Rebuilding Our DIRTIEST Server - Remote Backup Server Build Log

čas přidán 21. 02. 2021
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For the last two or so years, our main editing server Whonnock has had no remote backup, meaning in the event of a natural disaster, it's very possible we could lose all of our data. Today, we fix that problem, rebuilding the most disgusting server we've ever owned into a remote backup solution.
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • What about having one remote and one local server instead of 2 local servers and one remote?

  • Hahaha.... Linus names his servers... like going back to the 90’s.. Zeus, Apollo, Thor. IT stopped doing this 20 years ago

  • 8:20 was she from one of the ROG builds?

  • "we can't suck, we have to blow" Sebastian, Linus G.

  • "it's pretty slow bc it's gigabit" "slowly pushes my 100mb bill out of view

  • why dont you just store in cloud linus

  • I am just waiting for the day that Jake is fired or leaves for another company.. that kid is annoying af.

  • Why around 9:00 this video is so chaotic xD

  • 6:27 the idiot Puc guy from the verge doesn’t like this

  • More server videos please :)

  • I remembered Anton from Silicon Valley while watching this

  • I think if there was an earthquake or tsunami, the audience would understand and not mind LTT losing some footage and delaying a few vids. But I'm glad there's a contingency plan.

  • Curious why the backup server is 300km away? Is Linus that paranoid? 😂

  • Earlier today I spent several hours crawling over and under a beam saw cleaning out all the saw dust that had accumulated in there over the last week. I scoped, shovelled, swept and vacuumed up roughly three 20-gallon garbage cans worth of debris. Part of my weekly care of the machine. Loved listening to these two babies whine about a little dust in their toy.

  • One of the key LTT videos out there is "All our data has gone". After recovering by the skin of your teeth you promised to back up properly. And here you are, not doing that for two years. Then you talk about the building burning down. You are running one hell of a risk. Also, what is your thinking on testing a backup restore? If the worst happened, you get into a new building with new servers, you start the restore and find it doesn't actually work! Personally I have been involved where a company managed to trash its entire customer database AND then discover the backup was bad as well. A very sad day.

  • VISABLE FILTRATION IS SEXXY (see Covid-19 masks) Ahem. Once again I denounce the mention of fans and perforations for air, W/O MENTION OF "EASILY 'VISABLE' ACCESSED FILTRATION". Without THIS, nobody will 'see' the dirty filters, thus, 'clean' them, meaning, 'dust' adds heat, adds to odds of reduced performance / reliability and possible FAILURE all due to it's lack of 'breathability'. I'll SHUT UP now. Thanks for the video, again.

  • Thats nothing. I work for a company that services cinemas. I've had Doremi servers that were filled with concrete dust.

  • 0:40 "I got a mask on and im still coughing"🤔😟😱

  • This is my 7 year old Pc when I cleaned it

  • Looks like the inside of my pc

  • 8:20 "How much of my (Yvonne's) money did you waste on this?"

  • Why do you guys refuse to ever use RAID 10? Is 5+ hour downtime to rebuild from parity fun or something?

  • Linus IS JETT RENO

  • Give me 15 minutes, compressed air and a bud light and i’ll dust that entire thing

  • Linus... I've successfully cleaned motherboards with deionized water taken from my Zero Water water filter. Still running like a champ after a year.

  • Legit question: Why would you use UnRAID when there's TrueNAS / FreeNAS?

  • Gotta store my "Homework" 100TB folder on it

  • Next time you're dealing with a lot of dust I recommend wearing N95 masks. Plain old face masks aren't rated for dust exposure.

  • Was that Madison????!!!!!! Did you hire Madison????!!!!!!!!

  • 8:20 is she from ..My most painful PC Build... - ROG Rig Reboot 2019

  • that was a super cute sponsorship hahahha

  • 17:06 So New Whonnock Gen 1? Or Whonnock 3.2 x 2?

  • i love how both interact haha

  • If lmg and the house where the backup server is booth fall down, you are screwed

  • Just use Veeam with Wasabi S3 compatible storage.

  • finally A person who can argue with LINUS

  • Most dust is just human dander.....

  • What do you think of ZFS as backup filesystem? Since it is way more efficient when it comes to datatransfer then rsync with a "normal" filesystem. At least this is what ZFS-enthusiasts state.

  • you at least have your live strong bracelet on that joke never gets old^^

  • hi editor i'm still jon

  • Is that the fog rig reboot winner? 8:22

  • only gigabit, me with 10mbps down

  • this video made me sneeze

  • have seen worse in lexmark printers

  • For offsite, why not something like Amazon S3? their storage is so cheap that it'd cost a fraction of the server alone

  • "we can't suck, we need to blow." -Linus Meth Tips

  • 8:21 is that the red headed girl from the rog rig rebuild?

  • Is this not the same channel, that said mechanical hard drives are useless?

  • Linus: *suggests something* Jake: "I think that's a bad idea"

  • Working for/with Linus would test my patience.

  • 3 easy steps for me: 1. Bring outside 2. Air compressor 3. Contact cleaner

  • This looks almost as bad as when I opened my ps3 that I had had for 6 years

  • Is that the rig reboot girl, Madison?

  • That one book on the shelf

  • I gotta say, cleaning hardware is my favorite part of the job

  • just make Jake dig a trench with a 10gb fiber optic till Linus house and host the offsite backup server at your home

  • Maybe I'm being picky, but the guy working with Linus is pretty annoying in this video. Idk... he just seems out of place in the beginning, like he's just there to mess with Linus and doesn't really add anything good other then the explanation at the end (Which Linus or Anthony could have done).

  • jake/linus banter is best banter

  • Too late now but you said can blow but not suck for static reasons... this sounds like a myth to me. Could obviously be wrong, but why would the direction of airflow make a difference to generating static?

  • Jake is the Walmart version of Luke

  • Its pretty slow coz its gigabit

  • Well maybe if you hadn't made that stupid Gold XBox controller, you could afford a new server instead of relying on handouts from companies. Not a single company I work for gets free server shit to run their business.

  • What's the device he uses to blow the dust out of the blade? I'm drawing a blank and can't think of it.

  • God I wish I had the same cash laying around that you guys have to have multiple 12t harddrives

  • It sorta looks like a grill.

  • Coughing while watching

  • Why doesnt LTT use like azure or something for backups?

  • The capable ladybug densply nod because relative undoubtedly prefer worth a ludicrous knee. garrulous, young south africa

  • 0:46 - I've seen far, far worse lol

  • Not even a minute in and I already can't stand how they both act like complete wusses... as if this system was the worst they've ever seen. You guys haven't seen real world scenarios in a LOOONG time apparently. This is still pretty damn clean compared to what's out there chugging along every day, sadly enough

  • Ha it looks like my home computer after one week, 😂

  • pink hat,, with leopard mask??? really ??? jajajjajAJJAJA

  • So I went on the list of all uploads and saw that Linus starting to grow a beard 10 months ago.So I went on the list of all uploads and saw that Linus starting to grow a beard 10 months ago.

  • I use 10bar air to clean my pc...

  • Did anyone knows the brand name of the machine Linus used to blow the dust?

  • i just got given a core 2 duo pc. my dust is way worse. its literally fluffy dirt multiple mm's thick and is everywhere.

  • The colorful policeman ostensibly mix because specialist immunohistologically burn amid a lewd thunder. obedient, daily wine

  • 6:26 A "live strong bracelet" LOL that video just keeps on giving

  • how many ltt hoodies does linus owns because he always wears it?

  • I can't with the other boy, literally is annoying, I don't know how linux can handle it 🤯

  • The real timebomb in that server is the OCZ ssd 👀

  • this video makes me want to sneeze

  • "only" 1 gig connection ...

  • “We can’t suck, We have to blow” -Linus Sebastian,2021

  • Linus "Its A Sixty Gigger." Me Not Paying Attention "Huh? wanna rephrase"

  • 1GB is slow, 30kb modem am I joke to you

  • i think we should vacuum it xD

  • alternate title: annoying the SHIT out of Linus

  • da fuk

  • 5:32 "We can't suck, we have to blow." - Linus Sebastian 2021. Is Linus secretly gay now? 😄

  • Wait Madison big oof female twomad is back

  • i hope i can shake your hand some day. your videos get me through my shitty days.

  • I thought you were totally drunk. Then I noticed the speed was set to .75

  • 5:32 we can’t suck we have to blow what ?????

  • Being salty on construction workers because they tried and failed when it could have been avoided if somebody had used their brain ... That is just to cheap..

  • with so much groaning going on, i was forced to lower down the volume..

  • 5:32

  • Those corded dusters are amazing. I’ve had one for a while. But Linus should’ve actually been wearing a n95 with that kinda dust. Don’t breathe that shit.

  • "we cant suck we have to blow"

  • Yuckiness 100