Real Doctor Reacts to "Adam Ruins the Hospital"

čas přidán 28. 04. 2019
Follow up video to watch after this one:

This isn't a medical drama but based on your requests I had to critique the hospital episode of Adam ruins everything. I am a big fan of his show and have watched many episodes in the past but somehow missed this one. In this episode, I explore his position on antibiotics, hospital finances, and Mammograms!
Please do check out "Adam Ruins Everything" here:
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  • How does A doctor react when you come in with back problems? Do you have insurance ? We will start with your big toe , that will cost 1000 dollars then your shin another 1000 dollars and so on. And then therapy 5000. And WE DOCTORS HAVE NO IDEA ON HOW TO FIX YOUR PROBLEM SO WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE BANK OPEN..

  • So you get a coupon on the internet for a free massage and then they find out you have insurance on your fathers plan and you get a freakin bill for 300 dollars . Fu dude you aren't convincing anybody.

  • Canada 🇨🇦


  • Americans: "Health care is so expensive..." Me: Laughs in European

  • Instead of our taxes going to the military, we should have free healthcare paid through our taxes and our taxes should be raised while we don’t have to pay so much for health insurance. Healthcare isn’t a business it’s a necessity for life.

  • People get cancer and heal naturally many times in their life.. if at one of those times you happen to go see a doctor they will freak out, scare you to death, put you on a poison regimen that will almost kill you.. and maybe they will kill you..

  • At the very least, why isn't the ambulance taxpayer funded? They treat it like a public service but then send you a bill like it's a private company.. they don't bill you when your house burns down from the fire department do they?

  • Okay final point. I agree. His mammogram point was over stated. IMO it’s sad that we have to worry how expensive they are. He’s making this point because sadly the average person can’t afford it. So he’s comforting the person who can’t afford them as often. And I think that’s the main point. And that’s up ultimately more sad

  • I agree with your mammogram point though

  • 3:30 imo it’s sad that the hospital has to subsidize the cost. Our government will gladly subsidize the banks and amazon but not our healthcare? I feel like you’re missing his main point

  • 1:40 i agree until he doesn’t agree with me >:(

  • You lost your job dr mike. :/

  • I just realized that Adam's wearing a suit top and tie with skinny jeans

  • 🍁🏥Canada🏥has🏥free🏥health🏥care🏥(🍁Canada🍁knows🍁best🍁)🏥🍁

  • I can't stand this video. I'm from Sweden we do have free health care. Because it's a human rights. American healthcare is more like a market and how we can make money. True but please come to sweden and work here and you will understand why the American way is way wrong.

  • Thank Mom I'm Canadian!

  • I like how you analyzed the episode and went on both sides. Yes, Adam is simplifying things, but I think part of it is to make it interesting for audiences and he has to cram a TON of information into a 20-30 minute program. I give yours and his show credit for trying to address and explain the issue. The MythBusters would be proud!

  • Lol thank you NHS

  • 6x15 Grey’s anatomy

  • im from northern ireland so i dont have to worry about the costs. Its unbelievable for me to think that waking up after a car crash and having a bill of 10,000 and up. Anna ou

  • After watching Adam on the JRE show, I cant stand him. He seems like an idiot that thinks he is smart for questioning ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

  • even if hospitals found ways to cut costs, that would likely include a salary cut for doctors. if that is done, no one will want to become a doctor due to the extreme stress of debt from medical school. doctors already spend decades paying off their debt on the high salaries they have. no doctors = bad care = dead patients. for any foreigners: medical school usually costs around $50,000-$60,000 per year and most people attend for 4 years. that is likely on top of debt from their undergraduate university, which can range from $25,000 to $75,000 per year for four years.

  • ALL HOSPITALS SHOULD BE FREE the system should be villainized

  • The whole medical industry thrives on our fears. Lead a healthy life and if you catch something down the line, live with it and also, fuck these doctors.

  • I mean im not gay but DAMN he fine

  • Healthcare should be 100% funded by taxes, just like most developed countries.

  • Systems where health doesn't cost that much AND is free for everyone exists and works. BECAUSE health is something you NEED to LIVE it HAS TO BE free. Just like water or bread. Your country is such a mess that you can't see that it's not normal that the hospitals can't "have to make a profit".

  • I love his description of a prostate cancer biopsy.😂 sticking a needle “down there” as he points to the groin.

  • After living in Japan where the prices are one twentieth of the cost in the U.S. For the same care, I'm going with Adam with the over charge.

  • Someone tagged Adam in here yet?

  • I fucking hate that chubby pompous twat

  • This is a refreshingly honest analysis. I like that he isn't taking a side, he's just giving real info.

  • Mike kinda ruined Adam here

  • Well, USA medical care it's just bad. Happy to live on Europe.

  • This is factually inaccurate, Dr. Mike. The reason breast cancer fatality has dramatically gone is due to new modes of effective treatments. In fact, people are more weary of mammograms nowadays than 5-10 years ago and yet our 5 year breast cancer remission rates are skyrocketing due to new adjunct therapies

  • in Italy, hospitals are free. only if you go to private clinics you pay

  • They marked up the insulin 300 percent . No generics are made for diabetics so you don’t have a choice . This is why people are dying trying to rationing insulin . Not everybody can afford the high mark up cost for something that has not changed in over 30 years

  • Free healthcare is possible in the usa

  • I if ever get sick , I really like to visit your Hospital 😊😊😊

  • I asked my doctor about getting a mammogram, she didn't seem to think I'd need one.

  • That's great that your hospital has charity programs like that but the problem is that below the poverty line is extremely low number, and if you're a middle class working citizen that makes just enough to not be considered poor, you're screwed. Unfortunately that is a giant part of America's working class and the reason why people are having to choose between dying/letting their family member die or going bankrupt.

  • Thank god the uk has free health care

  • Well Mike, what you have proven is that your industry is failing and ripping us off. You agree with him in the most part just disagree on the 80s mammogram issue where in the 80s they scammed women and overacreened and gave them snail aids or snaids the worst 80s disease. Can you aggree your job is disgusting and you shouldn't charge anything for happiness and life and health. You make money on delaying death. Your a paid procrastinator

  • It "is" possible to run a non-profit health care system (like most of Europe), you're just limited to your U.S perspective. I recommend that you review Michael Moore's "Sicko" next. It's a bit on the nose even for me (and by American standards I'm a bleeding commie) but it would make for a good discusison on private vs state-run health care systems.

  • @4:22 Oh boy, you said the magic word/letters. PBMs. I could rant for hours on end about PBMs and how they're ruining the medical industry our healthcare system, and small town, independent pharmacies. They are running small town, independent pharmacies out of business by not reimbursing them for the medications properly and charging them obscene amounts just to be able to process claims/prescriptions for their managed insurances.

  • OOOORRRRR you could have a single-payer system like Canada where whether a hospital turns a profit or not is a non-issue. I’m Canadian, I like my system and it’s crazy that America doesn’t get on board.

  • And sir, u basically just complimented Adams points. Nicely.

  • Dr. Mike, when r u gonna come rescue me from this world I grew up in...? (Sad face, sad face, tear drops)

  • Do you know what sounds good? A healthcare system that uses taxpayers money to fund hospitals and healthcare. I think there a few of those in the world, like... the NHS! As a British person I'm definitely biased, but I don't think I'm wrong in this case. America could just reduce the massive Military Budget that they don't need and spend a fraction of that on improving healthcare for Americans.