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čas přidán 22. 04. 2018
Once again I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like Dr. House or House M.D. was the next most popular choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]
Full disclosure, I have watched a few episodes of House before but this was probably 10 years ago so I decided to go ahead and start this tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( House MD episode 1 ) of the series. I was really curious to see the difference in watching the show now that I am a licensed doctor. The last time I watched the program I was in high school and knew a tenth of the medical knowledge I know now!
Honestly, I love this medical tv show series because I think it allows us to laugh at some of the crazy situations Hugh Laurie gets himself into. Plus It gave an interesting look at what life is like as an infectious disease doctor especially one as highly regarded as Dr. House. Obviously, the way that he practices medicine is not realistic or accurate because we don't break into people's homes nor do we treat them without explaining what we are doing. All in all, I think Dr. House is a must watch tv show if you're into medical dramas just for laughs alone.
I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House M.D. / Real Doctor Reacts to House M.D. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • We also need to keep in mine the show started in 2004 so that might also have something to do with it. 😂

  • I spent more time watching Doctor Mike than House.. hehe whoops..

  • We all need to appreciate his ties! Nice style 👔

  • You should check out an anime called cells at work

  • 9:47, look at the doctor in the show, compared to the doctor in real life. That is the calmest face I’ve ever seen😂

  • It would be really cool to see a video on Fibro Myalgia. My mum's got it and not many people know about it


  • Dr House pops vicadin like they were tic tacs

  • Ok thats cool that he's poping pills on the job - Dr Mike

  • I love how dr mike prefers education over sex it is nice to see someone who also thinks its overkill in every show

  • I had an MRI for my migraines once and I started getting super fidgety and kept playing with my fingers And I had a really bad urge to move my head since they had put it in this thing to keep my head still So I had to close my eyes and sing in my head to stop freaking out It felt like I was in there forever lol

  • Wouldn’t it be an emergency cricothyrotomy, not a tracheotomy? I was under the impression that tracheotomies are surgical procedures done in the OR.

  • IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE MEDICALasdfl;kjasd;fkljasd;lfkjasdl;kfjaskl;fj

  • He is popping Vicodin..Plus you don't seem to understand the character of House.

  • Sooo where do you practice? 😉😂

  • Wait. You’re telling me you’d never seen House before this?

  • Can you imagine bringing this guy home to meet your parents? Everything shitty thing you did between 13-27 would be forgiven.

  • Patient got hooked on them ....... Tic tacs

  • "that's a little cold" my response "its house"....need I say more, lol.

    • I thought the samething being obsessed with House. Seen every episode. 1st time ive watched this real Dr. This is super interesting.

  • his tie matches the pillow case behind

  • Doctor Mike, could you watch my two favorite house clips and give your opinion?

  • Ok I have an episode suggestion but it's a 2 part episode. Euphoria S2 E 20-21 It's one of my favorite episodes on House. You should definitely check it out. It touches base on more than just medicine .

  • Are we having a stroke? If I have a stroke will you treat me doctor Mike.

  • The opioid crisis isn't a new event. People got hooked on opioids for centuries. It's a new shiny object politically because people don't need to go to opium dens nor shoot heroin to sate their addictions. Since pain pills became a thing, I've actually noticed heroine junkies becoming less desperate because they can sate their addictions a lot cheaper and do less crime to support it. The fix with all drugs is the same. Treat addiction as a mental disorder and allow companies to legally produce the drug as a regulated and taxed product. That worked with booze and the defeat of Prohibition. Another nation treated addiction as mental health, decriminalizing drug use, and the number of addicts plummeted. Reason always defeats politics as long as reason can be applied to politics... a unicorn situation. Oh, as for how House applies medicine... it is a show about a doctor who has an insane level of insight who is also a cynic. He only takes (by choice) "interesting" cases that nearly the whole medical community misses. The show also has an entertainment formula. The patient is taken, a bit of mystery, treatment is applied, something goes wrong, some drama and luck, House has some diviner level answer, the patient is saved. That is also seasoned with some character drama and doctors play as ametuer private detectives. House only got off in the deep end when he defeated a rich a-hole investor who bought his way onto the board who ran the hospital as a business (money corruption power abuse) and then made a bunch of doctors compete for a single position in a mild version of a reality show.

  • I absolutely love how he IMMEDIATELY knew she was having an allergic reaction and was genuinely concerned for her.

  • Some kid watching House MD's teacher: has a seizure That kid:sHe DEfiNitAllY hAs a BRIan TUmoR Btw, I spelled brain wrong just because.

  • I know you did this more than a year ago, but it's the first time I have seen this. LOL, great reactions and House is the perfect vehicle to react to. The context is about rare and unusual things (supposedly taken from actual cases around the world), but over time it evolves into not so much the medicine but the people. It was this show where I learned about Huntington's. Funnily enough, the knowledge learned from the show helped debunk someone's claim that they had it (trying to scam my family). PS, it's not Lupus.

  • House works when he likes buddy

  • This guy is so full of himself

  • awww Lip Service when you encounter with the philosophical truth of House.

  • My fiance watches The Resident and she wants to know your thoughts on The episode with The mother of all surgeries. I believe it's season 3 episode 2 "Flesh of my Flesh."

  • If House M. D. isn't real, then... What is real? Have I been living a lie?

  • Hello doc mike kindly review house md. Season 1 episode 15. Is the clinically possible? … From the Philippines

  • DR MIKE your cute but i dont think i have ever seen somebody's tie matching their sofa cushion thats a new btw you make great videos

  • Watch ER

  • Great review, Dr. Mike! My only thought or concern about the episode is when the Dr House says to the others Doctors how the patient got Cysticercoses. Actually, when you eat pork meat with cysticercus you may get tapeworms (that would be in the intestines of the patient). Of course that we could presume that she doesn't have much hygiene habits and may get infected by the tapeworm eggs after she cleaned herself after defecating and putted her hand on her own mouth. But, usually, that type of disease occurs by ingestion of salads that were badly washed, and has tapeworm eggs at it (the pig may defecates in areas where there's plantations).

  • The cut away family guy did from house was funny asf

  • White coats are not for infection purposes only. It is also for psychological purposes. I can't qoute a study off my head, but some of the things that apply from police officer uniforms also apply to lab coats and hospital uniforms

  • This guy’s demeanour reminds me of the 747 pilot’s channel (but with more hair).

  • Going back to watch this i realized how much houses voice changed from season 1 to the later seasons. I guess it’s just cuz Hugh Laurie got more used to doing the American accent. But in the first episodes it kinda sounds like he has a cold lol

  • 4:33 though🤩

  • I don't know why MRI's look so big in medicine dramas, cause they're really narrow and you can't really move about much in them. I've got prolactinoma and I've done multiple MRI's. I don't find it scary even though they kinda lock my head down so I can't move it. I just listen to the music in the headphones and close my eyes. I've almost fallen asleep in there 😆

  • Do you know Hugh Laurie is a real Doctor......

    • Jay Ateeq - Hugh Laurie never graduated, he might have an honorary degree but that wouldn’t make him a doctor.

  • Have a second cousin who had two tapeworm larval cysts removed from his brain. Not that rare obviously. He was very young, about 6. He got them from the pig hunting dogs that were caged outside near the driveway. What amazed me..... they didn’t shift those dogs and had 2 more kids after this one.

  • mike ur cool n all but ur conclusions arent too far from my own, & I didnt go to medical school

  • Llegué aquí por recomendación de Un Dentista en You Tube y la verdad me encantó el canal. ¡Felicidades!

  • What's the machine that circles around? Every time I have to go in I smell something nasty and no one even doctors or nurses know what I'm talking about and once I went home after being in the hospital for hours and still smelled it and threw up

  • In German medical school the “when you hear hoof beats” saying is “Häufiges ist häufig” which means “common things are common” 😂

  • Well it's a TV show. Do you know how many wrong things happened in Top Gun I know I am a fighter pilot hahaha

  • I have had about 20 MRI'S. (I have a cyst on my left temporal lobe - benign) throughout my life. When I was 16, I developed an allergy to ivp dye. The last MRI I had, they decided to try GAD dye. I got really sick and don't remember what happened after I started to choke in the MRI. Apparently, I had an anaphylactic reaction to the dye. I don't remember it, but my husband said the nurses looked scared when they told him what was going on.

  • Dr.mike is like mc dreamy from grets anatomy but with better hair Please dont hate on me

  • That is his character.

  • As a mama of special needs you are, by far, my favorite doctor (and we have quite an impressive team at CCF!)!

  • If you look closely at 14:39 you'll find a handsome spy in there 😉

  • Such f****** pansies

  • How does the tape worm seen on a plain X-ray and as far as i know tape worm is less density in contrast with muscles. 🤔

    • Yeah absorption coefficients or hounsfield unit are best factors in contrast scales or spatial resolutions and maybe you'r right. I just review the clip the tapeworm in her leg was 4 years ago, so it grows

    • Tape worms do appear on xrays. I can't be sure of why but it should be noted that x Ray's are not based on just density but also on absorption coefficients of materials which is tied to density but isn't 1 to 1. It's also possible that what's actually appearing is the immune response and fluid build up due to tissue damage.n

  • "Don't give the kids the worms" 😂 I died 🤣

  • I love Greys reaction... but this one is better

  • Dude that smile! You are sooo gorgeous!