns she couldve decapitated another rider. at one point the loose orse stopped. she shoould dismounted and put a hand on it then, not stay mounted and chase after it. also trying to get her hands on the loose horse during the race she couldve pushed it into a another runner.

    • No way. Never, ever, EVER dismount to try to catch a loose horse. 1) You could get kicked right in the face that way, and 2) if he bolts, you'd have to re-mount your horse to go after him again. Always stay on the pony horse.

    • Which is why she backed off until the race ended. She knows what she's doing, she's been doing it for a long time and is way more qualified to do what she did than any of us are.

  • ID LOVE TO BE AN OUTRIDER 😮❤️😍 I know it’s so dangerous but I’d love to run like that with the racehorses without having to win

  • How inspiring to watch this lady take control of the situation without hurting other horses or their riders. Her horse was fast and well-trained. Much respect to her and her giving credit to the horses. Beautiful relationship there.

  • EPIC!!

  • Job well done.

  • this horse beat a couple other horses... Imagine being those riders that were beat by a riderless horse

    • I'm pretty sure they're used to it, as it happens now and then. Also, a riderless horse has far less weight on them, so they tend to be ahead of at least a couple horses.