Rekkles and Mikyx OP Combo | LEC Spring 2021 Week 5 Moments

čas přidán 22. 02. 2021
We can't believe it, Jankos is hitting his spears! Well... most of them, With Rekkles and Mikyx pulling out the Senna Sion first time bot, Jankos smurfing on Nidalee and Wunder playing back to back Gragas games, this week sure was a banger!
Will we get another 2-0 week next week? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Who cares about the Sion Senna combo JANKOS HIT A SPEAR



  • yazıq qafanıza

  • 2:01 XD

  • *Elder Drake fight* Everybody: what a strategy! Voicecoms: Eeee... so what do we do now...? Love them to the bone 😂🖤

  • i like how riot put their sponsors in the rift :D

  • both these games were so good 👀 can't wait for voicecoms

  • 1:30 Infernal??? It was the elder one.

  • Everytime i see rekkless i think about fnatic, sry g2

  • Since G2 is a team full of innovations, i recommend you guys to try the duo Leona-Vi in botlane. The cc is just incredible.

  • What's more important? 1-Cure for cancer. 2-Jankos hitting a spear.

  • I know that G2 will milk Jankos to get content but i didn't think that LEC will do the same

  • jankos is such a massive content creator machine

  • 2:09 what was the name of the game of that get over here sound

  • Schalke realy loses in every sport

  • Coach diff. GG Fierik

  • Mikyx: "hey can you W the cannon?" Rekkles: "yep"

  • 3:34 top tier shoutcasting right there

  • Plz Let's Get A Jankos Spear Montage

  • 2:29 Leona R hits Gragas......instead of targeting the 3 G2 members on the backline, Schalke Support really played badly this game. Did he just pull that leona from an old box wtf...was he doing.

  • 1:27 the infernal [...] the infernal bruh

  • Trevor Henry is magnificent. Best caster ever.

  • please renew jankos' contract... this guy is a gem LOL

  • " Blabalbalbalbaadasdadablaalalablbalbalbaa we are better." God Gillius "Ok" G2

  • That combo is pog

  • Alguien me dice quien es ocelote? Q siempre lo mencionan en los juegos de G2

  • Rekkles KDA is 14.4 in 2021

  • How fucking good is Rekkles?

  • poggers

  • The title card colour made me thought it was a FNATIC video. Guess not.

  • Is... Is Rekkles having FUN???

  • :)

  • Handsome Jankos under the spotlight

  • Mikyx being influenced by the one and only Bausffs also with that Lumberjack skin

  • 2:18 KEKW

  • That entire last match just had me rolling. Unbelievable.

  • How could I grind for G2 I play fortnite and cod etc and I'm trying to get my first pc but I need to prove every e that gaming can be a full time job

  • 2:54 that's creepy

  • Infernal?? XD


  • g2: pick sion and senna schalke 04: at that moment neon felt the real terror

  • ooo wiiiieee

  • My man Rekkles has been playing like a god for 4 years now this is just the second team he's had in that 4 year period that has been genuinely good.

  • Jankos is just a master thrower

  • Wunder Gragas is the new Jankos Sejuani?

  • 1:59 best HAHAHA


  • "we kind of learned it through the game" -Rekkles 2021 😉

  • What the Duck did you do to Rekkles?

  • Wunder just wanna say that your aatrox wont make me feed anymore

  • We pay taxes

  • Impossible not to like Jankos hahahaha

  • That skarner 1v1 dragon while his team being massacre 😂

  • i was really unsure what i should think when g2 plays a combo usually only played by 2 drunk friends playing normals lol. VS EZREAL! but hey it worked. respect was amazing to watch

  • G2 is such a well rounded team, love watching them, especially their comm videos lmao

  • Best start to a G2 video!!!! Put a smile on my face right away xD

  • Can someone make a compilation of Jankos missing spears? It is gonna be a long vid

  • The post game interview where Rekkless was highlighting Mikyx was so wholesome. G2 is a real upgrade for him and everyone there.

    • He looks so much happier with Mikyx...:) I wouldn't tell that 2 years ago but after last Worlds and this split, Mikyx is definetly the best sup in the West. And top 3 in the World.

  • Thats a pianta moment 2:17, 2:45

  • “G2 have gotten the infernal!” Well yes, but no.

  • god knew Jankos would be too powerful if he hit more spears

  • @0:21 I read "Surprised" not "Suppressed". Poor Jankos :]

  • ?v=Zd0ePo99sMU


  • Jankos' spear was having a bad game. It usually dodges the enemies pretty well.

  • Rekkles was the missing piece for the worlds title a european team has craved for.

  • G2 games are so entertaining, i loveeeee G2

  • Jankos ist a comedic one man army

  • Now we all waiting for LEC to make a song about Jankos spear

  • The best of it all was Gilius’ confidence g2 was no strong opponent to fight against. Ha ha, such a deserved loss

  • 4:35 They say she has a 100% spear hit rate.

  • Jankos spears are 11/10

  • Jankos is such a cool dude 😎

  • Poor Wunder on tank duty... kills everyone anyway.

  • 4:36 wtf

  • 1:26 infernal drake?

  • we need nidalee g2 skin with skjoz outfit and jhin with g2 mask :p

  • te amaria aun fallando 97 lanzas Jankos

  • i cant wait for the voice coms when miky is explaining to rekkless how the senna sion bot works XD

    • Miky said: "Just W the minion, i do the rest of the job."

  • Imagine jankos leaves the LEC

  • promisq is so underrated, he was hard carrying the ast vs g2 game

    • So true. I was seriously impressed by his engages and positioning. Astralis' botlane is actually really good. Pity the others are so underwhelming.

  • Disclaimer: No Jankoses were harmed in the making of this motion picture

  • I love when jankos is hitted by a spear

  • Missed a HUGE moment for Wunder's Gragas teleported bot lane... and promptly NOPED THE FK OUT.

  • Wp gg 😃 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solobolo 😱

  • lol

  • xDDD

  • I love jankos ❤

  • G2 BEATS ASTRALIS as a csgo fan too, i was waiting for these words

    • @Cronic yeah it does sound a little bit odd but are 2 different scenes

    • @Gianfranco Di Vitto as another g2 fan, you know how ironic it sounds when you say that

    • Fuck astralis monopoly wins on cs xd wish they go down in the next mayor

  • If you ever feel so unlucky, you need to know that those who got hit by jankos nidalee's spear are way way more unlucky.

  • Now we just need about 100 more Jankos Nidalee games to make an 8 minute Jankos Spear Montage for CS-tv

    • He doesn't miss, he zones

    • @G2 Esports looking forward to it! Tho I might just make that Jankos Nidalee spear miss montage myself ;)

    • We'll get there eventually

    • just let him play one more and make a 15 min spear miss combilation.

  • 2:43 holy shit that was insane... rekkles and miky are just illegal!

  • No one has ever done that no one has ever don't that in the history of do.league

  • 3:40 look at the masterclass synergy of Wunder and Jankos! Wunder is confidently E - Flashing on Ezreal, because he knows that his Arcane Shift and Flash are gone. Jankos must have told him that hes going to snipe Ez if Wunder ccs him (because Wunder wouldnt have killed Ez by his own, so he had to trust Jankos with finishing the job). Its just insane how they both communicate with each other and find that pick on the carry. Its just genius league of legends right there

    • And the Irony is Wunder only plays with Jankos on scrims

  • Love yall guys

  • Senna + Sion I can't stop laugh xdd

  • Jankos hit a spear OMEGALUL XD

  • Edits are clean af

  • Hi, I m Dr. Filip Smith and i m here to tell you why G2 Jankos wins games when he play's nidalee. The anwser is Caps.