Real Life Momo Challenge (Very Scary) Calling Momo Caught on Camera

čas přidán
While trying to debunk the Momo challenge we actually made contact through whatsapp with Momo and got it on camera. Very Scary. Viewer discretion is advised. In February 2019 the Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a public warning on Facebook. So why is online media trying to cover this up? Lets take a look!
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  • So don’t do it

  • It’s could be them just getting your ip probably or something else I doubt they would visit you I’m pretty sure it’s just a psycho or they called u and they could go to their called log


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  • I never got a hold of Momo . But I did get a hold of her twin . Hoho. Tho .

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  • They know you’re in Florida because of your area code. Duh

  • A warning did come up. They are not scary, just moron/s.

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  • Momo is Fake as hell momo is using a filter

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  • Some some psychopath out there getting a thrill off of somebody hurting other kids

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  • May have saw your IP address if you were connected through wifi.

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  • It could also be a cult trying to get kids to do evil things to themselves family friends or anyone. Or it is a sick person who want to abduct kids and hurt them.

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  • So scary

  • That thing was crazy. My son who was 11 at the time got a message & he would not pick up his phone for about 6 months. I think this person is definitely a pysco path. My son was terrified..He would not even sleep alone.

  • Bro i cant watch your videos with thos scary musics in background 😫😩

  • *Me clicking on the video* CS-tv: *The following content has been identified by the youtube communty as inappropriat or offensive to some aduiences.* Also me:

  • Momo is fake I remember it being an old art project someone made back in the day it was a couple of years ago and now it’s a stupid new challenge that does nothing but play music and creepy picture

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  • Oh damn you gonna have some psychopath stalking you! And they already GPS your phone, that's all they need to do. Watch out these people are obviously unstable

  • I am saying this out loud and proud. If I find out this twisted person is conversing with my grandbabies, I will track them down and kill them myself I bet it's a bunch of people doing this, saying they're momo

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  • Why not get a little kid to answer the video chat or say your camera's broken? I mean this was sort of a let down. Secondly, if I have caller id, I can see your phone number and that has an area code. Which puts you in the area of the code. I can the phone number to track where you are, because the cell tower you are closest too will have your coordinates.

  • This man just catfished momo

  • A fact about momo Momo was a art project from japan She was a sculpture created by a japanese special effects company. The sculpture was on display at tokyos horror art vanilla gallery. The REAL name of the sculpture is actually “Mother Bird”. The person who made this sculpture is Midori Hayashi who is known for making bizarre dolls using diffrent animal parts. But Hayashi has denied being associated with the momo challenge. Even tho it’s disturbing to look at, the artwork was was never meant to be a part of a sinister game.

  • Mommo - you think this is a game? Me - NO I’m here to trade a million dollar deal.

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