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čas přidán 29. 12. 2018
This week in the One Hour Song Challenge: Sunflower by Post Malone & Swae Lee! (this song just gets me happy every time!)
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  • 5:31 🥺💕

  • Do another 1 hour song challenge with If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes


  • he is just a little beam of sunshine

  • I need your hair.

  • He sounds like Bad Suns

  • I love watching him jam out when he’s not singing. I can’t believe he’s not famous for his producing skills either

  • This guy deserves more recognition 🧡

  • I love itttttttttttttttttt🔥🔥🔥😝

  • Wat software is he using?

  • You create better songs in one hour than some people make in one year 🤯

  • Look, I found Micarah Tewers soulmate 😂😂😂

  • I love this muchhh

  • Ding it !!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • I totally needed this and i didnt even knew it.

  • Stuck in the dust

  • Upload this to Spotify!

  • This is the time your looking for 3:26

  • It’s always funny seeing a midi piano play drum samples cause pianos are melodic instruments and I always expect tones but I hear drums

  • I love how he left his little mistake in there. He's so real

  • I love how he left his little mistake in there. He's so real

  • this is me cramming my projects but still feeling optimistic.

  • You could make me love my least favorite song.

  • 3:25 neh neh

  • 3:24 Wanna Replay?

  • Request: rex orange country-bestfriend

  • You’re gonna be a famous legend star

  • How does he does he do this?🤩....💗🤦🏽‍♀️ lmao why do I LOVE him?? Someone help me hahha

  • Apple music please

  • blanks literally makes songs so much better

  • Ayyy five minute gang

  • I like your style :)))

  • Damn your jaw is gonna kill me

  • Dude!!! I need this on spotify!!!!!

  • It sounds like that cheerleading song

  • 100% needs to be on spotify or itunes nowwww

  • dude i need this on spotify

  • I'm so glad I found Blanks channel. So, so fookin glad.

  • If this really make u smile Hit the like... Make this more then his likes Lol ... but do it

  • Me when my phone is on 1% 😂

  • he's so adorable omg;; and his music is f i r e af 🔥👌😭

  • Hello

  • where i can download this song?

  • can you just marry me please? thanks.

  • 3:23 replay button leave a like if you want to

  • You are adorable omg

  • got that blues clues vibe

  • Haha I love the different genre sound 🤣

  • Wil je die graag die op iTunes zetten aub 🙏😀

  • *Plays piano on desk*

  • it's so cool😁

  • just wow

  • idk y but he reminds me of harry styles

  • Omg u r my new inspiration

  • i need this on spotify!

  • Everytime I listen this type of your music Its brings me back to my highschool days.

  • I have been binging these videos and have now subscribed

  • eh i dont know about this

  • 1975 vibes! Love this more than the original!

  • I like your song so great at work I love it #from idonesia

  • I dont know about this one. It's a bit too musical-like.

  • I Need Thaís on my Spotify

  • horrible henry makes cool bops

  • has 45 minutes left, i have fifty fout minutes left. Dutchies relate

  • This is what happens when vine fuck boys get into making music.

  • I just subscribed and my cat activated the bell.

  • Those vocals though!

  • listen but then 1.25 speed is killer too

  • Kermit the frog is that you?

  • 3:25 - 5:56

  • Can we talk about that sweater though?

  • This is my faveourite one so far

  • Go House of Gold

  • Danggggg

  • i love this more than the original track, u make it sooooo alive I LOVE IT!

  • Honestly suits the name more than the original!

  • I love your job bro! I hope you do not get mad at me

  • *If the original sounded like this, it would be my favorite song*

  • Why is this version better


  • x1.25 !!!!!

  • this was not as good as your other ones but good try 👍🏽

  • You are literally FREAKIN TALENTED!!! and I love your positive attitude ❤️ subscribed!

  • WOOOOW . I loved it. I love this kind of mood you do with songs, how you do it, and just in an hour. And your voice is amazing.

  • Love the colour of the shirt 😍

  • What programme does he use to create music?

  • Horrid Henry who?

  • OMG this is amazing

  • you're like the word aesthetic but a person.

  • Love this!!!!

  • How to get this song??

  • Just gotta say your Blues' Clues guy inspired shirt is pretty swaggy!

  • youtube scares me, i was just singing this RIGHT NOW and it’s my first recommendation ok

  • I love how talented he is

  • This sounds dope at 1.25 speed

  • How about make that into an 80s music

  • Am I the only one who was singing the lyrics with him?

  • Musical high school vibes

  • how can this sound better than the original song !?

  • I see your version of the song on FIFA 😂, really nice!!!