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Buddah Bless this beat
Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lamborghini (woo)
Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lambo (skrrt)
Lamb talk (yuh)
Lamb talk (yeah)
Lamb talk, nigga
Lamb talk (skrrt, Huncho)
[Verse 1]
Bad mouth, agh
Rag talk (rag)
Bring that cash out (bag)
These bitches ass out (woah)
Who gon' back down? (Who?)
We can't back down (Who?)
Body bag now (Who?)
Toe tag now (Who? Rrrah)
Run through the city, you think that you gettin' it
You gon' have to pay your percentage (hey)
Fuck nigga, we'll come get it (come get it)
We'll come get it with interest (go)
Niggas be dissin' on Twitter and still believin' they gon' get a mention (Who?)
Fuck nigga, we'll come get it (come get it)
You know we gon' handle the business
Bow talk (yeh) this that bow talk (yeah)
Niggas tried to hit me but they fouled out (yeah)
Birds sing like Whitney and Bobby Brown house (brrt, yeah)
QC the new Cash Money Records now (yeah, go)
Whip it up, turn it up, 'fraid they don't turn it up
Pipe it up, live it up, give it up, give it up
Type it up, write it up, hit 'em up (woo), nigga can't fight at us
Hit 'em up, really gon' split 'em up
Diamond gon', diamond gon', diamond gon' bite
Add it up, add it up, nigga, this a million bucks
Baby girl eat it up, eat it up
Ain't nobody here rich as us, rich as us, uh

Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lamborghini (woo)
Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lambo (skrrt)
Lamb talk (Lamb, yuh)
Lamb talk (Lamb, yeah)
Lamb talk, nigga
Lamb talk (skrrt, skrrt)
[Verse 2]
Bad bitch, your highness (your highness)
Truck, green, sinus (snotty)
Welcome to Huncho World, the Migo Gang Dynasty (Dynasty)
Yeah, get your lil' money for my niggas, minus it (go get it, go get it)
I promise you lil' niggas don't want the violence (no smoke, no smoke)
Migos scrap, issue silence (pshew, pshew, pshew)
It's a shame, these young niggas drinkin' Wocky (Wock', Wock')
And Quali (Damn!)
Me and Wop, were drinkin' Act' back when Follie's (Drank! Guwop!)
Didn't let me in with that gat, now it’s (yeah) jets (phew)
Designer clothes, flexin' (flex)
M.E.T. Gala carpet (hoo)
Walk It Like I Talk It (walk it)
All these hoes stalkin' (stalkin')
Shake these haters off me (shake it)
You got a big mouth (big mouth)
Like a gator talkin' (gator)
Then I take the pot, skrrt, skrrt
Fork it, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt
Gumbo, like I'm from New Orleans (skrrt, skrrt)
Lil' bitch said she hate me, fuck it, go and divorce me (fuck it)
I iced out her neck in A.P., but she won't report it (swear she didn't)

Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lamborghini (woo)
Lamb talk, uh, yeah
Lamb talk, Lambo (skrrt)
Lamb talk (Lamb, yuh)
Lamb talk (Lamb, yeah)
Lamb talk, nigga
Lamb talk (skrrt, skrrt)
Music video by Quavo performing W O R K I N M E. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc


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  • @quavohuncho lamb talk lamb talk 🔥 who,who @lilraheem what he said oh my God don't say that no more @quavohuncho niggas tried to hit me but they fouled out 🔥 pass it welcome to the world of @quavohuncho now me and @quavohuncho jets,flex met gala carpet walk it like,I talk it

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