Recovering Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

čas přidán 24. 10. 2021
So I got a call for Ed's LJ20 stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains, we'll get it out!


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We Finally Made It To Ed's LJ20 In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!


  • OMG


  • Okay. I would have lost my mind on this one. WOW is an understatement.

  • So cool !

  • Who flew that samari up into the remote wilderness 40 yrs ago ?? Just leave it there.

  • Who would want a rusted out samari

  • Recovery’s like this I bet had you wishing you had a second winch off the back great job non the less

  • Isnt there a song about a yellow submarine? I am surprised no one started singing it

  • That was hell of an adventure look fun nice going.

  • Missed something for sure,

  • How is there not a top comment about the hidden pumpkins 🎃!!

  • I was wondering if you guys dropped the drive shaft so it would spin freely? 🤔

  • Man, I sure do miss those mountains.

  • This is such a Snowrunner contract. 😂

  • Have you guys heard about low carb dieting?

  • Considering all the work, time , preparation, travel expenses, repair costs of the vehicles getting to the LJ20... and the damaged incurred pulling it out... i wonder if an air lift just might of been a more affordable option. it certainly would of been faster.

  • So why milestar Patagonia’s ? Do you really like them that much, and the way they preform?

  • Shoulda waited til 10 million subs, you could have used a helicopter to do the recovery instead.

  • I’m so happy you got this out for your dad (Ed). Your are such a wonderful group of family, friends.

  • I'm curious why you guys didn't take a tow dolly or something so weren't dragging an anchor behind you the whole way out? I can't imagine putting some 32's on a tow dolly or flatbed car hauler would pose a problem for you or your crew given your fabrication skills. As a bonus with a couple wenches and a snatch block or two you could unhitch and pull the thing around corners and along/up sheer cliffsides.

  • Wow. That a blast to watch. Felt like I was there. I must say though as a safety professional that y’all scared the shit out of me quite a few times.

  • My friend owned one of those little Suzuki jeeps I think it had a two or three cylinder motorcycle motor we used to go on dirt bike trails as far as we could it would only carry three people we would pick it up and turn it around when we got where we couldn't go any farther. He flipped it on a hair pin turn. It wasn't really stable on the road but off road you couldn't beat it. It was smaller than the golden nugget ! It must have weighed broke hundred pounds wet. I sure would love to find another one four wheel drive and all 😃

  • That's so badass ! I didn't even know of this. I wonder how Ed felt seeing that. car again.

  • You went through all of that for that piece of crap?!

  • How on earth did that thing get to where it was stuck in the first place?

  • when you look of the definition of "get er done" this is it. At leas the river flushed all the mouse poop out ha

  • Are those the Milestar Patagonia A/T or M/T?

  • I wounder why not use small tractor or escavator?

  • Me: My car door was damaged in a traffic accident. Do you know someone who can fix it / repair it My Inlaw: I can do it The door: 1:05

  • Now that was crazy I've never seen anything like it The trails they had to take and literally pulled it underwater but by God it got out of there

  • How in the bejonkers did that thing end up that deep in the bush anyway?

  • Is it a Jeep? How did it get stuck and left for so long?

  • poor Eric, no way for me lol

  • I'm curious what did his bill come to, lol

  • What a pile of poop

  • This is incredible! LOL. Will we get a video of the Golden Nugget when it’s restored?!

  • You lose losers!!

  • Jeez louise, what awesome teamwork. I believe the Beatles wrote a song about this called "Yellow Submarine". I'm not sure if you're all crazy "Patsy Cline" or you'll deserve a medals. Great Vlog.🙂👍

  • Whats the plan for the LJ20?

  • why are there pumpkins scattered all along the trail lol, i seen like 4 now.

  • Matt with "Its a the mad mad mad mad world" reference about the little girls bike. Great movie! But on a real note this was the most extreme offroad recovery Ive ever seen.

  • They are the best !

  • Lizzy is a trooper!

  • This is the only video I’ve seen with an It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World reference!

  • how did Ed ever get that thing in there? lol

  • why wood you bother, just laf it there,,,

  • Oh my goodness!! What a recovery!!!! So extremely proud of you and your team!

  • Banana took a little beating on this one

  • Why are they're random pumpkins in 18:25 and some earlier clips.🎃

  • Put your hood on lol

  • SAVAGE. This is the narliest recovery ever seen. My hats off to you. You may Americans look tuff again.

  • As awesome as it was watching it pulled from the forest I kept thinking....... damn did it make it IN there.

  • Eric whines too much

  • Only in America.

  • I might of mist it!! how or why was it stuck there whats the story behind it

  • lol the spirit of the Suzuki took one of your taillights for taking one of its headlights.

  • Bro this is the wildest shit I've seen in a while

  • I don't think I've ever seen Eric that unhappy lmao

  • How did the little jeep get out there in the first place???

  • Absolutely amazing job to the entire crew. If for no other reason than to say you did it but you did it for the love of that man Ed. Appreciate you ladies and gentlemen. Good clean content and edge of your seat thrills watching. Keep up the great work.

  • That’s crazy!!!

  • What an amazing rescue. Did see how the Jeep got there, but an Awesome !Team

  • I've seen metal doors, plastic doors, cloth doors, half doors and no doors but I never seen plywood doors before lol 🤓

  • My Question is, How the heck did he get this thing way out there?

  • How did Eds Suzuki get out there in the 1st place? And why? Amazing recovery.

    • It was parked by a cabin, but an avalanche threw it down to where they rescued it from.

  • Hilarious 😂. Whoever thought it was a good idea to turn the LJ into a submarine should be fired!

  • "I'm just glad all the rat stuff is out" lmao

  • That catch was clean

  • would have been easier to use a skid steer or mini excavator and much safer and no sink or float test would have been needed. we have got a few jeeps stuck by rock slides and washouts here in the coal mountains. with a small machine you can fix or make a road in just a few min we take a side by side mule to carry gear. but all that matters is ya all made it out safe and got it out. thanks for sharing

  • making poor lizzy do all the dirty work ..

  • It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

  • I think between the whole crew it would have been easier to pick up the lj20 and carry it out 😂

  • Cool video. But if the epa sees that oil slick on the water could be bad news for you. I'm just saying.

  • real life snowrunner mission

  • How did that thing even get where it was? Watching you guys recover it i saw a lot of obstacles that i couldnt see that truck doing by itself

  • At time stamp 4:22 is that a pumpkin setting on the rock?

  • They really gave it a beatin

  • Felicitaciones uds son unos héroes por rescatar ese gran auto .

  • that was fun too watch

  • a driver series suzuki lj20v 1972 jimny brite lj20 lj. Check out this video

  • The back wheels started rotating I guess the clutch finally broke lose.

  • Wish her shirt was a different color. Idk why yall made the girl get in the cold water tho. She's tough girl. 🤘🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • did I miss the reason there was random pumpkins on the trail?

  • I wanna be your friend You guys do the coolest stuff LOL I live in Arizona cu out there . RIDE ON

  • What about that pumpkin 🎃? 2:35 4:22 6:45 6:48 7:23 16:32 18:29 ...

  • You guys are nuts, those jeeps in 70’s were used as Mail carriers, mostly junk back then😂 Just Subscribed 👍🏼🪵🇺🇸

  • ive seen so many people running those tires that matt has now. Anyone else run them?

  • This was so awesome. The Banana is a BEAST. Long live The Nugget!

  • What brand of which is that

  • A wooden door?

  • Wow... Mission impossible; What a crazy adventure !!! It would have been easier to rent a helicopter to fly it out of there. Still hard to believe it was real.

  • Love this episode, Saw the title "J20" , That Got my attention. So sat down, then started in on some pie the neighbor lady delivered me and a Heapin plate of food, REAL delicious food too BTW, interesting, I Have the full size Jeep 20 version 4X4 Long wide bed.. 1976 360 Engine 4bbl Factory T-18, D20 Transfer case, 8 Lug rims, just a flat out older beefy 4X4 Rig, 47K Orig miles. Absolutely ZERO Rust of any sort or amount, Never any body damage, None! (bragging a bit here). Still like Ed's smaller version, I'd like to have one of someday maybe.

  • Matt you put The wheel in four-wheel-drive!!! That was most amazing. It looked totally impossible. Pretty cool!! Thank you for making that most interesting!!

  • where did it loose the headlight? underwater? haha i noticed it before and remembered thinking wow those lights dont look bad for sitting that long! then it comes out of the water missing one!

  • pumpkin

  • So curious as to how that little thing got up there 40 years ago? Was there a tiny road or mining trail at one point?

  • How did that car get there in the first place?

  • Fewer people out f-ing up the woods would reduce the need for this. If you can't hike into wilderness, it ceases to be wild.

  • That was incredibly entertaining y’all are badass

  • I haven't read the comments yet. You should have just hired a helicopter, it could have easily plucked that thing out of the woods and dropped it 20 mins later and been done with it. I'm tired after watching this, it was way to much freakin work!! Great job though. And Lindsey... did you really think you were gonna walk across that twig or what?? HaHa I don't think so..... Splash. Brrrr.... That water was snow not to long before you fell in it!