Real Doctor Reacts to "Adam Ruins the Hospital"

čas přidán 28. 04. 2019
Follow up video to watch after this one:

This isn't a medical drama but based on your requests I had to critique the hospital episode of Adam ruins everything. I am a big fan of his show and have watched many episodes in the past but somehow missed this one. In this episode, I explore his position on antibiotics, hospital finances, and Mammograms!
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  • For the mammogram section, as a woman, I actually really felt comforted by it. I know that my likelihood of a false positive is pretty high! But the statistics being given made me want to get mammograms. I know I'm more likely to walk away with a negative result. And the way it was presented presented pretty much gave me the freedom to not be petrified if I do get a positive. I know now that a biopsy is the only sure way to know if I have cancer. I'm usually end-of-the-world mentality when it comes to my health so knowing that it's okay to breathe until the results are definitive is freeing.

  • This stuff still blows my mind as a Brit.

  • check season 16 episode 1 through 3 of Grey's Anatomy, I think you will find it interesting. (it talks about how the system is failing us)

  • The hard truth no one seems to be able to accept is that America is becoming a civil oligarch (wealthy using laws to control the rest of us). And they're using our healthcare system as a "soft eugenics" designed to do one of two things: either put the sick into subservient debt to the wealthy in the form of medical debt you cannot get rid of, (they CAN garnish your wages) or simply hope you don't seek medical attention and eventually die if your symptoms are bad enough. The wealthy win either way as a sick person is a drag on their bottom line. Someone has to pick up the tab for a poor kid who needs cancer treatment or a poor woman who constantly needs medical attention for complications from diabetes. No offense to Adam or Doctor Mike, but both of you have no idea what's really going on out here. I have a co-worker tell me he has a strange lump in his armpit and it's making the rest of his arm "feel strange". But he won't go to the doctor because, even if he could afford to go (he can't), he certainly wouldn't be able to afford the bill if it's something serious. He doesn't want to die a debt slave. THAT'S SOFT EUGENICS. It's a system designed to weed out the poor. The wealthy can't sweep the neighborhoods and throw us in a gas chamber, so they enslave us (debt) or hope we bring about our own death from lack of medical care. I hate the healthcare system and hopefully it will crash sooner, rather than later, and something better will be built on top of its ashes.

  • how i came here? Adams ruin everything pops up in my suggestion I watch adam ruins hospitals read the comments read a comment about Dr. Mike so here i m

  • The CEOs of a big health care company, I forgot which, has literally said "We are in it as a business, not a service to the people". I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of what he said

  • #Bernie2020 - Medicare for All

  • Adam is an idiot and more often then not either dosen't know what he's talking about or doesn't give all the information

  • Hospital gets a new ESR machine that doesn’t use reagent.... but the manufacturer locks it’s uses by installing a $1500 transponder that locks you out after 1000 uses...

  • My SO ended up with a $1000 out of pocket bill from his orthopedist after seeing them for an uncomplicated break that required a walking boot and some X-Rays. Why you ask? Because the orthopedic office charged his insurance for his visit and x-rays as expected, but then billed $1300 for a "prosthetic" instead of the $53 they should have charged for his walking boot, and billed $1500 for "surgery" which when asked they said "oh that's because you have a break and we put on the boot, we always list breaks this way." Like are you effing kidding me? So you try to fraud the insurance company for procedures and equipment you didn't actually do/use, and then this charge gets passed on to the patient as out of pocket costs when they don't have such great insurance. He tried filing a complaint with his insurance company but they said there is nothing they can do, he has to go to the doctor directly. They offered him a payment plan and threatened to send him to collections if he didn't pay them. He basically had to threaten the office with going to the news media about their bogus charges to get them to knock off the $1300 charge for the boot, they still refused to remove the $1500 "surgery" they charged for his broken foot and putting his boot on (something he did every morning for 7 weeks). This right here is exactly whats wrong with the current state of healthcare in our nation. Just like Dr. Mike said, there is no option to shop around and you can't control what they are charging you for a procedure or visit. I had a similar break on my foot a few years earlier and because my insurance covers 100% of my care, I didn't even know what my orthopedist charged my insurance, but after pulling up and looking at my EOB, my orthopedist didn't try to extort my insurance company by charging for care/equipment I didn't actually receive. There needs to be better scrutiny into this sort of thing, and some manner of appealing unfair charges.

  • "If they give patients a break they'll go out of business" Yes but only because the execs insist on unreasonably huge salaries for themselves. I'm not convinced that hospitals can't afford to lower prices and stay in business, but I am convinced that the people up top might have to sacrifice an upgrade to their favorite yacht in order to achieve that and therefore it'll never happen. Same logic for every other high-profit corporation. It's not that they cant afford compassion, it's that those at the top are unwilling to sacrifice a fraction of their luxury for basic human decency.

    • Tales From the Pipes You sir Are wrong If you have a free healthcare plan or a third party insurance plan then they’re going to charge the hospitals huge amount of money, meaning just you’re existence in the hospital and taking up space in that bed pushes your insurance to over charge making the hospitals to substitute for those charges So you can blame certain politicians pushing for ridiculous healthcare plans and not the hospitals

  • I’ve never been a big fan of Adam. Most of his episodes don’t seem to constantly factual and correct

  • I need the magazine hes on

  • So, the doc agreed that Adam was factually accurate.

  • I'm Norwegian. I'm a daycare worker without a degree in teaching, so I don't earn a lot. I earn well enough to live comfortably, but it's not exactly a salary that's gonna make me rich! I pay 37% of my income to tax every month. Those 37% are already withdrawn from my salary before it even gets to my account, so I NEVER notice them. For those 37%, I know I get free hospital stays if I should need them, I get relatively decent roads, if I decide to get a public education, I'll get it for free, AND I'll get loans and scholarships that are EXTREMELY advantageous to me, because they're state-funded, not private. Those 37% help fund hospitals, daycares, schools, retirement homes, universities, roads, and a lot more that I notice less in my day-to-day life. It doesn't just benefit me personally, it benefits EVERYONE in Norway. My mother had two strokes a few years ago, one after the other. All-together, I think she spent 3-4 weeks in hospital, she had physical therapy, she had CAT-scans, she had MRIs. Today she is completely well. And she didn't have to pay a single cent for it. She has given birth to six children, all in hospitals, and again - not paid a single cent. Thanks to the Norwegian tax system. Healthcare shouldn't be run for profit. It's a human right, and should not be controlled by capitalism.

  • Adams the type of dude that farts & then tries telling you that you were wrong for hearing it

  • Bills are so high because people are greedy.

  • Americans: health care is too expensive Canadians: *laughs in free health care*

  • I agree that hospitals should be treated like a service and not a business B U T a lot of people seem to forget that everything a hospital needs to save lives, cost $$$$. And yeah, charging $7 for a cottonswab seems ludicrous, until you consider that the manufacturer isn't just providing for that hospital. It may be selling them to hundreds or thousands of hospitals! Demand requires supply and supply cost money, no matter what the product is. Do other countries do it better? Yep! Do other countries do it worst? Ohhhhh yes. As someone who has spent more time without insurance than with it I feel the struggle; that being said, I can fully understand why it is that way. And I deeply appreciate Dr. Mike for tackling such a sensitive subject!

  • Usually I love your videos but I had a few hard eyerolls in this video. There’s a reason most other developed countries have free healthcare. And it works. And hospitals don’t go bankrupt. The American healthcare system (from the outside) has a loooooong way to go with treating its citizens with equality

  • So should we ask Mike if he drives a nice car. Im pretty sure he said that you should be checked. By that time you are pulled into what is being said on tv

  • America has the BEST healthcare in the world... Hospitals overcharge for a couple reasons, one being frivolous lawsuits for malpractice. Another being Insurance programs that make it so no one questions them charging 100 dollars for an aspirin tablet.

  • Being a doctor doesn't necessarily make him an expert on the entire medical "industry"... Interesting that where he disagrees he argues with Adam's script and not the cited sources... But overall he's basically on board.

  • Are you a real doctor.

    • If he was a real doctor I think he would have more important things to do then making CS-tv videos... That or he's a really bad doctor and the hospital laid him off / Fired him?

  • Take a shot every time Doctor Mike says mammograms.

  • OK Mike, so please discuss the process where doctors own an imaging center and suddenly all their patients need imaging done stat. Why is it there are no rules that separate the people who order tests and procedures from the people who profit from those orders. In my opinion, they are not very different than the lawmakers who invest heavily in pharma stocks and then are the makers of medical regulation of those products. Also, to be real hospitals and doctors are not always as noble as you make out. I had two cancers in three years ( unrelated) .The first required surgery and resolved itself and was followed up with periodic blood tests. During one of these blood tests years later I was told I had markers for cancer and judging by these markers and additional tests I was told it was at a stage too early to image but was so aggressive that by the time it could be it may not be caught in time, The other option was multiple chemos simultaneously . I spent 8 months in the hospital getting three kinds of chemo a month at a time until my body couldn't tolerate more. Then because my insurance didn't want to pay unless I was actively receiving chemo , I would be packed up sick as a dog and sent home for two days only to pack up and return for another 28-day visit. When I finally was going to be treated outpatient being seen weekly ,I discovered my partner had canceled my insurance and magically I didn't need to be treated anymore or even seen anymore at all. I ended up destitute, homeless and brain fogged (NEVER give someone power of attorney no matter what anyone says) and social services at the hospital told me to stop bothering them since they cancelled further treatment and that made me "not a patient of thiers" Not all health care professionals are like this but there are not safeguards to make it impossible for some to be this way .I think the only way to guarantee ethical thorough healthcare is universal healthcare . As for America having " the best healthcare in the world" ,where exactly do we rate on,let's say-infant mortality?

  • Here in the UK we have the NHS, so this paying for your healthcare is really weird to hear about. NHS is funded by our tax. But the NHS is struggling to keep up due to how many self made problems there are like obesity

  • This is like a politician explaining his extramarital affair.

  • To be fair you boil down the typical tweets worth of information and dissect it. But as a whole, the show tells you throughout the episode all the mistakes we made, still do, and ultimately how to fix them/alleviate them. I don't like Adam, but he has a show to make. And shows follow certain metrics that build proper anticipation, excitement, emotions. Things that a youtube video is afforded the luxury of not being so required to do. So of course dissecting it is easier when you pull apart an 1/8th of what was actually said. These reacts videos do such a good job of portraying such a huge problem, unironically. It's paradoxical because I enjoy these expert opinions but I also hate how they present it themselves. They are essentially guilty of the same thing he is accusing Adam of. Watching in the moment, pausing to react, then receiving the rest of the information after a premature statement sounds exactly like how he expected an average person to react to Adams video, and that's exactly what he does throughout his entire 'react' series.

  • In Italy public healthcare is essentially free... so why are hospitals allowed to make a profit in the USA? Now you know why our salaries are about 50% taxed.

  • My 2 AEDs are $1500/month without insurance. So... I'll risk dying during a seizure instead. That isn't even including my other 4 meds.

  • Hospital do just want to get rich off sick people. It's an industry, not a healthcare system to help people. Adam is spot on

  • Can you do the TV series mash please

  • I like how you two agree your focus on who is to blame needs to be combined. Work with Adam and throw out insurance companies

  • I'm so glad I live in Finland

  • I rarely go to a doctor for checkups anymore bc I can’t afford to. The only debt I’m in is medical.

  • I was hoping you would touch on breast cancer in men when you hit the mammogram thing. Decades ago I knew a guy who would not take off his shirt because he had a "bump" that was bigger every month. It ended up getting cut open (among other things) in a motorcycle wreck. That wreck saved him. He had breast cancer that was not very far from becoming deadly. I was hoping Doctor Mike would throw in "if something is growing, get checked immediately" or something. He saw a doctor about it twice before that (family doctor) and the doctor said it was a fatty lump each time. "Lim-poh-mah". Turns out it was a nasty, not fatty, growth.

  • Adam: says something Mike: NOOO!!!! Blah blah blah goes on forever Adam: a- Mike: *pauses vid* actually blah blah blah Me: 🤯🤯

  • What about hospitals that don’t treat people who don’t have insurance? Everything can be turned into a business if the money is right. “Free clinics” Other Countries: America why don’t u use the health care systems we have? America: it would cost to much to change our health care system. Other countries: but our health care systems are better yours is barbaric America: how dare u insult America. We are the greatest country on earth we can do no wrong Other Countries: chill out were are only trying to help America: no you’re not. U think u are better than us Other Countries: we are better than u. Tv is not ment to be educational it’s ment to entertain and distract. Someone: I want to make an educational tv show Someone else: sounds boring. Someone someone else: what if the tv show is entertaining and sort of educational. Someone else: yes. Exactly what we want. Tv show: re make of looney tunes

  • I never want to live in a country in which I would worry about not affording treatment.. Ridiculous

  • I'm a disabled veteran, but before I became too disabled to work, I was an xray tech/mammographer. It really bothers me that the age to begin breast cancer screenings has been pushed back AND they're now recommending every two years instead of every year. I've had far too many 40-50 year old breast cancer patients pass through my exam room door for them just to have to "talk to their doctor." Not to mention the ones who came in for their annual screening one year, forget about scheduling it the next, and return the following year only to find out that they have stage III breast cancer. Some breast cancers are far too aggressive to wait two entire years. Yes, false positive are extremely nerve-wracking. But I'd rather have a false positive than walk around thinking I'm healthy when I'm not.

  • As a Canadian, I can’t relate

  • Ok, but all the countries that have free or low-cost healthcare have no problem doing it. I have no health insurance and have a history of cancer and lung issues. If I get sick again any time soon (full-time student with pt job that has no benefits) then I'm SOL and will pretty much die. Last time I waited because it was expensive, I had double pneumonia and was told that if I had waited a few more days, I would have died. -_-

  • I’m lucky that where I’m living the healthcare is complete free!! 🇨🇦

  • Why is he sitting on a chair when there's a couch right behind him?

  • Americans: Healthcare is expensive! Me, a Canadian: ??????? You guys PAY for healthcare?

    • Me, a Trinidadian: ??????? You guys PAY for healthcare?

  • From Canada free health care why not do it like Canada dose

  • Adam is pushing eating bugs now. So that 'stats' driven stuff. Out the window.

  • As someone who has free healthcare in the US through the military, I wish I could still use the private sector. The government sucks at running everything.

  • Honestly... Here's the thing, he only has a short amount of time to get this information across. It's not possible for him to truly go in-depth on any particular subject. That's not the point of the show though. The point is to get you to double-check your own information. Adam gives you some valid information, but it's up to you to look deeper into the subject that interests you. This gets you more invested, and will work more towards fixing or at least conquering the problems in your way. Really, it's probably a good thing Adam doesn't simply hand you all the information.

  • Doctor Mike binge 2019 💚

  • Doctors have lied to me about blood tests being covered by insurance just to get billed 3 months later. So, I'd rather die from breast cancer than be homeless due to the insane debt .

  • 1. Americans healthcare is more complicated than some say.. 2. 3. 4. ...And that’s why people die or are bankrupted, questions? - always interested how people explain the 2 and 3.

  • as a European, just the entire thought of treating medicine as a money making business is CRAZY

    • BowerBomB Wow... that makes me sad

    • @Tiffany Vega considerably less that footballers...

    • @Tiffany Vega converted to usd, around $100K annually. More importantly though, we shouldn't be humming and hawing over whether or not someone can earn 'the big bucks' if that profit is coming from overcharging desperate dying people in need.

    • K. S. How much do your doctors make?

  • I went to the hospital a few years ago, without insurance, for an ear ache. It lasted for several days and the pain became unbearable, to the point where I couldn't do anything but lay in bed and cry. I went to our hospital, was given some antibiotics and pain medication(that a very nice understanding nurse slipped me under the table because I couldn't afford them, she's the mvp). That doctor visit cost me over 10k. 10k, Dr. Mike. Ruined my credit, I have bill collectors calling me everyday, sometimes twice a day. I'm sorry but fuck the American Healthcare System.

  • This video is like: Adam: X You: Y is actually wrong, you can’t just make hospitals the villain, X is actually the better way to think of it. You just reiterated what the video says, at least your cute you got that going for ya.

  • 8:56 This is just bad statistics. Increasing the frequency of doing something does not increase the risk percentage. You're always going to have a 10% chance of a false positive (provided this data is accurate.) That number doesn't go up the more mammograms you get.

  • Lame and contorted apologia from someone sucking the teat of the industry. Neither well-reasoned nor credible. Your objections have a fuck of a lot less real-world-traction than Adam's. Most of your "reasoning" is unworthy of even a third-grader, full of holes and false dichotomies and purposeful mischaracterizations. You're either not bright or not honest - best case by virtue of simple brainwashing as a cog in the system. You have the perspective of an entitled person who has no idea what the average person is going through. SIXTY PERCENT of personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Your "charity program" doesn't cover that, does it? STFU you smug asshole.

  • In India life saving medicine are free including insulin. Mixed economy good.

  • *You just avoided a war between you and Adam. LEARN MORE*