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čas přidán 10. 06. 2018
Next up on the medical drama review series is Code Black. Funny story about this show. For some reason, the CS-tv algorithm labeled your comments recommending Code Black as spam. So when I went into my comments review section I saw hundreds of comments pushing to make a code black reaction video.
This is not as popular of a hospital drama show in ratings compared to monsters like House or Grey's anatomy but it still has a large fanbase and does well on CBS. After watching the show I was pleasantly surprised at not only how accurate code black is but also how much I enjoyed it. It really felt as if a doctor wrote the script and then it was fluffed up instead of the other way around. If you like this show please let me know in the comments so that I can watch and react to more episodes (suggestions welcome).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Code Black / Real Doctor Reacts to Code Black. If you want me to continue making this medical drama review series please like the video and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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    • It’s called The Good Doctor. He has a couple videos of him reacting to that show

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  • Talking about overdiagnosing. I went to a specialist for my knee because it pops off track. They do some mri work on my knee. My dr gets it... tells me he’s pretty sure I have CANCER. Because theirs a mass growing under my knee. He sends me to Boston (like 4 hours from my place, out of state). I get their and he says “you don’t have cancer, it’s too small to even do anything with it. It’s just a mass probably caused by your knee grinding” So not only did this dr scare my entire family, make me travel out of state. I had to go to COURT to tell my insurance agency that my doctor thought this was necessary to get care outside of my state.


  • I'm used to code white being ED saturation. Code black was always a natural disaster.🤷‍♂️

  • "Boca" it's Portuguese for mouth.. XD

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  • I had a stroke in december im home now but now im wondering if people can understand me or am I just babling. all I kmnow is my brain is scrambled its very hard to concentrate.

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  • 0:49 - 0:52 illegal aliens are the cause of that

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  • On 4 January 1987 a friend of mine learned the meaning of “Code Black” at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore County, Maryland. The call was heard on the intercom, and within minutes the hallways were lined with cots. In the first minutes after the trainwreck of the Colonial Limited, up to two thousand casualties were expected, and the 325-bed Franklin Square was the nearest hospital. Many of those cots did get used, although many of the 600 actual victims went to other area hospitals.

  • Nurse=walking backwards Walking backwards=Risk of falling and getting an injury "I'm sorry NURSE why are you doing that"

  • Please please please do more Code black, 2x15 it’s about a quarantine it’s really good n my opinion x

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  • 12:00 I went to urgent care I wasn’t able to hold any liquids down for 12 hours and I was running a fever. Doctor listened to my heart said I had a murmur and with the same breath asked if I ever used iv drugs. I said no. Then he berated me saying I was lying and I had a suspicious endocarditis and sent me to the ER because I wasn’t helping help me 😑 I’ve never done any drugs i was understandably upset. ER nurse took a urine sample within minutes of my arrival and found out I had a uti. 😑😑😑😑😑

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  • Had a spontaneous pneumothorax while I was reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Almost didn't go to the hospital cause i thought It was a bad back cramp but when it lasted 2 days I finally got looked at. Dr. Mike should I be worried of a relapse? The time I'm writing this, it's June and my lung collapse was in January. I also used to be a Cross Country Runner and currently do BJJ

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  • I have to do my speech-language pathologist duty and provide a correction. "Word salad" is actually a symptom of Wernicke's aphasia (also known as fluent or receptive aphasia). The patient doesn't understand that their words make no sense. Broca's aphasia results in speech that is very halting, with short utterances and lack of grammar. The speech is very telegraphic, or some with Broca's may not be able to communicate verbally at all, though comprehension is usually spared. I do like your method of associating Broca with "boca" though, Dr Mike. 👍

    • I actullay jumped in the chair when I heard the association Broca/ boca, he should have checked before to leave that in the final version of the video. I was a linguistic student and Broca's area is that area of the brain connected with speach production discovered by doctor Broca at the end of the 19th century. (I beg your pardon for my english mistakes, my native language is Italian)

  • You do make an error when you're talking about declaring a patient before the transplant team can do the procurement. What you are describing is declaring someone's time of death in the instance of a patient who is not brain dead. Brain death is legal death and in those cases, they do not need to wait for cardiac death before starting a procurement as the patient was declared dead and had a death certificate signed before the patient ever went to the operating room. In cases where the patient is comatose and unlikely to recover but does not meet brain death criteria, the patient is not yet legally dead. In these cases, they take the patient to the operating room and then withdraw care and after cardiac death, begin a procurement. This is called "donation after cardiac death" or "DCD." This is what you described when you said you had to declare a patient. I have also done this. Additionally, you didn't comment on how they immediately declared a patient with a GCS of 3 brain dead when that's not in fact true. They didn't do any kind of workup to evaluate this. People come into the trauma bay all the time as a GCS3 without being brain dead. Sometimes they're hypothermic, or there are drugs on board or something. They did not do any kind of apnea testing or anything. That aside, even if the patient IS in fact brain dead, the transplant team would not be coming that quickly to recover organs because the organs still need to be matched to recipients and this can usually take a day or two. In the mean time, the decedent would be in the ICU where the critical care team would be providing supportive measures to make sure the organs are in as good of shape as possible at the time of procurement.

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  • If I wasn’t retarted I would love to be in the medical field

  • Hated it. It is why I'm not a donor at all. They are like vultures and I've even seen records of things called a little early so organs could be used to save others. I do not care how remote the shot is to repair something like my brain you take it. My organs are not going to help the vultures or the people in society who have constantly voted to cause me harm. Screw that they can become dirt with me.

  • When you have a small time of windows it's time to switch to Linux.

  • Don't be a doctor in a liberal City because then you'll have to deal with gang related activities

  • when i heard that you spent an hour in visiting your patients, i was really surprised. i have never (for me personally) found doctors spent more than 15 minutes in visiting their patients unless something went wrong (and the patients are part of their family/relatives). wow you’re amazing, doc.

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  • For info, Broca area in the brain was discoverd by a french doctor in medecine called Paul Broca, the scientific community back then decided to give his name to that area. There is nothing to do with spanish but I just want you to know the truth :)

  • At our hospital it’s called “divert alert,” which means that ambulances are diverted from our hospital and that all available personnel go to the ER to help them.

  • I love this type of videos Dr m keep doing them im watching all of them 😗

  • the hospital i work in (uk hospital, nhs) uses black alert for when we're over capacity, eg: worst it can be. goes from green, orange, red anddd then black. obv different in all places ofc :D

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