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čas přidán 29. 12. 2018
This week in the One Hour Song Challenge: Sunflower by Post Malone & Swae Lee! (this song just gets me happy every time!)
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  • you're so good wow

  • 1:25 speed - tempo is so much better

  • Your voice is awesome

  • nice

  • you made me happy as fuck on a depressive day. I need this music in my life

  • That was AMAZING!!

  • you’re the most talented person i’ve watched PERIODT



  • ...just developed a super intense crush

  • I’m getting like early 2000s vibes

  • I like this better

  • You suckbr

  • You AND this song!! And that you did it in just an hour. Crazy dude. Crazy.

  • You made the song so much better omg!!!

  • I'm in love with this music

  • It sounds just like the original in 1.25 speed 👌

  • So I think I just fell in love. Honestly, this is the first time I've watched a video of yours and it's resolutely brilliant

  • *Two Door Cinema Club entered the chat*

  • Put this on Spotify pls :(

  • *CLANK BANG BOOM* I have no idea what I just did

  • dude you should post this on spotify, this is rad

  • Better than the original version

  • ❤❤❤

  • i need this on spotify omg

  • Your choice of cloth was fullfilled the vidoe

  • Hey anyone know what software he uses?

  • got that "fresh orange-y advertisement song" feel to it

  • Youre so fucking awesomely talented! 🤙🏻

  • you should put this on spotify.. for real

  • 3:25

  • holy crap how???

  • 💙🧡💚

  • Better than the original dude. Great work!

  • You just made this song so aesthetic 🌻

  • this is fun


  • Put this on spotify babe omg 😍😍

  • put this song onto spotify 😭🙏🏻

  • I wish I could download this

  • That outfit makes it look like your helping kids search for clues lol

  • Should have worn a sunflower top 🌻

  • Love this 👌🏼

  • Best song yet

  • This is so good, you're actually one of the most talented ones out there.

  • You sir deserve a subscribe ☺

  • I like it more than original🔥 When it's gonna be on Spotify? 😅❤️👌🏻

  • if sunflower was made by One Direction

  • he sounded like post

  • If Miles was white

  • Rip didn't mention that it was made for Spider-Man into the Spider-verse

  • Nice but i think this song become a happy and jumpy song which is i dont like it that much

  • I love this version more than the original! Unbelievable that you made it in one hour :D amazing

  • Listening it on repeat

  • i need to add this version to my spotify!!

  • Such a vibey like Disney song

  • This is if sunflower was made in the 80s

  • I love this better than the original not gonna lie 😂😍

  • Ayo what this was dope af

  • pls put this on Spotify!!!

  • plz put this on spotify ilysm

  • your videos are so entertaining i love it

  • Btw if you are a loyal fan who has already watched the video and is here just to listen to his AMAZING version of Sunflower, the songs starts 3:24

  • oH nO iTs hOt

  • I’m just wondering when the release date for this is lol

  • u seriously need to put this up on itunes soundcloud spotify or sOMETHING

  • I wached your one hour song challenge What was really liked You’re so talented You’re Awesome

  • Cool kinda sound like an old disney tv show soundtrack

  • add this on spotify!!!

  • pleeeeeeease put this on spotify oh my god it's so good

  • Wow. Freaking love your talent! Such good content!!!

  • Please do High hopes by panic at the disco 😭😭😭😭

  • This guy is honestly so amazing. To be able to recreate songs this fricken good is unbelievable. He needs to go somewhere 😍😍

  • Thank you CS-tv for the recommendation

  • Wow I just found your CS-tv and this us amazing

  • Can you please remake lookalike by Conan gray

  • This is so good!!!! Can you put it on Spotify please??

  • I love this so much!!! Can you put it on your spotify? Thank you so much! Keep doing what you're doing :D I love your videos

  • Where can I buy this tho ?!?!?!?!?

  • And I'm given 8 weeks to finish my music project and I still forget the words

  • okay like i wanna learn how to put music together, so it sounds complete and full but where the heck do i start uh

  • I love it ❤😍

  • Whats the name of his piano??? I wanna buy it! Help pleas

  • Could you remaking "lovely" from billie eilish and khalid ??? 🤩😘

  • amazing rendition!!

  • that was lit wow

  • dude that's soo cool !!!

  • Speechless. Sounds great. Your very talented. I subscribed. Love this song! xo

  • This was awesome

  • I'm imagining myself strolling around, everything is filled with sunshine with this as my background music

  • This is realy nice. Can you please Upload it as a Cover on Spotify or so???

  • The way he sings Post Malone's part gives me life.

  • you are A M A Z I N G! as always

  • Simon is sooo underrated!! Always lit man! 🤙🏼🔥

  • I love this😻 very talented!

  • I really wish this version was the end credits song

  • I am in love with this!

  • why don'y you just put this song on would be awesome .....

  • Dude i need this song jajajaja, its so cool aahhhh

  • You are talented mate