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Ranking Every Remaining Team's Chance to win Super Bowl LIII

čas přidán 10. 01. 2019
The Game Theory and Money podcast ranks each remaining team's chance to win Super Bowl LIII.
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  • Anyone watching this after the superbowl

  • I’m ready for A quality Super Bowl Maybe rams chiefs saints chargers or the eagles might make it this will be a great playof- Wait a minute NEW ENGLAND!? Well at least the rams will destr- 13-3 WTF

  • Nobody expected The Rams vs. Patriots Twist

  • Chiefs vs Patriots Chiefs gonna win today!

  • Keep an eye out for people returning to edit their posts, talk about humble pie. Too funny.

  • Eagles now have zero chance of winning the superbowl

  • The matchup for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta will be the Chiefs vs. the Rams.

  • This was acurate af so far. Wonder if all these sexist comments will be taken back...

  • I'm really interested in the model here. Is there anywhere they explain more about it?

  • everyone in the comments complaining about Cynthia but her bottom 4 are all eliminated. stats don't lie.

    • Fr any excuse to be sexist

  • Matt "Money" Smith said his gonna paid off the Chargers #boltsup ⚡ because Philip Rivers will get his first ever Super bowl 💍 with future HOF Antonio Gates.

  • Okay. Well obviously not even a minute in and they don't know football. 6.5% 😒 and barley beat the bears.. they didnt even watch the game lol

  • Bye bye stupid colts !

  • Finally now all you delusional cowboys fans can SHUT UP!!!

  • Whose idea was it to have music blaring throughout? You can barely hear them talk.

  • 1-saints 2-chiefs 3-patriots 4-rams 5-cowboys 6-chargers 7-colts 8-eagles LIKE SI CREES QUE EL SUPERTAZON SERA PATRIOTS-SAINTS :):););)

  • Colts fans we do not speak of the Texans playoff games

  • No Doubt Oakland Bayyebe

  • Ram should winnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Chiefs will lose

  • The saints destroyed the eagles at home already. The eagles have a slight chance with Nick Foles. #whodat

  • As a Falcons fan I’m nervous af the Saints might win it all lol (I do love Drew Brees and does deserve another Ring)

  • The eagles r gonna get curbstomped by the saints lmao saints vs patriots or saints vs colts is my prediction

  • 2020 super bowl cowboys might win

  • Kansas City v.s Dallas Dallas wins Super Bowl 🏟

  • Chiefs and rams rematch at the superbowl?

  • The Divisional Round: "A Question Of Numbers Raises Numerous Questions; 12 at 15?, 4 at 16?; 17 at 12?; and 9 at 9...?" ----------------------------- Will 12 prevail over 15? Will 4 upset 16? Can 17 do the same versus 12? And which of the two 9 wins?...because only one 9 can win...but one will... ==============

  • This is ODD. I have the exact same order as this video. I am a casual football watcher, having not watched any football for the past thirty years. My analysis is from watching only highlights of all games from this year. Matters not to me who wins. There are some exciting teams and players, though. Hmmm . . .

  • i think the saints will lose to the eagles you guys are wrong in the nfl youtube channel

  • As an LA native I would love the saints to get two super bowl wins in ten years

  • Have you guys not seen tom Brady play in the playoffs?

  • I was laughing hard when she said that patriots receivers were worse than the colts🙄

  • My super bowl pick colts vs eagles colts win it all

  • Don’t doubt us eagles we got a savior Nick Foles

  • Ima call it now Saints Vs Cheifs in SuperBowl

  • Inman and Hines can play now..

  • Are the decimals an attempt to pretend this analysis is scientific?? LMAO! The cowgirls are least likely to win the Superbowl with a 0% chance. Colts & Chargers are tied at a 15% chance. Eagles are a 20% chance. Patriots are 21% chance. Chiefs, Rams, & Saints all have about a 28% chance. This weekends results will not change the overall picture much....even with some upsets.....for instance: the Eagles have a solid chance to win this weekend, but it is still unlikely they'll win the Superbowl; it's just to hard to keep winning vs equal/superior teams on the road. The 3 favorites will likely all survive this weekend......2 of 3 surviving is almost a certainty. The Rams are most likely to be upset because they have not been nearly as good down the stretch as they were midseason. Finally, whoever this moron is in the video; she makes a big mistake putting the Eagles last. Huge mistake!

    • Well...well.....look at what happened this weekend..... The Eagles were by far the closest to pulling off an upset. The Cowgirls....ummmmm noooo. And the fans win big; as the final four are definitely the top four teams. At this point anything could happen, but personally I'd love to see the Superbowl be a re-match of the Rams Chiefs game. That was my favorite game of the regular season. Saints v Patriots would have some appeal with grand veterans Brees & Brady going heads up. For some reason I feel like Rams v Pats would be my least favorite matchup. P.S. If there was any surprise this weekend it was how poorly the Chargers played. The Pats were for sure the favorite, but I thought it might at least be a fight.

  • Keep on doubting the chargers

  • pats vs saints

  • Yet Dallas beat the Saints....................

  • Solid metrics and probability theory driving the model. Would love to see the nuts and bolts behind the model

  • They should let the chargers win a super.bowl . I don’t if we even

  • Why is this woman talking about football and not in the kitchen making me a sandwich?

  • If the eagles get into this Super Bowl....just please have nick foles

  • It's a pick-em fight. All of the remaining teams are unpredictably good!


  • BREAKING: Some Trolls "Assembling" New England And Tom Brady In The Playoffs Game-Time, 'Imaginary Defensive Penalty On Whoever The Patriots Are Playing' Penalty Flag Prop...Meant To Beat The Officials' Typical 'Delayed' Reaction To The Punch...As "We" All Know... --------------------------------- Some trolls are "ready" for the NFL Divisional Round. And all that follows. Having a bit of bright yellow fabric, and some ball thing, some trolls have "easily assembled" a necessary prop for anyone "tuning in" to a New England Patriots playoff game. For use preceding the "imaginary" defensive penalties that "arise" when the Patriots and Tom Brady are around. Some trolls are ready for this. As in knowing the "dreaded" "delayed reaction" kind of defensive penalty, bright-yellow flags officials tend to "throw" in such situations. Not like "we'd" hear the call announced like this on those on-field microphones: "Imaginary Defensive Penalty...(holding; pass interference)...On Whoever The Patriots Are Playing. On Whoever It Is...On Whoever It Is Who Plays For Them...Over There...Whatever Number He Is..." Simply put, some trolls will "beat them to the punch," as some might say. Whoever some are or is. I bet I can "predict" on sight -- and toss the laundry first on -- the "imaginary" defensive holding or defensive pass interference calls that "magically" unfold. "Magically" keeping another Brady drive going. Especially after he "complains" after an incomplete pass -- and that's what draws the "imaginary" defensive penalty. But with a "real," Official NFL flag. Some trolls may not claim to have some "real," Official NFL flag, but what "we" got will work fine. Not saying some trolls have seen Brady more than-kind-of get the benefit of some calls like that...or anything. With that in mind, not saying anything, some trolls might "wonder" how many such flags the Los Angeles Chargers' defense will draw as New England's next opponent? God only knows how many will "arise" in later games. "Magically" keeping another Brady drive going. Just asking. Some trolls "predict" this time around, "we'll" see one [obvious one; crossed out] at a game-changing time. But another such "scenario" in the same contest can't be ruled out. But some trolls will see it coming -- and know the "delayed reaction" syndrome and let that prop fly, across the room, ideally, once such a scenario is spotted by some trolls who happened to be watching the Patriots offense and Brady in some playoff game...just saying. ===============

  • The colts have a wayyyyyyy bigger chance

  • Why you hating on the colts. And how are the chargers above colts. Frick you guys. Cynthia has bad predictions, chances are so slim to get a game 26-30.

  • Colts are so underrated

  • Are you kidding? Chargers lose to the PATRIOTS? No way. Pats are going down, and I'm a Saints fan.

  • Chiefs are going all the way BABY

  • 5:11 Nice block. FYTB

  • Patriots vs Eagles (once again)

  • We shall wait for Sunday.#FlyEaglesFly

  • Saints all the way

  • Guxxi ganf

  • Pats are taking it #Blitzfor6 LFG

  • Eagles are overlooked again and stick to their underdog monicker will pull off the upsets and return to the SuperBowl this year.🐶🦅 🏈 🏆

  • cynthia always do 20 points every game can’t be high scoring 😂😂

  • don’t this distract you from the fact tht nfl will find a way to be saints and patriots in the super bowl

  • i just have a feeling that eagles are gonna win. dunno why, its not very likely

  • Colts vs saints rematch in super bowl 53

  • 4 teams start with the letter "C" Cheifs , Cowboys , Chargers , and Colts

  • What’s this women ranting about

  • This was the most boring video ever. No energy

  • Chargers dispatched KC and better record.

  • Your GUESS is as good as any.

  • Most likely to go to the super bowl are the saints and the chiefs and the chiefs will win there second Super Bowl since the second Super Bowl was there first win!

    • Chiefs first Super Bowl victory was Super Bowl IV

  • Script is in..its gonna be the Saints and chargers..brees against old team..

  • What happens if the eagles beat the saints, I wonder what kind of bullshit these people will make up.

  • This is too funny just rank them by their seed of the playoffs lol

  • chargers will win it with keenan allen, philip rivers, bosa, derwin james, desmond king, melvin gordan, ekeler, melvin imgram, casey haward, mike williams, benjamin, and gates

  • You are stupid, Chargers will win it all.

  • Love the Saints at #1 to win the Super Bowl!

  • Saints win it all! Win all 3 games!

  • Rams or Cowboys? Like rams Comment Cowboys

  • Cowboys 10000000% to win the super bowl

  • I’m from the future Saints beat eagles Rams beat cowboys Colts beat chiefs Chargers beat patriots Saints beat rams Colts beat chargers Saints beat colts

    • From the future with a bad memory. 😅

    • Says you're from 6 hours ago.

  • Drew Brees always has the uncanny talent to win in the 4th quarter. Near always.!!

  • Cody Parkey talks about his epic miss

  • The Saints are going to win it all.

  • 1.Saints 2.Rams 3.Chargers 4.Rams 5.Colts 6.Chiefs 7.Cowboys 8.Eagles

  • Brees vs Rivers SB Rivers gets his ring finally

  • im going with 6th seed vs the 6th seed colts vs eagles with luck taking the lombardi

  • nfl is so boring sport, damn


  • Thing about the NFC... Cowboys beat the Saints Eagles beat the Rams

    • Funny how that works huh

    • And... Rams beat the cowboys Saints beat the Eagles Got revenge for each other to meet in the title game 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cowboys fans: "Keep sleeping on us"

  • this video worth nothing

  • 9ers number one....

  • Super DRAGAN Bowl ! Half DRAGAN Show!

  • Watch them be wrong. I knew they'd score my cowboys low.

  • The worst analysts I've ever seen

    • Right so far... now what Edward


  • Bolt gang ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Saints vs rams super bowl.

  • Where the Who Dat Nation at y’all? We got the black and gold to the super bowl ⚜️⚜️⚜️

  • Eagles upset Saints and Dallas upsets Rams Then, Eagles beat Dallas. That sets up an Eagles/Patriots rematch and We all know how THAT turned out! E-A-G-L-E-S--EAGLES!