Purgatony Episode 08 - What?! Dreams May Come?!

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
When Tony discovers the secret Soulmate Clause in the Purgatory Handbook that he didn’t know existed, he tries to find the woman he loved in life, but ends up uncovering the truth to his own untimely death.
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  • Noooo! I shipped them when I first saw them 😥😢😰😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • How does the Sub delivery girl not have PTSD from watching several hundred-thousand people die in an office building collapsing?

  • This episode hit me hard fr, it made me question “what if I died without a purpose or without a cause? What effect would it do?”

    • Imagine dying and its just black. No reincarnation or afterlife. Just darkness forever.

  • Please make more purgatony

  • Her husband was Kenny from episode 4

  • Could we get a season 2 please?

  • I think I know why season 2 hasn’t happened yet cyanide needs these people called black pills to make it I think cause I think black pills makes the animation but cyanide does the voices the only problem is that this was actually aired in 2017 on blackpills I think so it’s been 2 years since the last season so we may never get another season unless they make it this year cause last year it turn Ed 1 and if they were still working on purgatony in 2018 cause the first season of a show last a year and then plan making the next season on the 2nd year and then premier it on that years all tho it’s gonna be werid if they do cause more people actually watched it this year cause it premiered on this channel this year unless they premiere it on blackpills this year then next year they upload season 2 on this channel that could work if they want

  • Just a request, could you use the old outro song, with piano and singing?

  • Of course there'll be a season 2. With the popularity and purgatory never ending and such....

  • pls make new episde

  • Now one see the coffee beans in the corner

  • Where is episode 9?? I really love these episodes!!!

  • 0:46 every Jewish person ever when someone says either catholic or christian

  • Pambela Easly Pamela Beasly *i see what you did there*

  • Please do a crossover with Rudy :3

  • *MAKE MORE DAMN IT!* _please_

  • hey death

  • toni toni toni toni toni toni toni toni toni i love it plies

  • fuck the pepol that hate yore shows make more i am number 1 fan

  • toni toni toni toni PLIES more for me toni


  • If you guys ever make another episode you should put a character named stony talk(yall know they don't own the rights to Tony Stark or iron man) and have him do something cool like save the office building or something. That would be great Edit: sorry if you hadn't seen endgame yet. My bad

  • 2:51 sweet home Alabama

  • If there’s not a purgatony season 2 I’m starting a riot

  • Top 10 anime betrayals Death betrays Tony

  • I just realised Death Sings the intro

    • Oh for sure, when the song ends with "This is my job", it's Death's job to judge clients.

  • I dont caaaaaaare

  • Death's hand in that delivery uniform was everything I didn't know I needed. Correction: Death's apparently omnipresent sombrero was also unknowingly necessary.

  • When you realise, death tried to save Tony and give him the perfect life because he knew Pam loved him but he was depressed

  • More episodes

  • 12:23 turn brightness to 100 and you can see his face and the hat

  • Then why is there only one midroll ad?

  • You guys have a patron I can donate money to?

  • Did anyone realize Pambela is basically pam from the office?

  • Why did Pambela said she's married but in 4:55 her description said she's not

  • make more make more please

  • Pleeeeease make more of this series!!!! It's an amazing show to watch and honestly think it should be on something like adult swim! Make more pleeeeease!!!!

  • So death commits the entire final destination franchise to get new staff?

  • This show is so good!!! I just finished watching everything back to back and I think we all agree that we need another season. How many views do the videos need to get?

  • Episode 9 when?

  • Tony not telling her how he feels hurts me in a really personal way aaaaaaevrrhgrhr

  • Make a 10th one pls

  • Let's see Trolley Tom!

  • i love this so much

  • 4:56 Anybody noticed her portfolio says she's not married? Yet later on she explains she's met someone else and got married. *ExplosmEntertainment you guys are fuckthing with uuuuus🙃*

  • Who else thought she was going to turn out lesbian? LOL

  • Imagine how it must have been like in purgatory after infinity war Edit: I bet it would make everyone in the office pissed off that five years which was probably how long it took to get all of those clients done that their work was all for nothing because they all just came back

  • What happened with the morman at the end of episode 6

  • Sometimes siblings Alabama 100

  • Wait can’t tony just go to the same after life as his mom

  • Come on you cant end it

  • Roses are Red Violets are Blue Death is an Asshole We want season 2

  • Over 1 million views. Time for season 2

  • We need a season 2😂😂

  • 9:44 not gonna lie that sandwich looks kina good.

  • More Purgatony!!!

  • I feel so bad for tony

  • I really thought the plot twist would be Chad being his soulmate.

  • April= 4 May= 5 4+5=9 January=1 And theres another 1 picture 9/11????

  • It was sad when she was going to confess her love but Tony die I got really emotional because I know how it feels for someone so close to die.its sad I get sad but.. I keep on going because I'm sure they probably would want me to do so

  • I hope they make season 2 soon

  • Where do I sell my soul to bring this back!

  • WHERE IS PURGATONY 9?!?!?!?!

  • Season 2 poll

  • I NEED A SEASON 2!!!! man

  • I’m not trying to make a joke,I’m very very serious about this,so Death caused 9/11 right because of the building collapsing if they had a 9/11 in there world? Very touchy subject to touch on sorry

  • I see a place where trolley tom choose how to be in heaven

  • I was expecting Tony to by one of the guys from that one Pull my finger episode

  • Chad definitely should've been Tony's soulmate since he's always been there/supporting him and also tried to be with him when Tony was with the succubus in ep.4. Also Tony's the only one Chad gives smooches to so 👀

  • I've only just watched all of these and I want a new season now. This show is so good. We need a new season. Please

  • *Who else saw this episode leaked before Explosm released it?*

  • Pambela is apparently ferocious in the sack.

  • "Well sometimes people wanna get to they're soulmates maybe a long lost loved one Sometimes even siblings..... " Sweet home alabama

  • When you give the delivery girl just the tip to let her know how you feel it usually it goes a bit differently.

  • I'll be back! Right? I hope.... You know... Please?

  • Ware is more prgatony ?

  • Poor tony wish he died with her and lived his life normally

  • Lmao PAM BEESLY nod .... good shit

  • Season 2

  • Death:tony your fired Tony:? Death: I have found out that you are related to suction cup man Tony: is he worse than jellyfish? Death: he escaped hell over 1 million times Tony: ok? Death: your fired.