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čas přidán 27. 09. 2018
Every week Wednesday 8pm EST I will have another video for you guys and that will allow me to cover the trending topics and give me some flexibility to deliver you some timely content like this week.
Yesterday was the premiere of the show New Amsterdam and ever since the trailer was out you guys asked for me to review it. So I decided to hustle and turn around a reaction video in less than 24 hours for you! I know it may not be as perfectly done as the previous ones but that is only because of the time pressure to make this video.
Expect awesome videos every Wednesday 8PM EST & Sunday 11am EST! Oh, and the btw I'm actually really feeling this show so if you want me to watch next episode please let me know down below with a like and comment. Share with your friends + family too!!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches New Amsterdam / Real Doctor Reacts to New Amsterdam. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • Watch another episode! This is my favorite show!!!

  • I absolutely love this show and would love you to watch more episode of NEW AMSTERDAM, any episodes would do, they are all great in my opinion

  • I don't know if you'll see this comment, but this show is apparently based on a real life persons life. His life is the doctor who fired everyone. Not sure if every episode is 100% accurate, but it is indeed based on his life. I'm *LOVING* watching you and your reactions on these shows! I have chronic fibromyalgia and shockingly adore watching GOOD DOCTOR, NEW AMSTERDAM and many similar shows ♥️. Loved your video!

  • Are u excited for the good doctor to come back?

  • This is the best show for a doctor to reach to! Obviously attacks so many heath care issues rather than just the medicine. Truly one of a kind! KEEP REVIEWING!!

  • Season 2 episode 4 please (New Amsterdam) show spoiler “assisted suicide”

  • Loved the show so much I've already ordered the first series!

  • It's funny you talk about the cafeteria food. At Singing River Hospital in Ocean Springs, MS, they have some of the best food ever. They beat several restaurants in terms of taste, portion values, and just old fashioned actual food. They use fresh ingredients, usually locally sourced and made from scratch right there. Yes, they have fried catfish on Fridays. But that is fresh farm raised catfish, the frying oil is a light oil, it's not greasy. It's a large portion, lol, and delicious. The food for the patients is made the same way, good fresh ingredients, with seasonings, not tons of salt, not overly processed. It's so nice to be able to have a nice, healthy meal with your sick family member. But the price is reasonable enough so if you have an extended stay with someone, you aren't going broke and you aren't eating garbage.

  • Make another one of these videos

  • Your such a joy to watch :-) really wish you was my doctor, you have an awsome down to earth personality

  • Did you ever has a scene with code grey??

  • Health care worker abuse is very real. I've been scratched, pushed, kicked, and been spit on by patients. Sometimes restraints won't even help.

  • This tv show is adapted from real life !!

  • New Amsterdam is my ne favorite show, also love that is based on the book 12 patients and took place in Bellvue! Dr Mike needs to do some googling especially since he lives in NYC as well

  • what I thought of this show? It is very very inspiring for me to become a better2 colleague, better friend, better leader.. yes of course everything is very very dramatized, but the way Max wouldn't give up on everything.. on everything is just.. inspiring.. so everyday at the office.. to everyone.. I would say: how can I help?

  • New Amsterdam is the best medical drama series!!!!!! I am addicted to it

  • They kept my dad in isolation because he had shingles

  • It’s one of my favorite shows right now

  • This show is trash.

  • i would say this show might be my favorite med drama since ER. . close second place mayb even tied with house

  • I absolutely loved Season 1 of New Amsterdam.

  • Please do more New Amsterdam react videos!

  • Fairfax County inova hospital has a Panera

  • I wish they kept this show. I really liked it far better than a lot of shows out there

    • New season aired this week. It's still on.

  • i love love love this show!!! first episode was definitely not the best, it gets better. you should really watch a few more episodes!

  • He needs to watch the newest episode

  • I Love your videos about medical shows! I moved to the US a couple of months ago and so far I haven't had to try cafeteria food in a hospital but heard stories from my husband and mother-in-law, makes me terrified! They asked me what food was like at the hospital I worked in Sweden, and when I told them they thought I was making a joke saying we had 2 different types of warm meals Monday to Friday (one meal on Saturdays and Sundays) to pick and a big salads bar that we got to put something together with if we bought a warm meal, sometimes we only took from the salads bar. They even had vegetarian/vegan options to. Really good and healthy foods in that cafeteria. We learned to fill the lunch/dinner boxes working there so we knew we had food for two days, maybe three if you were lucky, we said if you cant push more food that the containers should hold you can't work here, haha!

  • Lol doc ,a show has less than a hour to tell a story, not everything will be explained, they often used implied writing / speech. Im sure she didn't look at him and know he has cancer lol. Also I think the right doctors explain to the patient but then he goes in after then break it down or go over it. Kind of like when I wake from a surgery the head surgeon would come & say 123 then leave. Then my assign doc would have a more in-depth talk with me. It can also be other way around, another time the doctors making the round had to send for the Head of surgery so I could get more in-depth answers. Like the vids ,do more Bear vids, 😊

  • You should watch the last episode of New Amesterdam

  • To be fair Martha Jones traveled with not just a doctor but THE Doctor, the genuine article you might say!

  • Hello Dr. Mike! I'm really enjoying your perspectives on these medical programs. I was a big fan of HOUSE mainly because he was suppose to be a Dr that would get hard cases to diagnose and that was pretty much his job. Accept that he would get clinic duties when he would disobey some direct rules. I also like Good Doctor, the writers for this show were also the writers for HOUSE. Was wondering if you think if Dr.'s in med school would benefit by watching short episodes made by real Dr.'s that would lead up to a DX as training. Or if this is a practice already being done. Thanks I'll keep watching your channel!!

  • More!!

  • Do the 70's TV show Emergency!

  • I like that Freema Agyeman played a doctor (a medical doctor) on Doctor Who and now is playing a doctor on New Amsterdam.

  • Code Black New Amsterdam Both realistic as can be

  • If I was fired for doing my job I would sue the shit out of that place

  • Omg this doctor is reading my

  • I love what they’re trying to do here but this show is cringe worthy.

  • FYI in the Netherlands New Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam) is a small town

  • Aaww the beginning of the Wednesday checkup :')

  • Such a clishe doctor. Handsome young ripped

  • I once stayed overnight in the hospital and was served fried catfish. I was befuddled.

  • mayo clinic’s cafeteria basically has only burgers and pizza

  • Please watch more!!

  • aca en chile, se hacen cesáreas hasta por si acaso a veces ni son necesarias, y mas encima cosen mal

  • Tv show called The Knick

  • 👋🙂💖

  • Dude, when she said squamous cell carcinoma I was floored. Deep..

  • I love greys because I do love all the stuff about the characters. But this show is a new favorite. He really is trying to fix a broken system. I can’t get enough of new Amsterdam. But I love the resident too

  • I loved this educational, entertaining and uplifting video. Thanks, Love Ya !!!

  • You should react to untold stories of the er

  • I would love to see more on this. It’s less about the actual medicine and more about what goes into running a hospital and HOW they’re run, the mindset and the toll. I think he’d have interesting takes on those aspects. Also, I think he’ll really like iggy’s approach and find Helen’s whole perspective interesting. Max does have quite a few sweeping speeches. It the pilot is excessively so because it, ya know, the pilot lol. That whole "help her as a human" line is kind of the motto of the show

  • I stumbled upon one of your videos, you got me hooked.......Love ur commentary on these shows. Love the title for Wednesday 😏

    • Wednesday's check up sounds good 👍

  • What do you think about Ebola? How long has it been around? I never heard of it until the outbreak

  • I absolutely love this show. Please watch more of it

  • The thing about the healthy food in the hospital made me laugh because the dentist I go to is built above a Starbucks so when I get my teeth checked I immediately go to Starbucks and eat/drink something super sugary lmao

  • Does he still practice medicine?


  • I love New Amsterdam and I do think you should watch more.

  • Try to just do the real doctor reaction to the resident.