Restoring World War I Trench Lighter - Antique Lighter Restoration & Repair

čas přidán 20. 10. 2019
This World War I Trench lighter in in dire need of restoration and repair. It's missing some parts and rusted badly. I started restoring this lighter long ago but I continued now because I finally came up with a plan to make new screw for the bottom. Th lighter was made by Imco. You've seen me restore number of Imco lighters previously. They have usually interesting mechanics. Unlike the previous lighters, this design was also made by other manufacturers.

This lighter did not have many parts to disassemble. I left the cap attached to the body because it was riveted on and removing it would have cause unnecessary damage to the body I can mask the cap during nickel plating to keep the parts in their original colors.

After disassembly the rust was removed with electrolysis and the body was polished. I didn't have too much damage from the rust and the whole body was covered by patterns so I wouldn't have sanded it much anyways. After polishing the pars were decreased with acetone. the cap was pianted with nail polish so it will be protected from plating. If this as not done I would remove the plating from the cap afterwards. Then the parts cleaned with acid bath and electrolysis and put into the green nickel plating bath.

While the nickel plating was going on, I made new screw for the bottom. I used 8 mm brass rod. I don't have metal lathe but I wont let that stop me. I used files to shape the rod to the wanted shape and added threads. then I bent a thin wire so it formed a ring. I drilled a hole trough the screw and put the ring on it.

I used ketchup to polish the used brass parts. Ketchup has vinegar and enzymes that help with cleaning the brass. It's also readily in nice paste form so it's easy to apply on the surface and it doesn't smell like vinegar.

After the plating was done I assembled the lighter. The screw was perfect! During the assembly I still needed to add the second missing part. It was a really simple fabrication, however I was lucky that my first estimation for the correct length was correct. The lighter works really well and is one of the coolest lighters I've restored. I also was inspired to make short scene WWI flashback scene. It turned out to be more distressing than I originally thought but let's not forget WWI was very brutal so maybe that's how it fel like in the trenches.

Thanks for watching I hoped you liked my video. Please let me know how you liked it. Next some ways to support me in making more videos.



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