Preakness Stakes 2019: Watch Larry Collmus' call of chaotic race with riderless horse | NBC Sports

čas přidán 19. 05. 2019
Watch as Larry Collmus, the voice of the Triple Crown, calls a chaotic 144th Preakness Stakes that included a riderless horse and a big win for War of Will two weeks after being interfered with in the Derby. #NBCSports #PreaknessStakes #PreaknessStakes2019
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Preakness Stakes 2019: Watch Larry Collmus' call of a chaotic race, riderless horse | NBC Sports


  • Vicki, someone wrote: "Maximum Security race Bodexpress without Jockey!" 🏇

  • Horse, hold my cider

  • And they are in to the stretch

  • They gave us all very bad information. The horses real name is "I Get No Respect". The jockeys name is Rodney Dangerfield.

  • Unable to do the job, she is too heavyweight...we all saw that...OK??.

  • the voice is off cant anybody see this

  • I love Larry Collmus' race calling. Iconic style.

  • It's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, the lack of humanity!

  • Good call, but I wouldn't call the race chaotic.

    • @CUB NATION108 I know the start is dangerous, both my parents were trainers and I grew up on the track, maybe you are right, I think that maybe it's a combination of both what I saw and what you saw, and I'm fairly certain the bettors did not receive a refund. And the people on the backside of the track here call them gatemen.

    • @Vicki Hodges He's actually called an "assistant starter." :) I'm not convinced he held on too long because Bodexpress was really acting up. The gate (and start) is the most dangerous time in the race. I think maybe the assistant starter was trying to keep Bodexpress calm and his head faced forward (which is his job) when the gates opened. It all happens in a blink of an eyes--excuse the cliché. I heard them say ticket-holders would be refunded. Whether that was really done; I don't know.

    • I wouldn't either, the horse never interfered with the others, and had no impact on the outcome. The most 'Chaotic' event of the race occurred at the start when the gateman held on to Bodexpress too long, the track got away with one here, Bodexpress should have been declared a non starter and the fans should have gotten their money back.

  • should have called a false start and redid it. then again you have to give props to the horse, he followed the course.

  • Were all in line and were.ready for the.start!!!!!!!!!

  • Great call here... Totally impressed with Bodexpress. All things considering that horse ran a good race

  • Yeah - I wonder what have happened if Bodexpress had actually won. That would have one for the books !!

  • That was so dangerous but glad all turned out good. That loose horse could have caused a real bad accident. All he knew was to run. He had a very good time. 😂😂

  • I was rooting for War of Will, had $100 on him

  • So, this mothafucka just gonna skip over the fact that a riderless horsie beat a dude in the pack.

  • Lookout jockeys, automation is close.

  • It was not the horse that threw him the gate breaker should be fired he hold the horse bit on purpose

  • I guess the horses really don’t need jockeys. Let them all run without jockeys and let’s see how they do. Geez that horse ran the entire race and beat a horse with no jockey!

  • A true master!!

  • Great call

  • The out rider should have never tried catch #9

  • "I don't need that little guy on me. I got this!"

  • Am I the only one who heard ALALALALALALA *KABOOM* and freaked out for a second 0:08

    • Yep, can I have some of whatever your on?

  • Riderless horse......”most fun I ever had”.

  • Crazy season! 😳🙈

  • Getting beat by a riderless horse....PRICELESS

  • NBC please put out more videos like this

  • I'm in love with horse racing now

  • another colt with danzig in his pedigree comes up big; he may have been the best in kentucky but got caught in that bunch behind the DQed colt who moved over two lanes in the stretch.

  • No mount in 8 Seconds here, Come to Tucson Arizona here we proudly have La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros.

  • Only supposed ride with the Marlboro Man. Heat of the season.Crazy Carol Sings Where Have All The Cowboys Gone BY Paula Cole and 1400 Thoroughbred tunes.

  • Canon binoculars

  • I've never seen footage of the guy calling the race. Cool.

  • I JUST LOVE WATCHING THE LITTLE GUYS RUN!!!!!! I want one so bad!!!!! They are beautiful in a herd!!!!!

    • @Rhonda Foxx 😂🤣✌️

    • @Vicki Hodges No worries... Those thoroughbreds are just so darn beautiful when they run... one forgets about the 120 pound little guy onto of the thousand pound animal. But it is very funny to think of the herd of "little guys"!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!

    • @Rhonda Foxx I get you now, sorry, it was funny picturing those little guys running in a herd, though! 🤭😆🤣✌️

    • @Vicki Hodges I meant "little" as a term of endearment... obviously an 1200 pound creature is not little.....

    • I thought that you were talking about the jockeys!! By the way, most Thoroughbreds are not what is considered 'little'....

  • Looked like the guy in the gate got in the way and the horse jumped to get through which knocked the rider off the horse.

    • cbacamartinez yeah and due to the Derby controversy they played it down .

  • I don't want to see some dumb announcer, I want to see the RACE.

  • Hahaha he did that on purpose. Stupid idiots racing horses. Should’ve stomped on the jockey’s head

  • This Larry Collmus did a great job, calling the race.

  • Bodexpress, WON MY HEART! He has the heart of a CHAMPION! 🏇💖🏆🐴😘


  • I love the Darth Vader pump at the end

  • RIch white men racing horses? Animal abuse anyone?

  • So few comments on the skill of Larry Collmus in calling the race. The guy switches between binoculars, tv monitors and bare sight and doesn't skip a beat in the narrative. I always figured they call the race looking at 5 different camera angles.

    • During the duration of Racing, the Announcer comes into the room where all other Commentators are, and tell him what a great performance he does during the call of the Race!

  • Joke !

  • Who else was rooting for the riderless horse to win?

  • Wouldn't it be wiild if the jockey less horse finished fist?

  • War of will for Mark Casse and Gary barber!

  • Larry Collmus is amazing!

  • Wow! He know all those name by heart.

  • If you LOSE a race to a riderless horse.......

  • I was rooting for the riderless horse. Imagine what he could've done if he had a rider. 🐎

  • Proof that you don't need jockeys for these lame events.

  • Bodexpress may not have come in first, but he won the race. Meet horse racing’s newest star.

  • So in this case, does the horse have to put down the rider?

  • That horse wanted to win!

  • Collmus is excellent... good job.

  • My goodness... great call of the action!

  • I could not stop thinking about the Brian Regan bit on a riderless horse winning

  • This guy is amazing to watch. I have to watch it three times to see the whole sequence of events. lol. He is super pro at this.