Rebuilding A Wrecked 2021 Ford Bronco Part 9!!!

čas přidán 25. 03. 2023
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  • Just a guess but I'm thinking the relay for your differential is probably a normally open circuit which disconnected should have it disengaged so maybe unplug it and see if it's still locked in if so it would have to be in the differential itself if not then it's electrical.

  • I know you have mentioned it before but you guys should buy your own paint booth and have its own entrance. When it’s not in use you can rent it out. Having a separate entrance means no one bothers you guys.

  • Paint prep takes FOREVER but MAN the finish result you guys got is totally worth it! That color is INSANE!!!

  • Hey dudes you got it right on this one! Original paint on this vehicle is way better then that cheap ass wrap crap. And the added accessories you all picked out make this the best off road build you’ve ever attempted. Love it. It’s not finished but it is looking so good! Keep the vid’s coming guys!

  • Eleazar is a painting machine, so smooth in his technique! Not surprised the finish is like a glass mirror. Very entertaining.👍🏼

  • Something about seeing pop in the videos brings a smile to my face. Love all the content, but when you add your mom and dad to the videos, it just makes them better.

  • Check to see if there's a solenoid switch for the front diff that isn't working properly!!

  • Listen guys painting is always the way to go, just look how awesome that bronco is looking, the investment in the new respirator is telling me that you guys are set to do more paint jobs and maybe a hint for a spray booth 😉😉, keep up the great work guys.

  • That Bronco is beautiful. Well done...

  • Been watching these brothers for a very long time now, since the first couple jeeps and it’s just amazing to see how far they have came each and every video!!! Keep it up guys🔥🔥🔥

  • Great to see your pops in the videos more. Love your enthusiasm guys!

  • Definitely think you should paint match the hard top. They look killer that way.

  • The color is beautiful. You guys and pops have done a great job so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

  • This truck is turning out amazing! I am so glad you guys are back painting vehicles! keep doing what you're doing

  • Man this bronco is becoming insanely neat!

  • Looks awesome they should come stock like this for the price they want 👌✌️

  • U guys doing amazing job on everything you guys do keep up with the good work

  • I absolutely love the color!! I'm also happy to see you guys finally taking the proper precautions to protect your eyes, lungs, etc. SO important!

  • Bronco looking good, just wish your videos were a little longer like they use to be, keep up the awesome work.

  • The build is going great! The rear tire carrier setup that the Diesel Brothers made for their Bronco was awesome for helping to carry a larger tire.