[REAL ATC] NOT A GOOD DAY for this Atlanta Tower ATC!! :S

čas přidán 13. 09. 2016
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  • Tower: Delta 995, 27R line up and wait. I'll be right with you. Pilot: Just to verify, its Delta 9-5-5, line up and wait. Tower: 995, 27 Right, line up and wait. Thanks Pilot: Line up and wait, Delta 965 I swear I heard the pilot read back the callsign incorrect. 1:40

  • almost a Tenerife... give me shivers

  • Even though i knew the ending, i still puckered my butthole

  • This happens when you have a connecting flight

  • Nice catch! But, i'm a bit surprised that No One in the airplanes questioned the two clearances. We must keep in mind that it is Everyones responsibility to make things safe. I think the pilots must be a little more aware of whats happening around them. The more they cooperate and help out, the safer it will be. Everyone is only human so to say and everyone makes mistakes. Everyone!

  • Md-90 is shit plane

  • "Delta 749, hold short of runway 27R at TANGO" Changing frequency to 123.85 The other controller gives clearance to take off for Delta 873 "Delta 749, cross 27R runway" - new person's voice from new frequency (123.85) So, changing ATC controler made entire confusion probably. Good reaction to new ATC, kudos for fast spotting that dangerous mistake.

  • If I were the pilot I don't think I'd be too upset. Bottom line is ATC does the best they can to get millions of people safely from place to place. They work their asses off.

  • I would never trust anything coming from that ATC employee. That could have cost serveral lives, and he is just saying Sorry? Fire him, and never let him work in this field ever again.

  • Massive respect for ATCs and pilots.

  • Do controllers really talk that fast? I could hardly tell a word they say.

  • I'd rather have that ATC than the cocky one that is over-relaxed in his job...this system worked when it had to. Bravo Zulu.

  • Almost another Tenerife accident.

  • That is a rough day in the ATC tower.

  • Why landed planes Cross the runway? They cant go all away to the end of the runway before Cross? I mean even if a plane is Taking off, before It aproches to the plane that IS crossing It should have already airborne

  • faster to change the controller.

  • So who pays on this one for the delay and fuel, missed connections? I assume the airport gets tagged, since it was atc fault.

  • Lots of passengers missed their connecting flights, but it could have been worse.

  • ATCs are people too confirmed.

  • Whose mistake is it..?

  • Holy sh.....t!

  • Shows how tight fuel is. 1/2 way down ramp at full throttle and gotta refuel...

  • Wait wait wait did I just hear a controller take responsibility for a mistake?

  • 3:35 FU?

  • You can hear the fear in the controller's voice as he tells 873 to taxi back to the runway and he realizes he very nearly caused a plane crash. Still tho, props to him for thinking on his feet and correcting the situation before it was too lafe

  • Shouldve yelled abort! abort! Cancel takeoff clearance is a long sentence.

  • Would the airplane crossing the runway look right and see the plane taking off and perhaps notice that take off clearance was given on that plane? Wouldn't the plane taking off see the plane crossing the runway?

    • +coast2coast00 in that case wouldnt there really have been no danger? Understandably you cant be on the runway while someone else takes off. But that sounds likr the plane would take offf first

    • They were maybe 3km's or more apart when the plane started crossing the runway, so maybe not.

  • I wonder what they told the passengers?

  • Almost killed hundreds of people.... "Sorry, guys, my bad.!!!!"

  • Being an ATC at Hartsfield-jackson is an extremely hard job.

  • Imagine if DAL873 was an air Canada flight. Actually nvm, I don't even want to think about what would have happened.

  • The other day I accidentally said 450 ft was less than a football field and I keep kicking myself for it since then. I bet sending 2 airplanes on a collision course feels like that.

  • Yep. I see what happened there. When the tower said to cancel take of, Delta DL873 had to slam the brakes to slow the plane down so it wouldn’t hit the Southwest flight that was crossing its path. That in itself raises the brake’s temperature which increases the risk of overheating and causing a fire. The captain made a good decision to go back to the gate.

  • Dang.. Dude way to own it and not over think,, make a mistake owned it and saved lives. Again pilot responded without question ..

  • Foxtrot-Uniform.

  • Good God I’ll take the bus.

  • So after the screwup with the takeoff, the next ATC guy can't get the number right after being asked three times. Looks like a tad more than just a bad day...

  • That's why you keep listening and look both ways before crossing any runway.

  • "Yeah, we'll have to take a BREAK to check our BRAKE temperatures."

  • I would be such a terrible ATC. All these callsigns and code words and what not, the stress would be too much. I'd just say "everyone is cleared to takeoff and everyone is cleared to land, good luck, i'm going to get an Auntie Anne's pretzel".

  • You know all the passengers blame delta.. Costed delta a lot

  • 0:35 KLM Pan Am almost happened again.

  • o me

  • @ JFK we took damn near a whole tour of the airport. We were 26, in line.

  • What if the the flight take off without cooling off the breaks ... Will that cause any other damage ??? Some. One please mention ...

  • Kind of a double standard when it comes to atc and pilots making communication errors. If it was the other way around, there would have been multiple investigations.

  • Aaaand the ATC didn't call "873 Stop Stop Stop!" because...?

  • Foxtrot Uniform!

  • What is the phone nuber mean? Is that a report or something

  • we all know they actually went back for more covfefe after it spilled on that aborted T/O

  • He's much happier driving a taxi.

  • How does the brakes work in a airplane? Hand control or is it a separate foot pedal?

    • Manual brakes are operated with the pedals.

  • Great Channel

  • Damn that hurts

  • Too many Delta planes


  • time for a job change

  • That crew was shook up, and rightfully so...

  • Everything on this planet is evolving to kill humans, even our own brains. So again no flying unless I'm pilot!😲😆

  • 666k views confirmed

  • 995, 955. It's like atc in Japan calling 957 and 907, causing near mid air collision

  • ouch

  • I wonder how it feels to almost kill 300 people. Yikes!

  • ATC was speaking so bloody fast, I wouldn't have been able to even understand it as a takeoff clearance cancel. Glad I'm no pilot.

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank you for flying with Delta today. In partnership with Atlanta Tower, you will be receiving a free tour of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. One important thing to note is our brakes work on this aircraft. Again, I want to thank you for flying with Delta."

  • Haha, the really need to invest in microphones. xD

  • Delta Pilot: "ATC deviation. I need you to call this number. 1-800-Find-NewJob"

  • is "good day" or "good morning" a code?

  • Very lackluster way of telling a plane to stop or else everybody dies.

  • what was going on in the tower ? one guy cancels take off clearance, other guy confuses between 955, 995.

  • Can't understand fuck all most of the time

  • Is there a law that requires the ATC controller and pilots to put a wool sock in their mouths and mumble with the utmost care when speaking? Who's to understand what they're saying? Basically, that's just noise, with a few words fragments of what you hear. The whole system seems to me to be completely broken. It is time for visual and text based systems based on machine learning. That would put an end to all the mumbling and the human error rate.

  • Do the ATCs have animations like these on screen or do they have actual aerial view for overall picture?

  • Oh, shit.

  • Just some haze and no GCR and that would have been another Tenerife.

  • DAL 873 must be taxiing back and back to the runway to take off. hm.. I see human error. Such a good job! ATC has 5 Objective of ATS and that's Prevent collision between aircraft on the number 1^^ Keep spirit ATC around the world!

  • What a stressful job

  • I'm IN TEARS laughing at what jus happened! like HOW? WHY? ... I felt the pain for the passengers. Been in a similar situation but way better than this one.

  • this is why the checks and balances work 10 deep good job by all dealing with a mistake and making sure one screwup doesnt hurt peopple!

  • Awww he was so sorry ;-;

  • it's crazy there are like no accidents in US aviation

  • If I was a controller at ATL I would be confused with all the Delta call sings

    • Some airports say "data" instead of "delta" and like he said, some airports say "dixie" instead of "delta".

    • The_Ninja_9 there's a taxiway D (Delta) there too. For the reason you described, they call it Dixie though :)

  • Nice vid

  • Could the taking-off airplane have been expected to see the crossing airplane and cancelled themselves? Aren't they supposed to be looking out for this kind of thing?

  • Ever wonder about that moment someone gets fired...

  • Do they use both reverse thrust and brakes on aborted takeoff? Or just brakes?

    • It depends on the speed and remaining runway.

  • Man, thats like calling your wife with a wrong name just before coming..

  • So much respect for the ATC / ground guys, what a job!

  • Are there any airports worldwide that have a giant "underpass", so a jet can move to a more distant runway without having to cross another or take a long taxi all the way around the end of a runway? Kind of like an efficient "expressway" for planes on the ground?

    • Atlanta actually does have a pair of end-around taxiways, that allow aircraft to avoid having to cross runways or wait at the departure/arrival ends. They are, by all accounts, a huge timesaver -- but a logistics nightmare to install, simply because they require a huge amount of space and can only be placed at the ends of a runway, after the safety/overrun space. I don't know of any airports that could get away with an "underpass" on an active runway -- the safety factor alone would make me pucker. ORD has a couple on very busy taxiways close to the runways, but I imagine the force loads on such a bridge (that's what it is) would be a physics nightmare -- and it'd be a deathtrap in any accident.

    • Obviously not.

  • These people deserve to be paid well, the amount of constant concentration must be exhausting.

    • And they get long breaks every couple hours it’s not 8 straight hours of work.

    • They actually get paid a shit-ton of money and have insane benefits as well. It's considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world so no surprise there

    • That's why they get paid a good amount.

    • Ryan Priestnall I cannot fathom the stress that this job would entail. It's frankly mind-boggling, and that's why people like me don't belong doing it. I'm super detail-oriented but I think the stress would get to me.

  • Perfection is a delusion.

  • I guess its good the ATCs and pilots are nice to eachother because ATC can be stressful

  • Surely there's got to be an easier way.

  • I hope this didn't have any consequences for the controller. Despite his mistake, he was really quick to correct it. Well done!

  • Let’s be honest, is there ever a good day for Atlanta ATC?

  • Where;s Kennedy Steve when you need him?

    • At new york... Actually, enjoying his retirement!

  • So.. this is what happened when i arrived in atl. It wasn't this flight exactly, but after landing, our plane was doing circles for a very long time after landing. This is exactly what must've happened with my flight

  • This is a very serious mistake who could have ended in hundred of deaths...

  • Pilots are also just humans so mistakes happen.

  • I never that every one talked so fast......gr