r/madlads | "but what about freedom of speech"

čas přidán 1. 06. 2020
r/madlads | "but what about freedom of speech"
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  • Wanna

  • 400 robux should be 4 dollars

  • 400 robux is worth 4.99

  • 9:11 shouldn't it be "Arm" Dealer?

  • 400 robux is 4.99 so no not really

  • 7:57 thats like... 5 usd just 5 dollars not even 20 just 5

  • Paused the video to write this comment Ultimate mad lad

  • 10:47 the guy does realise u can unsub right?

  • I did the golden puzzle without a picture as well

  • 3:27 so this is what rahul gandhi learned from Cambridge...

  • I love ur content bro

  • 400 robux is $5 us dollars

  • 400 robux? thats not even $5?

  • Can you please do r/crappybooktitles? I made the subreddit today, and all the posts are from me (I have seven posts). But it would really help me out and make my subreddit viral.

  • I paused the video

  • 7:55 400 robux is about 5 dollars

  • Lol but

  • Let him be he has to use all our money for his hocker addiction

  • Rahul Gandhi yaha bhi naak katva raha hai

  • 400 robux is like £4

  • You won't swear but you'll laugh at mocking a girl's disabilities? Morals come before money.

  • Make the replies of the comment insane :)

  • Yooo

  • 400 Robux is around 3/4 bucks U.S

  • I had someone in my middle school who did every single art assignment as Deadpool in some way, and because the teacher put up many of the best artworks around the school, so in nearly every hallway, you could find a picture of Deadpool somewhere along the upper walls.

  • 800 Robux is only 5USD -_- 7:45

  • 6:43 Searched dude up, he did it. also drank rubbing alcohol.

  • Everyone pause the video at 1:34

  • 5:48 how dare he steal my famous doom quote

  • 400 robux is like 3 or 4 buks

  • 4:35 he wasn’t wrong tho

  • Guy: I’m shutting down twitter for fact checking me Twitter:but what about the freedom of speech Every time Twitter shut down people “for talking against them” : Am I a joke to you!?!

  • 7:55 400 robux is less than $4.

  • 8:00 it’s £4.59 for 400 Robux

  • I simply paused

  • 2:53 now that is a next level madlad

  • Hooked on a feeling.... I'm high on believing

  • 5:17 the egg came first, as there is evidence that around 300 mya, during the Carboniferous period, the amniotic egg evolved (about 250 million years before the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct during the KP-G extinction event)

  • I paused the video when Jake asked totally seriously, can we do that.

  • It is weird that the the brain misses the second ' the'

  • Asserting dominance by T-posing × Asserting dominance by pooping loudly ✓

  • 400 robux = close to 5 dollers

  • For the curious people, 400 Robux is equivalent to $5 US. Not sure how much it is for other countries, though.

  • 7:59 it’s worth like £3.97

  • It's 10 dollars

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-UZ5fAa_VOu8.html that last story reminded me of this

  • 400 robux is $5(USD)/€4.47/£4.05/$6.80(CAD) If anyone wants to see another currency tell me and I will edit it

  • 2:59 i did something like that I have a friend's old account so i use it to test anything like stickers. I once had a dare to call my mandarin teacher so i used that dead account,change it's name to my mandarin teacher and sent it to my friend

  • Bruh the thumbnail is literally a what a 3 year old would make

  • 400 robux is about 5 or 4 dollars, I think

  • 400 robux is literally 5 bucks

  • 6:47 Im proud a fellow romanian did this

  • 7:55 400robux are like 5€

  • 400 robux = 5$

  • What if the the people took off in Cleveland...

  • 2:15 I would do the exact same thing, but with Link

  • you're not like locked in to wa-

  • 400 robux is only 5$

  • 400 robux is 5.00 in American dollars I don’t know about euros

  • That professor knows exactly what he's doing with youth slang. 4:39

  • 400 robux is 5 usd

  • Some people in BLM: Im gonna cancel anyone who dares criticize my methods!

  • 5:07 The Perfect Time to Say Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • yo if anyone wanna watch another video of R/Madlads then here's the link cs-tv.org/tv/video-ub82Xb1C8os.html

  • 400 ROUX (robux) is $8-10.

  • 5:18 political compass gang rise up libright


  • 6:48 The fusion of english and romanian gives my brain an error message

  • 8:08 seen that video and comment

  • The most proudest shit that dude has ever done (10:17)

  • 1:31 Yes, Yes I can

  • 400 robuxs is about 4$ or 3.6ish pounds

  • 400 robux is 4 dollars

  • Welcome to vietnam, we don’t care about anything

  • Ok

  • 400 robux = maybe 10 dollars or something

  • UbwhuwauhAhuAujA

  • Umm, well, your ISP can actually block specific websites and stuff

  • fact check:yes the president can shut down twitter for fact checking him

  • Yes G