Real Doctor Vs YouTube Challenges

čas přidán 14. 04. 2019
PLEASE do NOT try any of these challenges! The goal of this video is to explain how some of the innocent sounding CS-tv Tags/Challenges can actually be quite hazardous to your health.
Also if you stick around to the end you will be treated to a delicious baby food blindfold challenge. That's right you read that right! I will be eating BABY FOOD! Let me know if you enjoyed and please do share with your friends and loved ones.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series + Responding to comments + Meme Review in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/Memes/Questions you'd like for me to cover. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • The fact that someone actually has to say "Let me explain to you why eating a Ted pod is bad for you"

  • Who else laughed at the first challenge

  • I once did the chubby bunny challenge with my brother nd nearly choked but I quickly spited it out then my brother got in trouble for make me do it with him

  • None if these actually shocked me but the chubby bunny challenge did tho. I didn't think it was so dangerous

  • 7:12 is that-is that AzZy?

  • I knew someone in middle school she did the ice salt challenged on the school bus, few days later I did it at home XD

  • Doctor Mike I love your videos and the end of this made me want to see a video about baby care! Or at least I'd like to know your thoughts on that baby food. Is it safe and nutritional for babies.

  • *wow*

  • It really felt like he was trying to control his temper when talking about these stupid challenges and I don't blame him

  • “Basically it gives frostbite on your skin” Doesn’t that explain why the salt and ice challenge is bad?? _frostbite_ . _FROSTBITE_ like I mean, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere where this guy got frostbite on his foot and had to get his foot amputated. Come on, I’m pretty sure all of us humans have common sense

  • I love this dude

  • I understand the lip suction is bad, but how does this effect brass players?

  • To summarise: you'll inhale it and either choke to death or get pneumonia

  • When į see this after my friends dared me to do The cinnamon chalenge... But į didnt die so

  • The whole video is basically *please don’t do this*

  • Mike.., these challenges are a way of mother nature getting rid of the stupid. Simply, "natural" selection.. 😂😂

  • Please invest in a blind fold dr.mike the tie is too much I cannot take you seriously eating baby food with a tie on your face 😭😂😂

  • it taste like kind of like death LOL

  • Omg that intro though Imagine if Dr. Mike was replaced by that guy

  • I didnt want to watch any more of the condom challenge guy either, thanks

  • I miss the good old days of the fork in the wall socket challenge

  • 5:23-5:31 *cries*

  • I knew nothing about the cinnamon challenge nor have I ever thought about it. But once, I was just curious as to how it would taste if I were to eat it like that.. with no food or drinks involved 😂 Luckily I took a little tiny bit on my finger and put it in my mouth, I immediately spit it out but the residue of it on my tongue was just so annoying that I had to gargle and drink water. Fortunately, I didn't experience coughing or choking but it wasn't pleasing at all to eat cinnamon ☻

  • This video made me lose all faith in humanity.

  • I did the salt and ice challenge when I was much younger... i did it when I was around 11-12, I’m 19 now and I’ve always had a bit of a higher pain tolerance with some things, so I didn’t feel any pain from the ice at first. My friend did it too and she threw it off after a couple of seconds, but I held it there for a minute before I took it off and my skin was dented inwards and completely frozen. As a dumb kid, I laughed and poked it cause it looked and felt weird. I let it thaw out on its own, and after a couple days it started turning dark brown and then started bubbling and blistering. I kept it hidden from my parents with sweaters & bracelets, so I never got it checked out. I believe it could’ve been a 3rd degree burn, but of course I’m not a doctor so I don’t know. It scarred, but the scar disappeared as I grew up and it’s completely gone now.

  • Omg I let my daughter do the cinnamon challenge thinking it was harmless 😫 so u couldn’t make the video sooner the other challenges are just crazy

  • Is that kwebbelkop and azzyland !!!! At 7:13

  • Wait, isn’t the condom challenge dropping a condom water bomb onto another person?

  • Dr. Mike: Let me tell you why you shouldn’t eat a tide pod- Me: does this really need explaining.? Cmon people of the internet, get it together!

  • 0:08 oMg So EpIc DuDE 😂 lol

  • I have a permanent scar on my arm from the salt and ice. It was 6 years ago smh

  • I have a strong gag reflex to people gagging

  • If people eat a tide pod for a challenge and they die maybe they should die

  • Doctor: Cringing from the cinnamon challenge video Me: *Dying laughing* 😂😂

  • Bro I’m scared of everything because I make all kinds of crazy scenarios that make me stupidly scared and now you made me see how dumb people are at times and how I’m freaking out for a reason. I’m even scared of rope coasters even the baby ones because I think I’ll fall off and die. I’m a baby

  • 5:06 Dr. Mike I have a really bad habit of picking & biting my lips till they bleed

  • Am I the only person who knows these stupid challenges are dangerous? Is it because my parents are doctors? Bro why you eaten baby food weird😄

  • TL;DW: Doctor explains idiotic 'CS-tv Challenges' with a few more science-y words to make you even more concerned for humanity's future

  • Please mother's, make paste of food in the home for baby's. Don't buy market products. It affects their health.

  • People are just so stupid nowadays. These are TEENS or even some ADULTS are eating legit POISON what did their mothers teach them? Even a 5 year old would know not to do that🤦‍♀️

  • 0:00 is he trying to be logan paul because its working 😂

  • Lifesavers have holes in them so if you're choking you have a small air way

  • “I can’t watch the video any further” THANK U SO MUCH I would have vomited otherwise

  • The best

  • انت عسل

  • Hi Dr Mike! The case from 2004 about the woman that got the condom stuck in her lung was in a greys anatomy episode

  • “I feel bad for babies” 😂😂😂

  • "non life threating" nah its not a challenge if its not threating your life. lol

  • 2012 2013? are these years correct?

  • this video STRESSED ME OUT. but thank you for creating content that is educating the masses. yeah you're hot and everything but thats the real reason we love, watch and support you dr. mike!

  • “They mess with baby food, they do something to it to make it taste different so the babies don’t know.” Don’t know what?

  • It tastes like dirt! It literally tastes like dirt! ..... is this dirt! 😂😂😂

  • Even in 1000 ways to die a girl die for the chubby bunny like, don't do this stupids challenges it doesn't take a doctor to tell u that is wrong it's common sense kids🤦🏻

  • How the heck did she accidentally snort a condom

  • Dr mike without a shirt WOW

  • Humans are so creative....then they use that to be idiots..... Next challenge....use you're brain guys!

  • The case with the woman who inhaled the condom was actually featured on grey’s anatomy

  • I didnt ask her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That is carter and liz doimg the chubby bunny challenge

  • All of these were so painful to watch.