Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 3

čas přidán 9. 05. 2023
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  • I just love seeing the entire car community helping and supporting this project, wholesome

    • LSC via proxy too

    • Fr I love your vids btw

    • I want ChrisFix and DonutMedia on this ! « Hey guys, today we are going to replace the battery for this P1, it has seen better better days but hopefully we will give it a new life for it’s owner ! Out with the old and in with the new »

    • @MightyCoffeeMaker he recently changed batteries of a toyota prius a p1 should be easy easy for chiris fix.

  • Rich rebuilds coming in for the assist is absolutely incredible. Amazing series guys

  • I've been dry ice blasting for 15+ years in my profession and it never gets old. It's always so satisfying watching the debris come flying off. It's like pressure washing without the water.

    • never knew you could do this with dry ice....learn something new every day.

    • So why is dry ice used, it was never answered in the video

    • Johnson Matthey is a British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company headquartered in London, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. 🇬🇧👍

    • @Captain even slower Its basically contactless, dry and non abrasive... so you have minimal risk of scratching soft paint or carbon, no water that can get into electrical components, no chemicals or solvents that can attack plastics and so on.. there are some downsides but its way safer than a pressure washer on a vehicle like this

    • @Captain even slower I think a key thing is that dry ice (which is carbon dioxide) sublimes: it vanishes into thin air without melting into a liquid first. So it can gently scour off unwanted material and then just disappear, instead of collecting as a liquid solvent on the car, where it could soak into things and cause trouble.

  • I"m loving every episode of this series! But, I wonder if any of the McLaren big wigs/technicians are watching this right now and I would love to see their reaction to every video you post. Surely the people who built this car have never seen nor expected a P1 to ever end up like this.

  • Great to see Rich and Stevon getting some actual work done, hopefully Tavarish floats them a few dollars so they can settle up the Porsches dent repair bill...

  • This build is so awesome! Seeing all the creators coming to see it and help with a part of the process is easily making this build the king of all rebuilds!

    • No other culture has bigger hearts than the car community. When someone needs help, we go.

    • ok

  • Best car rebuild to ever see CS-tv hands down

    • No so sure about that. I personally would have tore it down for parts and sold them to make a profit. But, I dont have 2.5 mil subs to justify spending too much to repair something either. I imagine I would repair it too if I could make videos justifying it.

    • ​@Robs Device Unknown he said rebuild. He didn't say profit. Unless someone buys a wrecked/ flooded car of higher value, then This is it. But tbh this is probably the perfect one to do it on and not go bankrupt. Bugs and higher end vehicles would have too many proprietary parts that would just sink the entire vision. This car inspired the next generation of McLaren so you can find most of the parts you would need on "cheaper" vehicles.

    • Hands Down! Rich Rebuilds! Hell yeah

    • @Dr. Buzz VonJellar Rich Rebuilds dropped a notch without Stevo

    • @Robs Device Unknown 😊

  • Massive props to this guy tavarish, others, and rich rebuilds. This is a massive project that will make or break him and the channel. If they can stick it out and get this car driveable he will prove his worth as a heavy hitter on CS-tv and as a mechanic.

  • Craziest revival yet!! Love how everyone is helping out!

  • Dude, this series is fantastic, i came across it today and been hooked for the last 2+ hours watching... cant wait for the next one! Kudos from Brazil!

  • I have never been more interested in any video series in my entire life than this one. Why are you all are doing is absolutely nothing short of incredible and you all seem like absolutely amazing friends and people in general. Keep up the amazing work.

  • I'm 100% hooked on this rebuild series and _cannot wait_ for the next episode. Where other channels do boring rebuilds of run-of-the-mill cars like 300 channels before them, Tavarish does something _nobody_ has _ever_ done. I really do hope this project doesn't stall. Unavailable or prohibitively expensive parts are a major concern. This is a good opportunity for McLaren to spread some goodwill. Are schematics, wiring diagrams, etc even available for the P1? Good documentation is crucial.

    • Probably not, companies like McLaren doesn’t like when people rebuild their cars, they’d rather you buy a new one, thats why it’s incredibly hard or impossible to get parts for 1 off cars like this.

  • If I ever buy a very interesting car I'm going to total it just to watch you guys rebuild it

    • A crossover we all need

    • Pls start making videos on your car chanel agan

    • Its so great to see Blarg here too. Wholesome man

    • LMAO

    • CFM is more important than psi.

  • Scott Ales is the man! Awesome build bringing the CS-tv community together.

  • I said this once and I’ll say it again you have literally smashed all my fears of working on any vehicles keep doing what your doing man you are inspiring a lot of people

  • Love this! Thanks Freddy! Ever since you mentioned the other tubers coming to visit I've been waiting for Rich to come by- this was fantastic! Just Hoovy now to complete the set! :D

  • I can’t even tell you the value of your content! Getting to watch you rebuild this level and type of car from the condition😵 it was in is priceless!!! Just think about all the series of events that needed to occur for this to happen. all the way back to you creating your first videos!! 💯

  • Love these P1 videos T! I respect your courage and balls to take this project on. Can’t wait for next upload. Real excited to see how things work out for you guys. As you requested definitely said a few prayers for ya lol Hoping for the best!

  • So when you said, "that will buff out!" this is what you meant? Looks like it is just about ready to start.

    • Love VINwiki edd....y'all need to do another car trek

    • How was this comment 3 hours old when the video is 2 mins old?

    • @Trevor Duran He probably got access to it before Freddy pushed it public

    • Lol

    • You know your buffing is serious when you have to wear a space suit to do it!

  • Love the colab - can't wait see how this turns out.

  • Amazing work....been a long time since I have seen mechanical magicians. Only the kings of the road work through 3am still smiling... Can't wait to see your face when you get it on the asphalt!

  • these videos are amazing. I'm so engrossed in everything to do with this car build!

  • I luv seeing everybody come together awesome video can’t wait to see the results

  • This was great and hilarious, keen for the team work to continue

  • Does coolant have a bittering agent so pets and babies don’t drink it when it leaks?

    • also grown adults like me

    • Treatment for drinking coolant: 100 prof ethanol. Liver will process ethanol first. This allows body to flush glycol before it crystallizes in the liver. General process, always doc/ vet treatment.

    • Tay is that really you?

    • @dezent Thats really him, he comments on the most random videos and I love it

    • The reason is due to a murder case when someone used engine coolant as a poison to someones coffee so they added a bittering agent so it makes things taste awful.

  • That is actually great content Tavarish, keep those rebuild coming :)

  • I just love the entire community helping and supporting this project

  • love this Mclaren restoration. Subscribed and liked to do my part in making sure you see this to fruition. love it man, keep it up.

  • WOW this was amazing, absolutely love love love the banter you and the guys from RR have, even the Dry Ice guys were fantastic. Specifically loved the whale conversation lmao!

  • Saludos y Exitos, viendo cada episodio esperando y DESEANDO que todo salga bien en el proyecto... Esperándo mas videos!!

  • Best car rebuild to ever see CS-tv

  • I'm seriously rooting for you here, no way this is gonna be easy, but man this is a moon launch on a personal scale.

  • Another great car channel. Thanks for mat for introducing us to you. Loving this mclaren build m8. I now look forward to seeing is progress.

  • I've never watched this channel but I know if it from other youtube channels. Great to see how nice and down to earth everyone is. I agree, McLaren seems like a pretty cool company, similar to Porsche vs a certain Italian brand.

  • by the way keep up the good work bro I love what you do and its not easy :)

  • Slowly but surely your getting there I'm so proud of you for this challenge

  • I was part of the paint team on the p1 when it was in production. So glad to see you rebuilding this. The p1 is the best car we’ve done so far for sure. Will be following this all the way. Good luck

    • Such a shame to see how McLaren has gone downhill ever since.

  • This is so fascinating that my wife & kids are watching and asking about the progress of the P1 never knew this could bring our family together!

  • That was wild. Looking forward to more! 👍👍🙂

  • The goofy conversations at 11pm are so memorable. Spent many a nights working on cars with my club back in the day! So great!

  • Every episode is a worthwhile watch on this project. We always write "can't wait" when we want to achieve something, but for this one in particular, the journey is more worth it because of the nature of it all, and we can certainly wait for the finish while we enjoy the journey together!

  • Love the content, keep doing what you guys do .. ✌🏼✌🏼

  • Here's to the lucky few watching this when the series is over and they get to watch the videos back to back without having to wait weeks in between episodes. Congratulations you legends. Enjoy your beer and popcorn 🍿🎉

    • Don't you mean, re-watch it from the beginning? Because that's what I'll be doing!

    • Sure they will get to watch it back to back but WE get to be apart of it while the project is in motion, which is way cooler IMO :)

    • I was here. We were here. We were a small small so very small part of history.

    • I'm here to say Freddie's next build should be a an F1 car. Any era, as long as it's *fucked* up. But points for a 1970's- 80's classic.

  • 3/3 on treating these episodes like a movie. Get some of my favorite snacks and chill to watch! Already waiting for part 4! 🍻

  • Some premium content right here. Can't wait for the next part!

  • Nice seeing Stevon! I don't know what the bad blood is between Rich and him (If any, tons of speculation there) but so good to see them working together.

  • Stevon is hilarious. Good to finally see him again

  • Whoa! Tavarish, Rich, and Steven! Now that's a collaboration! The dream team! Can't hardly wait to see this project through!

    • Technically Freddy, Rich and Steven, but yes absolute dream team! So good to see Steven again too!

    • ​@Olin Wread Unfortunately this was filmed before the crash, back when Rich and Stevon didn't hate each other.

    • @Random Name Do you know of anything specifically that makes you think that? I'm getting that idea too, but just wondering if something specific came out.

    • 🎯Snap

    • @Random Name what happened please ?

  • Absolutely satisfying to watch the dry ice process of the car getting cleaned. 10:38 Especially the bodywork. 🎉

  • Real car guys , having fun helping each other. That’s why I fell in love with cars and working on cars when I was 14 years old and now I’m 56 and I still love it.

  • Is the engine coming out next? Great to get the first pass of cleaning done, but I reckon you'll be finding sand in every nook and cranny for some time yet. Best of luck mate.

  • Hello new subsriber here. Much respect for you Freddy for tackling this project. You have my support!

  • You guys are doing great 👍👍👍 We have big wishes for you to finish this

  • This is the exact CS-tv collab we needed. Tavarish, Uncle Rich, and (great to see) Stevon. Happy days indeed.

    • i keep seeing comments abt stevon, what happened with him?

    • ​@Bruh moment there was a big accident in Rich's channel with a drag car but in the street 😢

    • They set this up so perfectly, absolutely love this guys

    • ​@Bruh moment he crashed a Shelby clone a month or so back. He's been recovering well I hear.

    • This video was probably filmed prior to Stevon's accident.

  • Gonna through this out there, Tavarish is looking Buff!!! Good for you man keep working on those gains brother!!!!

  • Epic! I'm super pumped that Rich Rebuilds helped you all out on this!!

  • The dry ice scene is satisfying to watch

  • I love this series so much. I cannot wait to see the end results

  • Loving this rebuild series, keen for the next part!

  • From jalopnik to rebuilding one of the hypercar trinity. You've come a long way Sir. Congratulations and godspeed for this build

    • It has a bitter-ing agent so dogs don’t lick it up and get poisoned.

  • Amazing and ambitious project, and beautiful to see the internals of such a brilliant piece of engineering. I can't imagine how much you're looking forward to driving it. Brilliant stuff, keep it up!

  • Excited you're officially going to cummins swap this one - nice work boys.

  • What a great job you guys are doing

  • Whoa, that is a lot of money, much respect for taking on such a massive project. It is a lot of risk, keep thinking smart about this and get out succesfull on the other end . 🙏🏼

  • High points are all the Harbor Frieght goodness used to remove and move the battery. Rich is the man. Freddie, you are both insane and awesome for doing this. One day, I would love for you to do a guitar special showing us your collection. Great stuff keep up the work. This whole series snacks of the OG Lambo revival.

  • Rich & Steven for the WIN! This is the collab we never knew we needed.

    • Who are they? If they have a youtube channel mind telling me? Thank you!

    • YT Rich Rebuilds

    • For the VIN 😅🎉

    • P

  • Subscribing 'cause this project is now ingrained into my being, I'm that invested in it. Binged everything from the buying up until now, can't wait for the next episode.

  • I nearly died waiting for the 10mm socket gag to come out , nearly had it @8mm 😅😅😅😅 sensational collaboration fellers keep grinding you will get there .

  • I truly appreciate your positive attitude with every new problem you encounter.

  • Loving the progress man. Keep up the hard work

  • This is a very good idea and early step. Good luck. I hope that Tavarish gets some parts help from McLaren. Thank you.

  • Special shout out to hard-working and dedicated members of the team Jack, Rex, Chris, Chad, Leenda, and others behind the scenes working together making this collaboration happen! Definitely looking out for more like this!

  • 30:00 wow that battery looks like a modern day artifact realic extracted from the ancient egyptian tombs 😮 only way to easily describe it in 2023 terms, interesting piece of material ,thanks so much for your hard work guys.

  • Everytime i feel like they are getting closer to making this thing run and i cant wait.

  • Awesome to see how far this channel has come. Amazing to see the car community coming together. One thing people don’t realize is how awesome the car community is. I’ve always been part of this, and the gun community. While the gun/2A community can act like children at times, the car community is one of the best. I still love 2A stuff but it gets exhausting being attacked by politics lately.

  • You need to do a grand tour with this thing when done so people can see it in person and get pics. I would love a chance to see it in person.

  • I love how freddy helps some guy with his murci engine, then rich and stevon helps him with his p1, every channel is an expert at something

  • huge respect to Rich and company for putting in the late hours to help resurrect lazarus

  • What a legendary build, really looking forward to every single episode.

  • Wow, what an incredible rebuild process, Freddy! I've made some engaging video clips from this series that I think your audience would love. Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to send them your way. Keep up the fantastic work on these cars!

  • Kepp it up Freddy. I love the channel, banter, and fun you guys manage to have. Sad not to see Jared anymore.

  • This is absolutely amazing, thank you Tavarish!

  • Hey Stevon, glad to see you're doing well and in good health!

    • This was filmed just before the wreck. 28:20 you can see Rich’s watch says Feb 12

  • Huge respect for Freddy for having the guts to risk taking on this P1 build and for the care and responsibility of stewardship this important vehicle deserves. I also feel Mclaren would truly benefit from joining Tavarish in the restoration and giving Freddy at least a break for the multitude of parts this beautiful vehicle will need. The P1 is such an Iconic supercar.

    • I believe Freddy said in another video that McLaren is actually working with him on the rebuild. I'm not sure what the extent of their involvement will be, but they are definitely going to be helping him out.

    • That isn't the way they work.

    • What's stingin' Freddy's eyes are the Amoebae and Typhus that's in the P-Juan. Music during Dry-Ice Blasting is ..........🎶Don't Fray Muh Carbon-Fiber🎶😳😂

  • don't give up ever, the p1 is worth the work

  • What a challenge, Freddie! This is waaay better than the Lambo. Good luck!

  • Im so glad you dry ice cleaned it awesome stuff dude!!

  • This is the first time in history that a P1 battery pack has been dropped out in a garage with a group of friends using 2x4s and a floor jack

  • Hearing 3 super smart guys talk about stuff that goes WAY over my head...and I can't stop listening to them.

  • Imagine putting a $1 tire plug on a $2,000,000 car 😂😂😂

    • It’s functionally the same, these cars are senselessly over priced

    • 😂😂😂

    • Like the factory one would realistically cost more

    • Imagine putting a $1 tire plug into $2,000,000 car and it does the job. Clearly many things are 10 to 100 times overpriced on this car.

    • Shit happens lol. Sometimes multibillionaires have to put on a two cent Band-Aid.

  • I've been waiting for Rich to get in on this for some time now and I love how many youtubers are collaborating with Tavarish. Now we need B is for build

  • Man I wish we could get some updates. I'm looking forward to this build more than anything on CS-tv in a long time, and I have no idea what/when to expect next.. Freddie doesn't owe us anything, but it'd be cool if he managed our expectations just a little bit. And you'd think he would do just that... Because a lot of people like me will lose interest over time, which only hurts his numbers. We don't need daily videos. Not even weekly. Just try to stay somewhat consistent and manage our expectations

  • I need part 4 damn it.

  • Man, surprising the whole car wasn't damaged from that battery! That's incredible!

  • I've literally seen hundreds of restoration videos of everything from tools to cars, but this is hands down the best restoration series on CS-tv. I sincerely hope you get your dream car up and running 🙂

  • Literally everybody in the community rooting for you guys. Like most people have said, very wholesome. Class.

  • You have to do more Callabs with Rich this was a hilarious episode.

  • This man is out here assembling the avengers of the rebuild scene! Love it!

  • Really enjoying this rebuild...roll on part 4👌

  • Very interesting project, to see a car like this in such detail.👍