RARE Giant PB Caught from INSANE River Rapids!!!

čas přidán 12. 01. 2019
I caught my new PERSONAL BEST! And even better, it was a very rare specimen for these waters.
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  • I have family right around there!!

  • I would love to spend the day fishing with you guys and then cook shore lunch.

  • I'm a Hop-Skip-and-a-Jump from where you guys are at in this video. I'm in Evening Shade, Arkansas. We fish the White River a bunch.

  • Try the white river. Cotter Arkansas some of the best brown trout fishing you’ll find

  • Wet your hands before handling rainbows!!!!

  • You should come to New Zealand and make a trout fishing video here, the trout are amazing and it would make a awesome video, love the videos keep putting up the great content!!!

  • Unsubbing

  • Great video guys, sweet catches! Some beautiful trout action!

  • You need to come to idaho so we can go sturgeon fishing. They are everywhere around where I live

  • Go there in October when the trout are running up the creek by the hatchery.

  • I understand catch and release, but trout is such good eating. Tell me you kept dinner

  • Nice fish...please try and keep your bare hands off the trout. Certain fish have a protective membrane that when removed by human hands can expose the fish to infections and disease. Otherwise, excellent looking catches.

  • I knew it looked like you went up the Norfok river at the beginning

  • What is a PB rainbow?

  • king💖💖👻👻👻

  • Amazing video. Real fun fishing

  • I need a sweater and hat that says... "Not a Giant, But..."

  • How heavy was that rainbow?

  • Wouldn't be a video without a snaged fish hahaha

  • Guaranteed the rainbow is dead . They can't be out of water for that long, they go under shock more quickly than other fish.

  • What’s the name of the river and location you are fishing in this video.

  • Beautiful man, that is the life

  • This channel produces some quality content. I really wish he didn't use such clickbait-y titles and thumbnails. Just sort of makes everything feel cheaper you know?

  • I fish all the time not getting anything big. I feel like giving up and hanging up the Rod's. But then I see your videos and get pumped! I will never quit I will never accept defeat. 👍

  • When I’m not fly fishing, using spinners and jerk baits are the preferred method! Even in the smaller water here when they get big enough they’ll smash a jerk bait.

  • Beautiful rainbow!!!! Huge too!!!

  • Great video guys! Thx! Where were u fishing! If u said it I missed it sorry! I jus subscribed really enjoy your channel!! God Bless!!

  • @Miliken Fishing you need to come to Douglas Wyoming I catch 8-10 pound rainbows almost every day

  • Just wondering what Omaha lakes do u fish at this summer I’m going to be there for a month and I’ll be doing a lot of fishing to

  • Southern Oregon in the upper rogue river for winter steelhead fishing epic

  • How are your speed demon reels holding up? Mine keep breaking where it mounts to the rod.

  • What are you doing hauling them out of the water!!! To release the fish without harm you MUST keep them submerged!!! There is NO excuse in these times to be so damned dumb. There is a shitload of of information on this. Stupid jackasses--

  • After you started this channel, what was the turning point where you started to get big

    • There wasn’t one. I worked harder, put in more time, with more knowledge from actually learning how to fish than anyone “popular” making these videos. Then I spent a ton of time listening to my audience and studying the best ways to make videos more watchable and clickable and how to be better on camera, and constantly evolve what i do. 12-16 hours 7 days a week 👍🏻 aka I got lucky

  • Stg this man catches his pb everytime he fishes

  • Beautiful place where is that ?? Watching from Miami FL

  • You look a lot like Preston bare.

  • I love your videos Ben but my god get ride of the guy singing at the end. I never watch to the end to avoid hearing that shit.

  • hatchery fish

  • That river looks so badass. Trout on a jurkbait is killer. I might have to try that up here this spring with some micro jurkbaits.

  • Nice video

  • Ben... after watching the last three days of the FLW tournament on Sam Rayburn I think that you and the "Stache Man" might want to take a bunch of your 6th Sense crankbaits and head South to Texas and put some of those baits to work on a few slaunchasauruses!!!... might want to pick up the Zark before you go... I can see an epic video in the future with all three of you in the boat.

  • Whats the brand of that boat?

  • I love MF so much😂

  • Seems like your fishing in different places/states everyday. I'm jealous, I need to get on that plan

  • Trout sit at the bottom of the Rapids because its calm behind the rocks and they sit there for food

  • I'll watch this type of video over a bass video any day! Awesome video!

  • Loving this series Awesome catch

  • you never cease to impress ben! I love your channel I watch all your videos and I can't wait to see you catch a trophy Brown on one of those glide baits!!!

  • 2:15 when a bass fisherman thinks he knows how to trout fish lol.

  • do you ever do a catch and cook. that would be great to watch

  • #MFNation

  • is thisbthe river birdbox was filmed in?!?

  • That jerk you were catching them on is money! And what i commented on last vid! Love bows and browns but Cuttys are the best though so aggressive and pretty. First bow was a hatchery, spotty smaller was native equal fun.

  • Rare? In the Norfork river?

  • Bad ass

  • Trout get an automatic 🖒 cool video brother.

  • I definitely dig the big trout river fishing.

  • Nice fish bro!

  • Hi Miliken. My dad Zach is friends with your cousin Kris. Let me know anything if you can

  • If anyone loves discounts on baits i am pairing with logixbaits to bring everyone a 15% discount on your next order using code Foing15

  • Very nice! I will have to go down and fish that river. Love trout fishing. I fish here in Iowa a lot for them.

  • Keep it up trout on a jerk bait is awesome

  • Great Lakes for Steels IMO

  • See dude? If you would've had Doc Holiday with you, you might've landed that PB...you probably wouldn't have any tendons left in your wrist, but you'd have something to mount on your wall...

  • Should go fishing for trout in tasmania one day on the west coast 🤗

  • loving the trout vids, have been throwing 3-4 inchjerk baits for years for stocker browns here on the east coast, awesome to see it works on the big ones also

  • you should come to Wyoming and to the cutslam

  • Thanks for posting it so fast

  • i like your vids man.you need to try lake mich.i grew up there and trout and salmon fishing is great there. i grew up catching lots a big browns over 15 pounds many close to 20 great fishery

  • Gonna try and get on some trout here pretty soon. Got a few places here around North Bama that stock some nice ones during the winter.

  • How long does it normally take to catch a trout on a good fishing day

  • What is the water temperature

  • Ben awesome video, would love to fish that sweet water!! Keepem coming bro..

  • Hookup at 3:00

  • Don't fall in the water again!! 🤣🤣

  • Damn bro your steady Eddie anymore good stuff mf!!

  • Those where decent rainbows.

  • Last year my son and I caught a bunch of trout there on a pearl super fluke.

  • I am a trout fishermen all the way. It's my absolute favorite species to catch. Try C.P. Swing Lures. They are amazing. They never let me down. Nice fish. I'm so jealous right now.

  • This series is absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing!

  • Heidi's ugly cakes is the shit. You should go there if you want a really damn good burger. Highly recommend them.

  • Congrats on the PB!! Beautiful fish and they are alot of fun!!

  • I wanna do this!!!

  • What state is this in

  • use some damn drag and you won't lose so many of them

  • Should have panned down at Coles feet and said "WHAT ARE THOSE!"

  • That PB rainbow was a football. Nice!

  • i miss the zark

    • you know the wizard man of the mountain with the rv truck

  • Rainbow trout are soooo rare dude.

    • van oedekerk fish the Columbia huge rainbows and triploids up by roofus woods

    • Out east you really only catch browns and Brookie’s, Rainbows are also incredibly rare

    • The size made it rare, rainbow trout of normal size are common

    • @Milliken Fishing oh ok here in Bellingham that's basically the only thing we catch that and cut thoart

  • Are there any bookies down there?

    • @Joel Anderson I agree.. I have a brook trout tattoo! I catch alot of them here in Maine

    • @Jake Angler interesting, seems to be the most rare of them, browns, rainbows, and cutthroats.

    • Brook Trout? Yes they are here in the tailwaters of Norfork

    • @Heather Gibson they are the most beautiful fish imo

    • Im curious to

  • Abused the shit out of the little brown.

  • Best way to catch giant browns is to free line a baby rainbow on a ballon. They cannot resist them when the can run from em. Keep it up man awesome vid.

  • Awesome trout fishing, enjoyed the video.

  • Congrats on the pb rainbow 👍

  • does your new rod included the reel or nah

  • Nice change of pace with these trout videos. Good shit

  • Putting PB in the title reminded me of Flair, he has had "PB" in his title like 13 times! Lol just wanted to put that out there.

    • @Milliken Fishing Yeah, nice trout by the way! And yeah that is true, most of the time for Flair, it is a "PB" of something relatively specific, like, PB out of a certain lake or something, not like a PB large-mouth bass in general, for most of the videos that have PB in the title.

    • Right! Except this was the actual biggest rainbow trout I’ve ever caught; a species I often target in my videos. Whereas he will gladly include “PB” if it’s his biggest bass he’s caught in March, while bedfishing, on a black lure...to get you to click to make him money.

  • Looks a little cool out there & ol boy is up there in sandals 😂 Nice fish!!!

  • just got the premium super 6 box from 6th sense pretty sweet! cool to see you doing some trout fishing.

  • All that carp snagging must have been handy on this trip lol 😂