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čas přidán 10. 06. 2018
Next up on the medical drama review series is Code Black. Funny story about this show. For some reason, the CS-tv algorithm labeled your comments recommending Code Black as spam. So when I went into my comments review section I saw hundreds of comments pushing to make a code black reaction video.
This is not as popular of a hospital drama show in ratings compared to monsters like House or Grey's anatomy but it still has a large fanbase and does well on CBS. After watching the show I was pleasantly surprised at not only how accurate code black is but also how much I enjoyed it. It really felt as if a doctor wrote the script and then it was fluffed up instead of the other way around. If you like this show please let me know in the comments so that I can watch and react to more episodes (suggestions welcome).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Code Black / Real Doctor Reacts to Code Black. If you want me to continue making this medical drama review series please like the video and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • Keep doing reacting videos 😂😍😍

    • Hey hun, I was looking at your videos! Wow you are great with makeup, I'm 42 and have really dry skin, what brand of makeup would you recommend?


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  • Team O-

  • I have tonic-clonic seizures and after most seizures, I have expressive aphasia. also, I think its really cool. :)

  • At the hospital I worked at that exact definition was a code orange. Like imagine two school buses crash into eachother and boom you've got an influx of 50 kids. CODE ORANGE

  • Do Doctor Black Jack!

  • I swear, my friend’s sister will put her arm on my friend’s shoulder And the teachers are like “STooOooOoOoOoOoOOooOPoPPpP TtHhHhaAaAaTTtTt” But they hold hands and they’re like “THAAaaaATtTssSs FfffIiIiIiNNnNnNeEe!” I’VE SEEN PEOPLE KISS IN THE HALLWAYS! >:c

  • I need more reaction vids of this show!

  • I'm never eating chips again

  • I knew someone who had some sort of aphasia that was progressive. They ended up carrying a small whiteboard or notepad to communicate

  • Chicago med

  • Love this vide! Adore medical, have worked in X-Ray Department for 20 yrs, and I have some serious stuff, and very sick patients. This video is fantastic, so people who don't do medicine - can learn amazing things through Dr. Mike! Bravo Dr. Mike for helping everyone learn something new every day!!!! 💖💖💖

  • You need to watch MASH

  • I studied speech therapy in college and I remembered Broca’s area the same way. Handy little trick

    • Only he named the wrong afasia. Wernicke afasia is wordsalad. Broca's afasia is more like stuttering. But comprehension remains intact.

  • more of this!!!!

  • Moreeeeee pleaseeeee


  • Where is cell at work

  • This was one of my favorite shows. I hate it was cancelled.

  • Code black is thee best doctor show.

  • You should watch heartbeat

  • Hi Mike, I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I wanted to tell you that your definition of Broca’s aphasia is actually the definition of Wernicke’s aphasia. Broca’s aphasia is when they know what they want to say, but they can’t get the words out, like a block.

  • Heh. 'code black' or 'black escalation' (across Europe at least), is the highest step reached (and the worst) generally when A&E is overcrowded and hospital has no beds available for new admissions and patients get treated literally in the corridors. Happens quite a lot especially this time of the year. Good show, I have to say.

  • The sudden influx of patients at least by Canadian systems is a code orange Code blue: cardiac arrest Code pink: child abduction Code aqua: flood Code green: evacuation Code grey: loss of vital infrastructure Code white: violent patient or visitor Code brown: hazardous substance leak Code red: fire or smoke Code orange: severe influx of patients due to external disaster Code purple: hostage taking Code black: bomb threat Code silver: active shooter Code the interns forgot to look at the files before rounds: get more coffee and talk about them poorly to the other residents

  • Dr Mike a question regarding me. I have pain in the left side of my body from neck to mid back. X ray tech told me that my muscle is getting tight due to nerve issues. What to do. Please response

  • Have you ever heard codes referred to as doctors? I was in a hospital a few years ago and they would call “Dr. Blue” to xyz unit referring to a code blue. Or a “Dr. Green” to abc unit for a code green...ever heard that?

  • BOI keep the facial hair 😍😍😍

  • Why arent my cosens as interesting as you? one is a brain surgen and another a nurse

  • Something I learned from watching my Mum pass away was that (with Morphine, at least) It really slows your heart, I kept thinking she had died but she was still taking breaths but there were long pauses between each (shallow) breath, and her pulse was really faint and obviously long pauses between each beat too. So I can definitely understand how difficult it must be for Doctors to call the time of Death before someone takes Organs out, I can imagine it being surprisingly difficult to call the time of someone’s actual death, It must take a fair bit of skill, strangely.

  • I'm going to watch this show. Looks good.

  • Doc Mike rockin the pit stains mid vid 😂😂

  • 2:02 reminded me of Junior Guzman 😭😭 R.I.P

  • @doctormike why is it when I am talking I slur my words sometimes? 2nd questions why is it when I write I dont write what I am thinking but thinking but don't notice till I already wrote it? If is a run on lol probably a crazy question idk

  • Well, I'm not a medical professional in ANY way shape or form, but I'm Norwegian. I've....never ever heard about me, us, being predisposed to anything just because we're from Norway. Idk, it might be true, it's just definitely not something that's common knowledge, if it is true.

  • What’s the name of this series?

  • Feeling really stupid crying over this react. I think it's the empathy.

  • Actually i want to scream code grey because of How Cool it was

  • Dr. Mike- We need more "Code Black" React videos! Love your channel! I am in my fourth year of pre-med studies, and am going to Med School next fall!

  • Do night shift or more Grey's anatomy

  • you’re the best ! so sweeet, ilysm

  • Please please react to Fringe. There are some great scenes in Walter's lab I'd love to see you react to.

  • yeah generally code black means that there is a bomb in the building

  • I love how you always photoshop your face in the show's poster by the end of your med show reviews :p

  • He's such a puppy. I adore him so much. #notgay

  • I may actually wanna watch this one. At least there isnt an IV tubing spike taped to an arm. PS I'm sorry to hear about your mom.

  • In my 12 years volunteering as an EMT, I have NEVER had a doctor or nurse come out to the ambulance.

  • I thought this was greys anatomy at first

  • I learned “if it’s Broca, you can’t talka” 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Pllllease do another one of these!!!

  • The pace in this show is fast & chaotic. Is this a true real-life scenario?

  • Hi doctor Mike, could you react to some untold stories of the E.R. or I didn't know I was pregnant episodes?

  • Doctor Mike binge 2019 😃

  • So you let them die just to get their organs?????????

  • I actually had that in nursing school. My teacher said that children that grow very fast in a short amount of time( typically in countries with tall people) can tend to pneumothorax. Something about the tissue

  • Thank you for the bit about physical contact.

  • For us code black means the ED is so overcrowded that all the nurses in the entire hospital are required to stretch their patient load beyond what’s safe. Guess what? My hospital is always in code black 🙄🙄

  • At a mental hospital I went to code blue meant seizures?

  • You should react to 911

  • This show was the BEST doctor show with good drama.

  • One of my FAVE tv show

  • In Grey's anatomy, code black in an episode was due to a patient swallowing a bomb of some kind... Hmmm, is that realistic. There are a few episodes of patients swallowing ridiculous objects. I'll check your other videos. Not into medicine- just curious

    • but, yes it is

    • he got shot with a bomb when they were recreating a bomb from W.W.2 and the bomb didnt expload when they colited