Real Doctor Vs YouTube Challenges

čas přidán 14. 04. 2019
PLEASE do NOT try any of these challenges! The goal of this video is to explain how some of the innocent sounding CS-tv Tags/Challenges can actually be quite hazardous to your health.
Also if you stick around to the end you will be treated to a delicious baby food blindfold challenge. That's right you read that right! I will be eating BABY FOOD! Let me know if you enjoyed and please do share with your friends and loved ones.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series + Responding to comments + Meme Review in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/Memes/Questions you'd like for me to cover. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Hi Dr. Mike! It reminds me how I once almost choked when put a full teaspoon of extra fine activated charcoal powder in my mouth. Cause I had food poisoning and I'm russian (and in Russia, you know, food poisoning = chew some ac tabs and you're fine). But I didn't have the tablets, only powder which you suppose to mix with water, but I thought "meh, no big deal, I'll do it the brutal way". Right away it adhered to allllll of my mucous membranes in the mouth, throat and sinuses with the first breath and didn't let me take a second one for probably a whole minute which felt like forever. Almost died there.)))

  • Stop warning people. Let natural selection do it's job. Let the Darwin awards fly!

  • I have done the Lip challenge Or whatever it is called, Cinnamon Challenge And Chubby bunny

  • He used Jordan and azzyland

  • Did the salt and ice challenge when I was 10ish (friends where doing it and I was dumb) now I have a scar that’s still there, don’t do it 😂

  • I liked his made up challenge better

  • 3:47 me too

  • Idk who but he looks like a guy from mortal Kombat with the blind fold now grow a beard


  • So.... The childhood party game at almost every party I went to... Could kill me? And how do you inhale a marshmallow

  • Ngl i laughed way to hard at this

  • 8:58 is by far my favorite part of this video

  • I’m going to colleges soon and am planning on doing marine veterinary med although once I started watching doctor mikes videos, I’ve been attracted to the idea of becoming a “human” doctor however I have realized that the average “human” doctor’s life isn’t accurately represented by doctor mike because he dabbles in social media and yt as well as his professional career. Thanks for the great content mike! However, I think I’ll do marine veterinary med.

  • I mean natural selection tho... let them do it. Scarcity of resources man

  • Dr Mike constantly gagging is amazing

  • NPC: *Goes into the cleaning aisle in the store, sees tide branded cleaning products, sees tide pods, buys tide pods* NPC: What’s up guys, today I’m going to eat tide pods NPC: *Eats tide pods, dies* NPC’s friend who is also a NPC: Yo that’s lit, imma upload that 🅱️

  • The intro was hilarious

  • So basically, if you get something that isn't meant to be in your lungs you get pneumonia?

  • When I was 7 or 6 I got pneumonia but I didn’t know that was bad... I’m not sure how I got pneumonia but I was probably doing the cinnamon challenge in 2006 by knowing me

  • What about a Hickey? Is there a bad benefits?

  • Your mannerisms are awesome! Love watching your videos. You know exactly when you be serious and let loose. Such a great balance!

  • whole time he not wearing the whole uniform 😂 damn

  • You speak like my mom... #dangereverywhere

  • I remember doing the salt and ice challenge and that shit scarred my hand for a few weeks lmao

  • DR MIKE what are your thoughts on vaping as harm reduction for smoking cigarettes?

  • “Looks aren’t everything” SAYS YOU😭😭

  • Oh what’s the little thing called “natural selection” or “only the fittest survive”

  • Most babies don't actually ever eat that crap

  • He's a doctor and he has such a strong gag reflex? How does that work? 😂😂

  • I am a litle hipocondriac and I suffer watching this video. I cant breathe xD

  • Having really bad gag reflux and being a doctor? Hmmm

  • Kid I only eat what’s trending

  • The fact that we even need a doctor to tell us that these things aren’t safe blows my mind! I always think what person first seen any cleaning chemical and thought, 🤔 oh I bet that this would be so tasty! Not just for a challenge but the fact that they have to put NOT FOR CONSUMPTION ON SAY THE BLEACH LABEL to begin with!! Like how stupid are we becoming?

  • Iiterally ppl don't have common sense. These challenges are so dumb

  • 3:44 i farted an d was like BITCH WAT

  • Can’t watch those challenges anymore..about to vomit

  • Nah when I was in elementary people would put hand sanitizer on cuts Jesus that was a horror show

  • This reminds me of when i tell my mom.something funny and it turns into a life lesson 😐

  • 4:16 I'm so focused on what he's saying that I started nodding too like I knew what he was talking about 😂

  • “Don’t do these online challenges they can kill you” what are you a doctor? *proceeds to eat tide pods covered in cinnamon inside of a marshmallow frozen covered in salt whilst being set on fire and has puffed up lips*

  • I have no problem preventing kids from eating a tide pod but if its a grown ass adult doing it he deserves to die Some people are going to say that they dont deserve the consequences but kids are watching them and doing the same.

  • Doc really wanted to go off in this video. XD He's had enough of the shenanigans. I applaud his self-control

  • 3:58 clearly lmao

  • Did anyone else think he actually wore scrub bottoms? 😂

  • Chicken Noodle made him so mad. "Tastes like kind of death."

  • I cannot believe how stupid people are. Even if someone gave me a billion dollars I would walk away and say no to these challenges. The world is becoming more and more brain dead and people will do anything for views and money. Quite sad!

  • You and dad should do some videos together. Two medical professionals. Two different levels of experience. Be awesome. Like this for mikes dad

  • Wth i did the salt and ice challenge and nun happened

  • Since I have a small mouth the only time I did the chubby bunny challenge I bit the marshmallows and tried to make sure no one noticed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m so frustrated how can one person be so toe curling 😡😡😡😂😂😂