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  • Funny to see that map of Sydney Airport and surrounds. I left Australia many years ago but I once worked in one of those white dots off the eastern end of 07.

  • Didnt think 07L would be long enough for a A380

    • depends how hard the wind is blowing. A 30kt headwind reduces the groundspeed on the approach to about 110kts, so when on the ground they only have to slow from 110kts instead of 140kts if there was no wind

  • Ohhh yeah this was the time when my school excursion got cancelled because of the rain!

  • MORE australian ATC videos please!

  • Great to get some videos of Australia. Thanks

  • hahaha I love how Aussies find a way to be relaxed in even ATC situations. lol

  • Good job you Aussie's. Runway change is a pig to coordinate, good stuff.

  • ahaha notice how the aussie controllers slow down and speak clearly, they end up saving time because the shitty US controller that speak so fast because they thinks is cool have to spend so much time saying again

    • Yep agreed..and obviosly some commentators have no idea about KSA* WHEN IT'S BUSY!!!!

    • Marcuskristicus, nah, we always talk like that mate. Sure Sydney is not as chaotic as LAX, but it's still very busy and remember this was in the middle of a very nasty storm where go-arounds and changes were the order of the day. Clear instructions, keeping everyone in the air as stress free as possible, and doing their job in a professional manner through the banter. VERY proud of our Aussie ATCs: recognise it for what it is.

    • +Marcuskriticus probably you're right and JFK or LAX ATCs get stressed out more often

  • That was great! Too short though.

  • Flying through a washing machine. Thats why I love the aussies

  • Definitely more from Sydney please!

  • That laugh reminds me of Ron Swanson's laugh on 'Parks and Rec'

  • when basically all the mel - syd pilots know the controllers on a first name basis

  • The singaporean accent is real

  • Great humor on the part of all for a nasty day

  • when did this took place? im curious on the flight path of the SIA221

  • Reminds me of the Airasia X incident

  • I flew in in this day we had 4 hours at Hamilton island before we could leave then 1 and a half hour at Sydney then onto Melbourne

  • Sydney always has shitty landings whenever I've arrived at the airport. Bumpy and always feels like you're going to be blown off the runway.

  • Nice, an Australian one!

  • Emirates is EK412

    • Don't mistake IATA codes with ICAO codes, my friend.

    • Emirates has a ICAO callsign of UAE like how Singapore has SIA and Qantas has QFA. Read up on your ICAO callsigns mate.

  • Sheesh, if "moderate" turbulence feels like flying thru a washing machine, what's "severe" turbulence... Shaking the wings off the plane?

    • flying through a dryer

  • we're landing.....nope GA. 2nd attempt....nope GA again..3rd time's the charm.

  • Got a whole lotta love for Aussie ATC

  • Nice to hear Aussie accents on this channel :)

  • I have no idea what runway we were lining up for when I flew into Sydney several years ago to watch my wife compete in the 2000 Sydney Games but it took us right over the Olympic Stadium which was all lit up with the Olympic flame burning. It was a fantastic arrival in Australia after travelling for 36 hours

    • I neglected to congratulate those in Australia and Sydney on the wonderful job they did in presenting the 2000 Games. We all felt comfortable and very welcome there. Since the Games took place right when the USS Cole was attacked in Yemen, my wife and the rest of her team were assigned a NSW Police bodyguard. To this day, we still hear from them with annual Christmas greetings.

    • Yep 16R......just after the stadium you would have turned right to line up with glide slope and had a view of down town Sydney out of the left side of the aircraft.

    • that would be 16R

  • Approx 21:00 on Monday the 4th of this month gusts were in excess of 35kt

  • Only 18 kts x wind come on guys

  • Love Aussie ATC

  • love the wind direction reference!

  • so after kennedy steve we got Sydney Eddy? :D

  • So singapore had a total of 2 go arounds?

    • 3 approaches, 2 go arounds, one touchdown.

  • Days like that ATC and the pilots earn every penny..... Glad the pilots are trained well and can make it feel like just another day on a bus for the passengers.

    • I dunno man. I've come down in some pretty crappy weather at Hartsfield-Jackson and the plane was rolling 30-40 degrees in a crosswind and we came down with one of the main gears touching with some sideways angle and heard tires squalling before the other gear touched and finally things smoothed out from being on the ground finally. Wouldn't have been surprised to learn that the pilot was having to partially fly sideways to get us down onto the dang runway that night. @__@

    • +Petra44YT He was referring to how the passengers feel, most passengers don't have a clue what actually goes on behind the scenes.

    • A bus going over a cliff...

    • Yeah, sure. As if. So you think that flight felt like "another day on a bus"? Think again.

  • 'Straya

  • What's "johnny?"

  • Great to see my hometown airport featured!

  • Go to channel for ATC conversations lol

  • Let's face a really tough situation like this with some... sense of humor!!! =D Thanks for your support with your LIKES as always!! :)