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Price, Devers lead Red Sox to pennant: 10/18/18

čas přidán 19. 10. 2018
Daily Recap: David Price pitched six outstanding scoreless innings, while Rafael Devers crushed a key three-run homer to clinch the pennant
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  • Wow! red sox

  • This is for you Mom wherever you are

  • Good for you, don't tell anybody.


  • Let's go red sox

  • Price were was that production when you played for Toronto and Tampa.sellout

  • Good Mike has left the group chat

  • All the fans pulled back learning from the 17th xD. That guy cost the Astros the WS and he said Astros still got it xD

  • THANK GOD🙏!!! The Houston Astros didn't go again to the World Series!!! Now im praying for the L.A. Dodger's to win today against the Milwaukee Brewer's so everyone can watch two iconic historical baseball team which is the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox!!!🙏🙂

  • im tired of boston sports being in every championship game.

  • Boston is gona get PUNKED BY THE BREWERS

  • Yankees suck! Houston sucks! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Springer and Bregman have such attitudes. I️ am glad karma got to them.

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  • Dodgers have a better chance beating the Red Sex. But i think the Sox can win it. would be a great World Series to see the Dodgers and Rex Sex.

  • How about the Sox.. world series bound..

  • Note to Rob Manfried your pace of play rules ain't working. Ballgames in the Postseason are going over 4 1/2 hours to play 9 innings. Game 4 of the NLCS took 5 1/2 hours to play 13 innings, why? Too many pitching changes, shifts, too many pick off throws to bases, and way too much replay. I understand MLB probably can't do something about all of these things, but they certainly can limit pick off throws and step off the mound per batters.

  • hmm ok


  • Red Sox are just amazing there's no doubt about it and the Astros got cocky

  • Thank god the astros lost now I can go back to the games for cheaper and dont have those annoying BANDWAGONERS

  • Congrats 🍾 from a Yankee fan

  • good well

  • Hopefully the nl wins smh

  • I'm going for the Boston Red Sox yeah Boston Red Sox won they made it to the World Series.

  • So good so good so good

  • We got playoff revenge on the Astros.

  • Congrats to Red Sox

  • Red Sox !!!!

  • El mejor manegger acora

    • Lewis Rojas i agree manager of the year

  • win and repeat. Mook for MVP

  • Progressives and Bernie are home runs!!!

  • Price looks like Daequan

  • Great ⚾! Look at all the triggered ASSHOLES in the comments who think they could hit or pitch better than these pros! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Justin Verlander That’s what happens when you go from CY Young to Waaaaay too young 😂

  • They should might as well give the world series trophy to the Boston Red Sox because the Dodgers or Brewers have no chance at beating these Red Sox.


  • great season Houston Astros you played very well.😘🤗

  • All Astros fans do is run their fuckin mouth

  • I don’t like the Sox but thank you for eliminating these cocky Asstros’s I couldn’t stand these faggots screaming REPEAT REPEAT! everytime my mariners lost thank you -Every mariner fan on earth

  • And lost by 3

  • This game don't have much skill

    • Rajpaul Ramdeo Go try hitting or throwing a 102 mile per hour fastball.

  • Did i trick u? read more

  • Milwaukee brewers gonna win vs the la dodgers ✌

  • Congrats to the redsox. You have a great team Now go win the World Series. Astros fan.

  • So let's go to celebrate. But keep focus on The Big Prize!! Good luck and GOD BLESS YOU

  • 93 astro glide fans dislike this


  • 8 world series all he Boston red suck.....comes guys really??? Yankees 27?????

    • Manny h Nobody cares about ancient Yankee titles from the 1930s. Their current team is done.

  • Hahahaha Boston red suck win 8 world series hahahaha ....yankees 27 world series???😁😁😁😁


  • #24


  • Happy birthday Alex!!!

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  • As a Yankees fan, this was a total nightmare for me.

    • Jared Williams: Relax. You have to suffer bad losses to appreciate the wins, right? As a Sox fan I indeed suffered in 72 (eliminated by Detroit last game of season), 1978 B.Dent, 1986, 1999 (lost to you guys in ALCS), 2003 (Grady little brainurism). So 2004 was euphoric. Catch my drift?

    • I can imagine! Lol - Red Sox fan

  • Incredible game!

  • Devers really talented

  • #4MoreWins #RedSox #DoDamage

  • Yankee fans can cry.

  • I think Red sox can destroy Dodgers because they were great offensive, my predication Red sox will win the series 4-2.

  • I got bullied today 😳 can anyone surprise me with subscription or anything that will make me feel good

    • I usually bully a bully. Stand up to that person and give em a Swift kick in the crotch. Lol

    • I hope you get bulled some more

    • Pathetic way to try and get subscribers. Grow up.


  • Well Boston said they wanted Houston, then gave them another Harvey.

  • Red sox Champ 2018 world series

  • Price was right certainly tonight, amazing just his first win in postseason for my ex Blue Jay! I don’t see LA or even Brewers if they produce a minor miracle comeback, being able to handle Boston’s bats, unless injuries for the Bo Sox surely their WS title to lose! Not fair tho my team has to be in a division with Redsox and those darn Yankees! Should ship out NY and replace with Marlins 😉

  • The Diamondbutts and the owner ,Ken Kendrick, will watch J D Martinez play in the World Series. The owner let JDM go and he went to Boston to make more money and beat the hell out of Paul Goldschimdt in the stats.

  • I'm a yankees fan so this year if the Dodgers make it even though I hate the dodgers,ill root for em.

  • From an Angels fan, THANK YOU BOSTON!!

  • Astros boasted at the beginning of the season that they were not the Cubs, hinting that they could repeat a World Series win. They made it to the ALCS and lost 4 games to 1, just as the Cubs did last year.

  • Holy Toledo Boston beat. Houston 4-1! That's incredible bc Houston is a beast of a team. Props to Boston. And good job by the Houston fans for not interfering this time lol.

  • Cora destroyed hes former team

  • What happened to the "we are not the Cubs attitude"...epic fail

  • Dominican Republic With Boston Red Sox 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  • Congrats Red Sox on beating Astros in the ALCS, and making it to the World Series the Red Sox deserves it

  • Congrats Boston Red Sox!!!

  • 🍾 champane anyone

  • Soo I remember people saying astros would sweep their way to the ws and maybe sweep the ws

  • Good luck with the sox whoever comes out of the nl

  • I guess you can't count this team out. They dismantled the Yankees and they croaked the Astros. I feel bad for whoever is going to play this team in the World Series. I remember 1978 and 40 years later look what they're doing now.

  • Impressive win by the sux. It'll be LA v boston. Should be a good one

    • Michael Muniz I’m just catching up😂😂😂😂

    • +coolgamer17 what are you doing here to this is an old video. Come be happy with all the Sox fans on the new video of the Sox winning the second game.

    • Michael Muniz LMFAO 20-2

    • +coolgamer17 2-0 loser

    • Michael Muniz cry

  • GO RED SOX lets win the world series

  • Im a Dodgers fan and Im not here to talk crap about the Astros Congrats to the Houston Astros for trying there best to defend there world series title also congratulations to the Boston Red Sox too

  • Welp as a Yankees fan Boston winning the World Series 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Bye bye space cowboys. Go Sox!!!

  • Happy birthday to manger Cora on his 43rd birthday for being the first Latino in his first year as manager to take a team to the World Series! GO RED SOX!

  • Congratulations to the whole Red Sox organization, and their fan base for winning the 2018 A.L.C.S., and returning to the World Series! GO RED SOX!

  • Price is right atleast for one game

  • I'm ecstatic about heading to the world series but it brings me more joy the way we went about it. A team that isn't egotistical, a team that is filled with integrity, a team that is filled with good people; something our opponents will never be able to say.

  • And with that the Boston Red Sox advance to their first World Series since 2013, now tonight we will see if either Los Angeles or Milwaukee will face them next week.

  • Even though we (dodgers) might face the red soxs in the world series we still got to thank them for making the astros feel what we felt last year. Thank you Boston! Also notice in 2017 the cubs that were champions got eliminated on Game 5 NLCS and this year the same The Astros (champions from last year) got eliminated Game 5 ALCS

    • two consecutive years the defending champs got eliminated in five in the lcs

  • Take that Houston Astros fans

  • Lets go dodgers!

  • Congrats Sox!!!!

  • Guess I have to pull for tha Brews or tha Dopers

  • As much as i hate the Sox as a Yankees fan, congrats. Very well played ALCS. The better team won that matchup. But focus on the WS, not on Yankees. They are done. Only douches continue to talk about the Yankees.

    • then aren't you a douche as well?...JK...good season and good series and thanks for being a reasonable fan

  • The Sox are going to the World Series. American league champions. The magic number is 4. Keep the faith and never give in. Do damage!!! Go Red Sox!!!

  • プライス、ナイスピッチング!!! レッドソックスは昨年の雪辱果たせてよかったね。アストロズ、さようならgood-bye。グリエルによろしく。

  • Sox should change managers often... every time they do, they're onto the world series.

  • One thing Boston if the Dodgers go to the World Series please defeat them it will be funny as hell when they squirm about losing

    • +TheDieHardWWEAddict the idiot thinks your British because your a fan of a team from New England.

    • Dodger Blue What 😂 🖕🏻

    • +Dodger Blue impress you like I care about what you think. Your an idiot who doesn't even know about the country you live in. Brits!!! Probably a third grade education. Take a flying fuck through it rolling donut.

    • +Dodger Blue No I was trying to teach you why it's called New England. But I see that you are ignorant and uneducated. And that anyone above your intelligence level is cocky in your eyes. Your comment was a stupid one and deserved the sarcasm. You confuse confidence with cockiness. Idiot!!

    • +Dodger Blue Brits? As in British? New England must have a lot of British in it right. Wrong it is actually a five state region in the Northeast who were instrumental in the independence of our country from England. A New England!!! Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts,Rhode Island and Connecticut. Go Sox!!!!