Revealing Zane's Crush On Natalie - UNFILTERED #2

čas přidán 17. 09. 2019
We talk about Zanes long time crush on David Dobriks assistant Natalie, our parents catching us with drugs, and our Hollywood televangelists!
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  • ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕❤❤❤

  • my church is non-denominational too and it's so hype!! super behavioral church, not an out of a book, sit down church. :))

  • In Australia we have “pub choir”. Non religious, but drinking and singing. Right up your ally Zane 😂


  • Bro it's possible to get super drink and not black out. I even manage to not be hungover later. If you can get food & water in the middle of your drinks and DON'T FALL ASLEEP. Alcohol makes me sleepy.. and I'm like a grandma and want to sleep early but I stick it out lol. And I'm a light weight so it's a damn magic trick to not over do it. I think the formula is 3-4 mixed drinks and 3 shots. Anymore than that could turn into a black out. It's always the same places and drinks so I've had years to figure it out lol.

  • This podcast is pure fire! 🔥

  • So I have a question for Heath lol, so how did you quit nicotine like can you give some advice! Thank you! Love y’all!

  • The pitch of your guys’ voice is perfect. And the two of you together is just toooo funny! Zane: “I’m sorry, that’s shit just got boooring!”😂 💀

  • “To be able to spread the word of God... why are you looking at me like that?” “I am BORED”

  • Any other South Africa and fans out there? 😘

  • Keep doing the Florida articles!! I live in central Florida and it’s so normal for us but people think it’s crazy! 😂

  • 10:49 when zanes voice crack HEATH “HAD” to cough to cover up his -

  • awwww they r so fking funny and so cute

  • Florida listener here! Love you guys!

  • I love you guys and your podcast so much, you make work so much better. Your sound is great definitely improved from the first episode, you both seem to be getting more comfortable. Keep smiling loves 😘 By the way 4 episodes a season is genius 😂

  • Lol “oops we weren’t recording.”

  • I feel like they knocked jason and scott pretty bad lol so scotts an alcoholic and jasons a "bad" dad (the pizza) oh wow lol

  • "He said now i lay me down to sleep zzzzz" LMAO soooooooo funny !

  • Oh my gosh PRAISE THE LORD MARAIH AND HEATH GO TO MOSAIC !!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Zane is MEEEE getting bored of the religious talk 😩😂 don’t get me wrong tho I strongly believe in god

  • they're so entertaining oh my gosh I love them

  • Zane, if you get a thin cotton blanket and cover your chair, it will be more breathable and you won't sweat as much. Love the podcast!

  • Heath seems gay

  • please dont get this podcast scripted

  • You guys are amazing!

  • as someone from southside St. Pete Florida these seem so casual lol

  • How many religions does zane have

  • Was listening to the podcast on mmt spotify and had pull it up on youtube so I could see the creepy guy yelling at kids about where babies come from lol

  • zane to heath: what are they called heath: uhhhjh zane: matt what are they called matt knows all the answers 😭💀

  • I love these podcasts

  • Zanes mug looks like shrek

  • Zane : that’s how you know if you’re an alcoholic , if you drink by yourself Me : I guess I’m an Alcoholic 🤷🏽‍♀️


  • Vsco girls be like " i oop-" "TEA" "SKSKSKSK"

  • I'm loving mariah's mug😂

  • how did i not know heath went to church 😭 that makes me so happy

  • Zane is right though everyone has a crush on Natalie! Like damn I have a crush on Natalie she is beautiful and such a sweet person:)

  • Zane: “scrubing yo ass tho” 😂 ❤️

  • whats the email?

  • Subbed

  • Zane its $3 for fruit fly remover! Go n getcha sum hunny

  • Yo Heath’s toes need to go away

  • Does anyone know if they have there podcast on Apple Music 🤔 ?

  • I'm just trying to figure out why they have a "K" decoration in the background....who the fuck is k?

  • Love this !!!

  • Love the Florida segment

  • Zane. Can you just marry me😂

  • Good for Heath. Damn Zane was hella disrespectful of Heath talking about church and God. Like he doesn't have to like it but what the fuck? If Heath likes it then fucking support him. That was so fucking annoying to me idek why lol. It was just so childish,

  • love this shit, nuff said

  • Try bombing the house to get rid of the fruit flies. You may have to do it twice to get rid of the eggs too.

  • Zane and Heath moments are the fucking best 😛

  • Fireball 😍😍😍

  • The awkward moment when I’m drinking by myself watching this 😭

  • Late & off topic. Mariah looks like Alba Flores from La Casa de Papel. She pretty!

  • This makes me laugh so hard

  • It's called a fucking mosque zane !! Stop calling it church.

  • omg please make unfiltered merch 😭❤️ i would rep that shit all day err’day

  • I might be stupid but where is the audio version someone reply plz

    • Yamz okay ty

    • Personally I use Spotify, idk if their podcast is on iTunes or not

  • The only church I follow is “The Church of What’s Happening Now” on CS-tv

  • My OCD's kicking in due to the Neon light, can't that be dimmed? or maybe you can move the couch forward? So it's not too overexposed?