Protesters try to stop biker in the middle of the road 😱

čas přidán 25. 01. 2024
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Komentáře: 32 000

  • That "GET OUTTA HERE" sounded personal 😂

  • The most neutral police officer I have ever seen. He is a master.

  • That cop deserves a total raise. Checking everybody on their total bullshit

    • Revving your bike at a bunch of dumbasses blocking a ride isn’t bullshit imo

    • @@caiden7294they’re talking about the protesters at the end not the biker

    • yeah he deserves a raise for doing his job!

    • @@ChocoMilk17Yt yeah thats usually how u get a raise..

    • Getting a raise for not stopping a protest from being held in the middle of a road illegally?

  • He is the most unbiased cop ever

    • It's not called "unbias" it's called "enforcing the law". Protesters can't block thoroughfares.

  • Appreciate him trying to keep the peace even though he’s very clearly tired of protecting these idiots in the street.

    • Fr tho. And their protesting the most petty shit ever💀

    • ​@@Idk1.1omfg bro. 😂 how tf white people the actual minority in the country tryna play like they still ontop of the food chain. . . 🤣🤌💯

    • I don t

    • Ephesians‬ ‭6:10‭-‬18 says, Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. The bible is no old book. You have to really let Christ open your eyes; to see the world in shambles. Many people say it's a religion to lock up people in chains, and say it's a rule book.. why? Because people hate hearing the truth, it hurts their flesh, it's hurts their pride, it's exposes on what things have they done..people love this world so much, s*x, money, power, women, supercars.. things of this world. Still trying to find something that can fill that emptiness in your heart. You can't find that in this world.. only in Christ, the bible is no chains, it's a chainbreaker. Breaking your sins into pieces... Repent now, and turn back to the true Lord only.. God bless.😊😊😊

    • clearly? He’s clearly tired of people overreacting. Protesters are wrong to block traffic. Is it worth going to jail over?

  • Cop nailed it. "That's not necessary" attitude is right and the "let him through" is just as right

  • “SO THATS OUR FAULT?!?!” yes 1000% percent

  • That cop looked like a pissed off dad dealing with his kids!!!!😂😂😂

  • that cop is a real bro bro he stood on the right side but made sure homie didnt do wrong, he just reminds me of someones friend when theyre drunk making mistakes

  • It’s insane the amount of times people ‘forget’ to switch the camera on or claim it just didn’t work at the exact time they needed it

    • Where does this come in to play in the video?

  • Man the frustration that officer is going through must be too high

    • Yea, bunch of criminals blocking the road making his day a living hell.

    • Eff these cops, they protect the worst and arrest non-criminals.

    • Spoken like a true Trump supporter 💀​@@slowboywhiteboardv4

    • @@skllgrmssn Trump's one of the criminals too. Get your head out of your ass.

    • @@skllgrmssnwhy talking about politics

  • Both sides can GET IT equally…. That is how you keep the peace….MUCH RESPECT!!!

  • Damn good cop. Stays neutral, and handles it.

  • good cop. clearly annoyed at the protesters but still helps each side to keep peace.

  • That police officer was very professional with that

  • He sounds like a tired High School teacher trying to keep control of their class.

  • “So that’s our fault?” While literally blocking the road 😂

    • Short answer… yes

    • He didn't even rev his engine at anyone.

    • ​@@robert-joshuamcfaddin7041When the guy got in his way, just before the cop matched over to fix the situation.

    • Yes

    • @@LilMcMoffett He shifted down into a lower gear and breaked. When shifting from a higher gear (especially at a higher speed than 1st gear) to first gear, the engine will run at a higher rpm thus sounding like revving. Notice the so called revving had stopped well before the cop yelled at the biker.

  • "So that's our fault?!" Yes, now move

  • Blocking a road should result in immediate arrest

    • It does... But one officer can't arrest that whole protest

  • The officer who said "Don't do that!" Was really helping the biker

    • bro wasn’t warning him as a cop, but as a bro😭

    • @@zzrxne6028what???

    • Exactly. As annoying as those protestors are, there is no need to get yourself arrested because you allowed them to irritate you into a criminal record.

    • Why tho

    • @@zachhefner6716as a bro: letting him know for his safety (in this case) As a cop: threatening detainment

  • That officer is actually genius aggressively calming the situation 💀

  • Bro he called out everyone for what they did wrong. And not only that, he did what needed to be done. He chose no side, but acted neutral. I respect this cop 🫡

  • “So that’s our fault ?!” Literally blocking the street 😂

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • Nah 🗿

    • This is a protest. Of course you want to create any distress. Otherwise it wouldn't be a prestest.

    • Yes but it is a crime to block public transportation ways otherwise known as roads

    • ​@Sleeplone17 that's not what a protest is, a protest isn't impeding other people inherently you drone, you really are justifying making yourselves into speed bumps

  • “So that’s our fault “ while standing in the middle of the road

  • That cop deserves a raise. Checking everyone on their bullshit.

  • Impeding traffic is actually a crime if you block off a road, unless for a SCHEDULED AND NOTED protest/speech.

  • the people screaming sound like gta npcs

  • Best cop ive seen in a long time. No taking sides just keeping it peaceful.

    • He deserves so much respect tho

    • He should be properly enforcing the law and getting these protestors off the roadway

    • he screamed at the biker wdym peacefull 😂

    • What do you mean peaceful the guy standing there was asking to get rand over

    • @@declanbryant8591it's called freedom of speech, but i don't agree with these dumbasses

  • Cop is actually a judge. Well done.

  • He’s so done with his day right now. Very much a “I hate everyone equally” moment.

    • I had one of those today and they suck.

    • And yet he acted correctly, something some police officers don't do when they're angry.

    • ​@@sharibillett6574same

    • damn I'm taking the meanest shit of my life rn

  • I like how that officer stands neutral to both side..hats off to you sir

  • That “Hey NO” at the end got me 😂🤣

  • That’s a good cop because he corrected both of them and still let them go

  • Good job cop. "you gonna let him Rev at him?" "oh no what a nightmare." lmfao

  • The last two woman sound like some gta 4 civilian NPCS 😂

  • The cop saying "Hey no" sounds like an exhausted dad telling his kids to not touch something😂

    • or a person trying to tell their dog not to scratch his ass on the carpet

    • was literally thinking that it looks like he's tryna control a group of preschoolers 😂

    • I was gonna comment the same thing 😂😂

    • @@SquareCape68300and likely thinking of the paperwork he would have to do if he let someone give the protesters the ass-beating that they are clearly attempting to instigate so that they can act the victim.

    • 💀💀💀

  • The officer handled that like a legend

  • THIS is a cop THIS is how a cop should be THIS is what AMERICA needs

  • I love how the cop is being fair and unbiased to everyone

    • he shouldnt be unbaised, the only fucking group of people not where they are supposed to be are the ones standing in the road.

    • ​@@jerkbean647if the protest is organized right which it seems to be, they're good

    • @@drodrig1 clearly they aren't organized right or the cop wouldn't be telling them they have to let him pass. They are clearly not supposed to be blocking the road.

    • ​@@drodrig1they're blocking a road. Unacceptable

    • ​@@drodrig1 A protest that blocks the street is not organized right.

  • If people are not using the road for its intended purpose then GTF off it. It should be a jailable offense to block tax-paid roads and people legally going about their business.

  • That cop dealing with those kids like a bunch of wild animals kills me

  • Man of true integrity…he picked no sides and was just there to keep everyone safe 💪

    • Serve and protect ......literally 🎉

    • Instructing a rider not to review his bike is stupid. He certainly picked sides.

    • @@shaftdrive7567 thats not what he said bro, and hes not picking anyones side hes just keeping everyone safe

    • I mean the people are the road are the ones at fault, absolute clear as day. No excuses for criminals

    • @@shaftdrive7567So your brain stopped working past that point? We call that bias and you’re showing tons.

  • I could tell that cop is a good parent

  • Womans "get outa here " is crazy they are blocking roads! EVERYONE blocking roads during protest needs to be jailed!!

  • i love how the cop chose to hate and reject them all equally😂😂 thats honestly what our country needs

    • HAha go broncos!

    • @@haidertrash9544yeah go broncos!

    • 😢

    • no it needs cops who can see objective right and wrong and dont allow people to block public roads. smh

    • ​@benygames7399 oh you must not be familiar with the way protests the US we were FOUNDED on protests, that's literally how we got our independence by blocking, destroying, and then's part of who we are as a people.

  • Bro I gotta say that cop was handling that beautifully

  • The most aggressively nice cop

  • That is a good cop. He called out both parties' action and maintained order fairly.

    • He hates everyone equally 😂😂

    • ​@@kienere4065"Is someone racist if he's racist to everyone equally"

    • No

    • Cuz there were no 🥷🏾s

    • But the Biker did nothing wrong, he was riding his bike on the road like he was supposed to.

  • Yo! I love this cop, everyone's acting a fool, everyone's getting yelled at.

  • She finally had the courage to say it "get outta here" after months of practice

  • “So that’s our fault?!” Yes the fuck it is 😂😂😂

  • The cop handled all of this very well.

  • Cop was the most sane among them all 😂

  • That’s a good cop, deescalating the situation and trying to keep everyone civilized

    • Yep, even though blocking traffic is a crime and everyone who actively stopped this biker should be charged because of that. Not to mention the general threatening vibe these people give. It's a cause for concern when on a bike, don't believe me look up, "Motorcyclist attacked by protestors" and watch as you get flooded with articles.

    • ​@@nofbi8582 You sound like you'd be the kind of cop that teargasses protesters because one of them was mildly rude to you.

    • Fr

    • @@valdamirlebanon4508I would.

    • @@jakerob4983 Well then then world is a worse place with you in it.

  • The officer just trying to mediate the situation, we need to give more props to the guys that really try

  • Props to the officer for not picking sides

  • How ironic for them to be standing in the road telling someone on a motorcycle to get out of here when he is the only one that should be there...

    • Nah the irony is he literally want to get out of there, but they were blocking his fucking way

    • @@DonDidThatthahaha so true lol

    • The true irony is that he's literally "getting out of there" and them standing there is making it to where he can't. She tells him to do the very thing he's doing.

    • Hey no!😂

    • L€ ftys don't use logic.

  • That “HEY! No!” sounds like a mother scolding a misbehaving toddler 💀💀

  • Thats a very good cop cuz he wont let the biker rev at the protestors but he makes the protesters let him through.

  • Most based and well disciplined officer I’ve seen in a while

    • The cop kinda tipped me off though. Bikers don’t have horns, and it’s not like he can just stop like a car instantly either. Him revving is the best way for him to tell that guy to get out the way. At least in my opinion.

    • Bikers don't have horns?

    • ​@@user-pc6hc5wl4x Im kinda sure a vehicles has to have a horn to he street legal idk about high end bikes but most bikes have the horn near the front light or near the battery

    • @@user-pc6hc5wl4xhe can speak

    • @@biohazard_the_potato_munchernaw bikes dont meed one to be street legal

  • Cop def has multiple kids, that’s dad energy right there.

  • The motorcyclist came real close to being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

  • LITERALLY the only sane individual with common sense. This cop needs a raise.

  • “You’re gonna let him rev at him??!!” Acting like the biker just committed a felony 😂

  • Cop is handling that insanely well to be honest id be pissed too

  • “So it’s our fault?” Yes. Yes it is ma’am.

  • Nothing more powerful than a person screaming get outta here at someone whos clearly leaving.

  • I bet that cop is a good ass dad

  • Actually might be the first time I've seen a police officer be non biased and doing a good job

  • That last get outta here was from the bottom of that things heart

  • People are impressed anytime they see a half decent cop

  • Ive never seen someone be more neutral than this man, thats honestly impressive

  • My respect to that cop: 📈📈📈📈

  • cop is definitely a dad😭

  • “HEY NO” pure dad energy

    • Why are you quoting "HEY NO" that was never said in the video.

    • @@cooolboiiiiit was. look at the end and if you’re deaf i cant help you.

    • ​@@cooolboiiii it was.

    • @@cooolboiiiiyes it was at the very end of video it was said

    • it says "Hey no" not "HEY NO" so haha

  • You know tha cop was pissed when he got that assignment

  • Jesus bloody exorcist at the end, “GET OUTTA HERE” 😂😂😂

  • Honestly W cop, took both sides as he stopped the biker revving up and told the protesters to move

    • No, he takes no sides, both are in the wrong.

    • how is the biker in the wrong? you a fucking idiot?@@ethanloming001

    • That’s basically his job😮

    • Why does revving put you on the bad side? It bothers no one and it's actually pleasant sound to hear, reminds you of the handcrafted engineering, thought with a vision behind every machine.@@ethanloming001

    • @@ethanloming001How? They are in the road while someone is trying to drive, that’s just stupid.

  • Kudos on the Johnnys for handling the situation appropriately though.

  • They should protest on the train tracks!

  • That cop is definitely a dad. And those people are probably worse behaved than his kids lol

  • The cop is the type of guy to choose both sides in “would you rather”

  • Lol the cop just sounded like an angry parent at everyone😅

  • That officer is the embodiment of 'fairness'. Completely neutral, calls out both sides for their horseshit, and desescalates the entire confrontation.

    • Nah he shoulda just told them to move Reving isn’t illegal blocking the roadway is “horseshit” has nothing to do with the law

    • @@user-np4hw5gw4o Just because it's not illegal doesn't mean it's right

    • @@seanpatton6346 well they are called law enforcement not what’s right enforcement

    • ​@@user-np4hw5gw4o you really don't see what's wrong with your statement do you

    • Well he was obviously doing it to antagonize em so the cop had perfect reason to tell em off

  • That cop needs a raise.

  • "Get out of here" bro sounded like a fucking gta5 npc 😭

  • The girl standing in the road illegally.."so that's our fault?"....yes stupid it is. Protest on the side of the road like a legal non violent protestor.

    • Their protest is legal and non-violent btw :)

    • @@novasciamachy1161their protest is illegal. And is violent. That guy holding the biker there is illegal. Either assault or battery if not both.

    • @@TheArchighves snowflake ❄️ 🙄

    • ​@@novasciamachy1161 who tf asked you?

    • ​@@novasciamachy1161 once hands are on someone's vehicle like that it's violent. The people screaming at stepping at him are violent. So you are wrong :)

  • “So that’s our fault?!” Ur on the damn road girl 😭

  • You know his last arrest was a technicality release 😂😂😂😂

  • I Like that cop. He’s actually being a cop. Not taking sides or anything, just simply trying to keep things somewhat peaceful

    • agreed tho atleast the cop being fair

    • ​@Nxtsumi_kun well the protesters aren't being fair to the inviduals going about their day or trying to get to work, protesting and not ruining regular day peoples lives is one thing but this is ridiculous blocking roads

    • Fake cop

    • My favourite line for “Man like Mobeen” from a pissed off copper: “I hate your kind. I hate his kind. I hate any one that makes my job harder. That’s it!”.

    • the cop ... 😎👍

  • “So that’s our fault?!” Yes you are blocking the road

  • Well done officer. Allow the protest as long as they dont break the law and block traffic.

  • “So that’s our fault then” uh yeah you’re in the middle of the fucking road.

    • People really think legal protest mean legal roadblock... in out town protesters line the sidewalks of busy roadways and stuter themselves like roadsides with there message so the cars in traffic or driving by can still see their message multiple times

    • She said “ your just gonna let them rev at him?” 💀revving is a crime

    • @@cringymakesbeats Why are they allowed to block the street in the first place?

    • ​@@cringymakesbeatsunwarranted traffic stops are illegal, why can't they protest on the side of the road

    • @@VIKING33NY revving isn’t actually a crime and they’re not, blocking roads is 100% illegal and a safety hazard but for some reason cops back down when there’s a riot or protest which nowadays people start rioting for basically nothing

  • The "you're gonna let him rev at him" kills me 🤣

  • All i heard in that woman’s voice was “im a victim” 😂

  • “Get out of here” in pretty sure that’s what he’s trying to do but your kinda blocking his way 😂

    • Bro😂 “smart individuals”

    • Literally hahaha

    • Makes sense since they have a hard time making up there mind on which bathroom to use

    • That cop pissed me off. Yelling at the biker when that dude put his hands on his bike. He's lucky, if that was Florida or Texas, doubt he'd do it again.

    • You can’t blame the cop, probably fed up with all the clowns he relieved his anger on the biker😂

  • Blocking a roadway is illegal. Cop needs to his job and clear that road.

  • You're a breath of fresh air on TikTok.

  • When she said “Get the f*ck out of here” and “GET OUT OF HERE” she sounded like a gta 5 npc 💀

  • Protestors - get out of here. Guy on bike - wants to get out of here.