Real Doctor Reacts to NEW AMSTERDAM | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

čas přidán 27. 09. 2018
Every week Wednesday 8pm EST I will have another video for you guys and that will allow me to cover the trending topics and give me some flexibility to deliver you some timely content like this week.
Yesterday was the premiere of the show New Amsterdam and ever since the trailer was out you guys asked for me to review it. So I decided to hustle and turn around a reaction video in less than 24 hours for you! I know it may not be as perfectly done as the previous ones but that is only because of the time pressure to make this video.
Expect awesome videos every Wednesday 8PM EST & Sunday 11am EST! Oh, and the btw I'm actually really feeling this show so if you want me to watch next episode please let me know down below with a like and comment. Share with your friends + family too!!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches New Amsterdam / Real Doctor Reacts to New Amsterdam. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • my boyfriend works in a hospital and he always has to bring his own lunch because the cafeteria food is so unhealthy lol I'm so glad you pointed that out

  • Hey that's Freema who played Martha Jones on Dr Who

  • It's my new favorite show. Can you do another episode please?

  • The teenager was provoked AND attacked by the health care practitioner. This was not health care worker abuse(!). It was objectively self-defence. Frankly, this challenges the credibility of your previous statements on health care worker abuse. Were those patients provoked by health care practitioners, were those patients attacked by the health care practitioners, were those patients defending themselves against the health care practitioners? These are people’s experiences and they need to be seen as separate from health care worker abuse; otherwise over and incorrect labelling will only contribute to the us-and-them problem! Other professionals are watching these videos - some of us are more concerned with our responsibilities than we are our rights and, in 15 years practice, I have never been assaulted!!!

  • I adore this show and this channel

  • If you care about a check more than peoples lives I don't want you Proceedes to cut a large amount of people who save multiple lives

  • Least favorite drama waaaaaaaaaay to much drama

  • Do another review of this show!!! I love this show

  • This show is actually based on a real guy who did this

  • I couldn't help but notice that the only shows Dr. Mike has reacted to thus far are live-action shows. And so, being the avid anime watcher that I am, I must recommend that Dr. Mike watch biology class the anime, more commonly known as Cells at Work. hehe

  • Any Blacklist fans? If you are then you recognized the Dr.

  • Sharpe was an oncologist that’s how she lnew

  • I NEED Dr. Mike merch that says “Be Human First”

  • When you see an actress from your fav TV show. Dad! You watch medical dramas, Freema's in one!

  • More of this show!!!

  • MARTHA FROM DR WHO!??!?!!??!

  • How can I help?

  • I'm a New Amsterdam fan, too. As you say, it's fun to watch. Too short a season, though.

  • I like "Wednesday's Check-Up." Has a ring to it. I here for all the critiques of my fav shows.

  • Doctor Mike, you obviously don't know Dr Eric Manheimer's story (New Amsterdam is based on it). He DID fire the whole department. You have some reading to do!

  • This may be a stupid question, but if someone is in rigor mortis do you try chest compressions or reviving them? I thought it'd be too late for that

  • You were really forgiving on this show... I was rolling my eyes so hard while watching it! Great video!

  • Please please watch some more episodes. I have been a nurse for 17 years on a step down unit and this show shows all the hard conditions that arise in a hospital setting. How it would be nice to get back to just treating the patients and not worrying about insurance and coverage but what is needed to treat them properly. Dr. Mike wouldn't that be wonderful.

  • This is actually based on a real thing and the cardiac surgery department did all get fired

  • He protec, He attac, But most importantly. CHEST COMPRESSIONS

  • Binge watching this channel is so much more fun than studying 😂

  • Hey Doc, why is it only CANCER patients are allowed to choose quality of life over quantity, who are treated like human beings & given the proper drugs that make them feel better & be able to take care of themselves?? Why is it that only the "magic diagnosis" counts for something & makes people give AF, but if you have everything under the sun, including terminal illness, you still get treated like you aren't allowed whatever it takes to be well & functional as long as possible??

  • I know in so many of your videos you tell doctors to 'be human' and to be honest and treat the patient as a person, this is something I really appreciate. A few years back I was diagnosed with what's called minimal change disease - a very rare kidney problem for someone my age at least (was 19 at the time) and it took four months to get the treatment I needed because the doctors kept brushing me off as a hysterical teenager who was only gaining weight 'like most people due when they turn twenty'. The day I was admitted into the hospital, i had gone the day before because I was starting to have trouble breathing and this doctor found fluid in my lungs (I had accumulated so much excess fluid since my kidneys were storing the fluid instead of getting rid of it that there was nowhere else to put it but my lungs) but he still sent me home despite my protests. I came back the next day because I could no longer walk or feel my legs and had collapsed on the sidewalk. The same doctor saw me again and still brushed off my concern saying that I was 'fine' so the nurse who had been with me since I arrived called for another doctor. This Doctor arrived ten minutes after my dad (who was at work and got called when the ambulance picked me up) took one look at me, turned to my dad since he could see I was hysterical and told him; 'I'm not trying to scare you but we need to admit your daughter right now. I believe her organs are starting to shut down, she could be dying. At the very least her heart isn't circulating the blood to her legs which is why they're discoloured and she's not breathing properly. We need to start treating her for these problems while we find out what's really going on.' This meant the word to me because he treated me as a person and actually started to treat me and saw that I was indeed a very sick woman and not just a hysterical teenager. He thought it was probably my kidneys and explained this to me before he did the biopsy to find out it was minimal change disease. He saved my life and was honest with me and my family from the start which I value so much. Sorry that this is so long, but it just stuck with me and like you say, some doctors get so caught up in routine and fail to communicate with the patients and it can lead to situations like mine. So, having a doctor treat me like a human being and tell me what was going on - every step of the way really helped make it a lot less scary and gave me so much hope. So thank you. Great job with the videos. Keep up the great work.

  • I loved this episode! Seems like a good show

  • It wasn't on for very long but did you ever watch John's Hopkins?

  • I applaud No Sex scenes. I worked in a hospital as a CNA.... And never ever did we have the sex happen. They're trying to make it medical and not about sex.

  • Who wrote this show Bernie Sanders? lol

  • More New Amsterdam with doctor Mike

  • The medical director is not very involved in the day to day operations of the hospital

  • This Video is soooo great and funny 💕💕💕

  • where does he get the time to do youtube???

  • .

  • More New Amsterdam pleeeeassse

  • I love love love this show.

  • Doc mike love your show. You should do segment on video game injuries, on how realistic they are and what can be their treatments. I.E Resident evil biohazard or Metal gear solid 3.

  • Hey that was the first show that didn’t have some sex scene in it lol

  • Hello there Martha Jones :)))

  • Please do more!!

  • have you treated Ebola

  • House Season 4 episode 2!!! The right stuff

  • Is it bad I forgot you existed until I got sick yesterday?

  • New Amsterdam is a great feel good show as opposed to the on the edge, intense harsh realities of life like nearly all other hospital shows. Watch New Amsterdam to feel good and watch House to laugh maybe watch the good doctor for something a little different but every other show is practically the same.

  • Walk in Wednesdays

  • @0:52 Dr Mike: I’ve done a couple of segments on Megan Kelly 👍🏼 Actress: hahaha you’re funny Lol

  • Just love watching New Amsterdam👍👍