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  • 7:14 dirty deeds done dirt cheep

  • Its a ghost frog .its skin is transparint.

  • The Disappearing Act 7:13

  • Goose: Peace was never an option

  • 5:08 chick-fil-a is supposedly homophobic

  • 7:15 Bull: I’m done takinG YOUR MYSHIT

  • 7:03 so you know that meme of the creepy clay Kirby

  • 6:30 my fbi agent when I look at nsfw pics

  • 7:26 its just a high elf from oblivion.


  • 7:00 that's a breed of a frog popularly used for disection

  • Is it just me or is the audio like... 1 second behind the video?

  • rofl, I can't stop laughing at the Rabbit one

  • I play minecraft 2

  • 6:17 *user has been disconnected*

  • If you've dealt with Canadian geese, you wouldn't mess with it either

  • “There was an attempt to blackmail.” Me: there was success in being the most annoying human alive.

    • There was an attempt of an attempt of an attempt of an attempt

  • Geese are fricking scary! I was at a lake with my grandmother and went to feed the ducks and aciddentally got way to close to a goose and it flapped in my face and honked at me till ran away on the verge of tears.

  • I’m no frog expert but I think it is a young frog

  • At 6:57 that frog has no skin

  • 4:30 Let me Out, Let me Out, This is not a Dance, I am begging for help, I am screaming for help, Please come let me out TINY RIIIIIIIIIICK

  • was that a glass frog?

  • The Kik one reminds me of Kurt Eichenwald. “LET ME ANSWER THE QUESTION.”

  • For the skinned frog thing... Scientists made a frog that its skin is completely clear for the main purpose of schools not having to kill frogs so kids can examine it.

  • Bruh the chick in the thumbnail literally be looking like an elf from Oblivion

  • "what kind of frog is that, that's gnarly!" *a baby one*

  • The thumbnail was Hisoka in HxH.

  • Also, that’s a glass frog 🙃

  • EmKay:This goose is scaring what, 13,15 cows? Me:it’s a duck...

    • Also me:I’m an idiot (I was saying that it’s a duck, because I’m stupid! I thought that at the time, then my brother pointed out that it’s a goose...while I was watching the video...It was funny, so I commented it...thanks for explaining the type tho!)

    • It's a Canada goose, they are aggressive. By aggressive i mean they attack, bite, and hiss a lot.

  • 7:38 Scott Sterling when he was young

  • Hey, Damien, I'm really sorry for seeing you naked. 😩

  • the thumbnail = the cart Titan from AOT

  • It's a Canadian goose that's why the cows where afraid

  • Nobody: Cats in the shower: *_boing_*

  • I love how Damian loves animals!

  • Chic-fil-a one is a joke in the LGBTQ community.

  • 0:56 there's is a story called killer cat and it's that but it's a cat not a dog.

  • is that the goose from untitled goose game 5:10

  • You obviously don't know much about Canada geese bc if you did you would understand why the cows are afraid of it.😂

  • me apologizing for seeing myself naked be like: 1:12