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  • It didn't really say what happened. It was just audio of a plane coming in for approach.

  • I always love the Shannon controllers. They are so clear spoken, and even paced.

  • Turbulence can be pretty fun except if: 1. You're taking a whizz in the bathroom. 2. It's bad enough to get you sent to the hospital.

  • Seatbelts or without. I can sleep perfectly on both.

  • So here might be a random question: if you encounter turbulence is it easier on your aircraft with more or less fuel. I understand heavier weight generally means less performance, i just dont know on turbulence situations

  • Would have been nice to include the comm that determined the issue at hand. G'day.

  • United crew beat up the passengers and blamed the turbulence.

    • That indicident with the Asian doctor years ago was not even technically operated by United it was a regional carrier

    • and lost

  • theyre PEOPLE, not SOULS. just say PEOPLE.

    • MR J Like many aviation terms it seems to be from nautical use. It might have designated how many were still alive rather than saying we have 50 people and 3 corpses, so rescuers know what they are up against. Nobody wants their still warm loved ones to be demoted to nonpeople before they are even off the plane. It does have a quaintness about it reminiscent of the Titanic, or the idea that some still hold that SOS means save our souls. Rather than getting upset and all caps about it, calm yourself by trying to think of other quaint, nautical terms that were adapted for aviation. And isn't SHE a magnificent AIRSHIP? :) (Star Trek drags nautical terms into the distant future, so according to that there is no end in sight, including the tradition of the engineer from Scotland.) :)

  • *que the united airlines jokes*

    • Daniel Cannata Cue.

  • In Europe: QNH 1016 hector pascal In USA: Altimeter 29.92 inches of mercury of mercury.....said no atc ever

    • haha just so proper! I respect it though.

    • The term "hectopascal" is only used in the UK and Ireland as far as I know. I fly in Spain and we don't use that term, just say the number. Why say hectopascal? It's obvious!

  • I don't fly much, but always keep my seat belt fastened. I've been through turbulence where the wings looked like they were flapping, which is disconcerting but probably well within the capabilities of the air frame. My question to those who follow this site and are commercial pilots is this: When these "severe" incidents occur is this what they call clear air turbulence? Something that doesn't show up on radar but can cause an aircraft to be tossed up or down to the extent that people or objects can alternately become weightless or subject to several G's. If you've experienced this how do you (or the computers) maintain control? Is there any tech on the way that can detect this?

    • Watch the Boeing 777 Wing Test

    • Yes it is due to clear air turbulence. Although we can expect them in the vicinity of high level jet streams between air masses there is no real way to accurately predict them.

  • why do alot of the transmission from aircraft sound like there's an alarm or tone of some sort in the background?

    • Also, the 400hz AC the planes use makes a whining noise that usually shows up in the audio.

    • Halcon10 Makes sense, thanks!

    • Sam Fitton That sound are the turbines

  • Why do you cut the moment when the pilot report the accident to tower?

    • May have been on a frequency that LiveATC wasn't recording or via CPDLC/Satcom.

    • Tripple 7 no atc over the Atlantic I guess

  • What is 1016 hectopascal, is that their altimeter setting?

  • Do you have ATC recordings of the near collision in Belgian airspace between an Air France and an Egyptian air aircraft?

  • Do you have the porter airline flight outside of toronto? Made an evasive maneuver that injured a flight attendant. The object the avoided was thought to be a drone but has since been listed as unidentified.

  • wow

  • UA 880 if I'm right is normally Houston to London Heathrow...Do we know what happened to the flight afterwards? did it terminate at SNN or continue to LHR afterwards?

  • Maybe have the seatbelts on when seated....

  • close to 1:30 They are properly saying 880 but your text says 800... a few times

  • The second half of the video, all United 880s communications are mislabeled as EIN1HL

  • Thanks for all the hard work on these.

  • I'd like to hear the first transmissions from pilots to ground in these events, when they are first advising of their requests/intentions, rather than starting when its already in progress... If possible??.

    • Who knows, it could've been HF like I said or via CPDLC and we wouldn't be able to hear it

    • James Funnell Depending on the FIR the flight is usually talking on HF to a radio operator, or ATC. Sometimes transmissions can be found on HF(via LiveATC), but you need to know the frequency they were on and time in zulu.

    • There is ATC. They're over HF.

    • Over the Atlantic there is no ATC so I assume they sent messages over Satcom and hence there was no ATC to hear with initial communications.

  • What is heavy landing?

    • Markus Schober that's correct, that's why some will 'dump' fuel in this case

    • Broadbeano That would only happen because they're landing early and they haven't burned off enough fuel, right?

    • np man

    • Broadbeano thanks mate

    • iPalotini landing above safe aircraft weight, risk of complications due to weight

  • Thanks for keeping up this channel updated. We appreciate that.

  • What was meant by not landing heavy?

    • brokosa yf thanks! I understand now after looking at the Wikipedia page for mlw!

    • Zak Zebrowski Not being above the aircraft's Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) and increasing the risks associated with the event.

  • A hint for next video: on Jan 1st 2017 there was a near mid-air collission between an AirFrance A320 and an EgyptAir A300 cargo above Ghent, Belgium

    • "MSX-541 however continued the climb above FL210, both aircraft received TCAS resolution advisories, AF-1640 was instructed to climb and complied, MSX-541 however continued their climb opposed to the TCAS RA." Ugh. 2017 and pilots still failing to follow TCAS RAs?

  • Pro work both sides of the radio & cool all the way in. Quick & complete recovery all souls on board. T/y the yt and very impressive visuals.

  • Boeing aircraft are built with rock solid airframes.

    • That must be why the 737 MAX is flying like a rock...

    • As a scare bus pilot and having twice encountered bouts of severe turbulence, I can confirm that airbii are built like brick shithouses too.


  • And that's why they tell you to keep the seatbelt fastened at all times even if the sign is not illuminated. Could've saved you a trip to the hospital and pain for a couple days or weeks.

    • What about when you need to take a dump or piss? Pillow on head?

    • There are not seatbelts in the toilet, so just hold and keep the WC closed...

    • weeks? more like chronic pain, herniated disks, broken bones, etc think about the elderly.

    • +Xanthopteryx weird flex but ok

    • +lockergr I was on the toilet once, standing as we guys often do. And then turbulence started... I'm impressed, really, over my accuracy since i didn't miss the toilet, not even one droplet! But it was not easy at all!

  • 1:30 You'll find Shannon doesn't have a runway 24R just yet...

  • Gotta hand it to these Irish controllers. They always do a kick-ass job!

  • Great work man but for the last half of the video you had united radio calls as aerlingus but good job you are great

    • VASAviation - dont worry about it you do a great job

    • My mistake, I'm sorry! :(

  • You have United's transmissions listed as EIN at 3:00.

  • that's my nightmare

    • @jschrager23 yes i agree might have been able to save aircraft

    • oh yeah , they messed it up baaaad! they should have called the pilot right away , woken him up from his rest. They waited too long. And the young co pilot kept on pulling back on the stick lol and no one noticed! damn airbuses!

    • and because they did like the wrongest things

    • well what happened there started off as turbulence, but the turbulence shut off the speed reader and then everything went to hell because the pilots were getting incorrect readings

    • for some reason all I think about when traveling across the ocean is air france flight 447. I am from Brazil and remember that crash all too well.....simple turbulence gone HORRIBLY wrong , of course the pilots were partly to blame

  • That had to be some turbulence. Wow

    • Zzyzx Wolfe Homie it feels that way but in reality they're only moving 5-20 ft. Moderate-severe is typically 40-100ft. Winds powerful but unless you hit a microburst, you're not moving around nearly the amount you feel or think

    • Trust me, planes don't drop 5 or 10 thousand feet for turbulence. And DEFINITELY not 28 thousand. Usually it's only a couple hundred feet in either direction

    • If a plane hits pockets of light air, can drop several thousand feet. Isn't uncommon to hear of planes dropping 5,000 or 10,000 feet. I think the most I've heard is 28,000 foot drop. I was on a United flight that dropped 2 or 3,000 feet during drink service when we hit a pocket of thinner air. No one was hurt, but you could see the flight attendants float up a bit while they held on to the drinks cart. One of the reasons why you're supposed to wear your seat belt even when the sign is off.

    • And, imagine if you were in the restroom when severe turbulence was encountered. Not having any safety harness in place, you could easily be thrown into the walls or ceiling, quite suddenly. Making it back to your seat could be dangerous for you and nearby passengers, as well. I remember some years back when a woman suffered a broken neck due to turbulence.

    • We landed in the midst of a heavy squall at LGB on 12/23 and for the first time in over 40 years of commercial flying, I was airsick. My husband said I turned green. The plane crab walked down the runway once it finally got down. It was a miserable flight and landing. We were coming from LAS.

  • Great work as usual. It's actually "ops normal" not abnormal or off normal - it just denotes that the aircraft is functioning fine.

  • Good old turnulence...

  • I keep working on the videos from the Fort Lauderdale shooting. First two parts available here --> cs-tv.org/tv/video-6aE7fJAb34Q.html