Reviewing Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

čas přidán 29. 11. 2020
Christmas, the time for giving, receiving and most importantly… eating! In this episode, our Chef Ben and Normals are reviewing a selection of foodie gift ideas to get us in the mood for the festive season! Plus, you might get a few gifting ideas along the way!
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The Sizzling Steak Hot Stone Cooking Set by
The Vegan Cheese Selection Box by Tyne Chease:
Russell Hobbs “Brew and Go” Filter Coffee Machine and Mug:
Yuzu Tree
Pizza Pilgrims Cookbook:
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  • I looked online and you can buy the whole tree for 60, ebbers was robbed.

  • I had to stop watching for a month just so I could binge xD

  • lol Mike got 2 books

  • vegan "cheese" is just compressed nutbutter, its NOTHING like actual cheese, and it should be illegal to market without quotes around cheese.

  • Oooh don't how I feel about guessing gift prices. Other than that a lovely warm video.

  • Trendy Crossbody Cellphone Purse, wonderful christmas gift for your friends and family, 50% off, please click blow and get it!

  • Hi guys, just one question, for how long is this Christmas-2books-full year membership offer going to last? :) I would like to treat myself but would like to know how to pace myself for it. Thank you :)

  • “It’s Christmas”

  • Ben’s excitement over the Yuzu tree is absolutely adorable!!

  • 5:57 the moment Ben looked like a happy dog wagging his tail 😅 utterly adorable!

  • I feel they may not have quite got the hang of Secret Santa.

  • Unrelated but where do you guys buys those premium thick wrapping papers? So tired of the cheap ones every year.

  • I've always heard the whole "searing in moisture" in meat is a myth. I'm fairly certain I've heard ben mention it in a video before. Still seems like a fun gift for certain people though.

  • Fun fact: lactose isn't present in high quantities in cheese. Usually it's below 0.1 g per 50 g

  • I'm, um, Americano, and I've NEVER seen fries on a pizza!

  • I love this channel and I love the guys and they are very creative. But I would REALLY like some non meat ideas. Even fish! Am I wasting my time wishing this from 5 blokes? Should I go on another channel? any tips?

  • given how much difference there is between this real book and kindle .. how's come the book industry is not "burning"? .. so to say

  • as usual the imperialistic british attitude is on display as they gawk at "weird" proteins "what a weird order.."

  • The “americano” pizza looked to have French fried and like, hotdog slices... wtf?

  • Guys, please do more Step up to the plate with celebs :)

  • Mike is the bestest friend!!!!! Yuzu tree! ACTUAL YUZU!!! Omg! Im so jealous

  • I really am grateful for these vids! I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment to be able to support you guys. But you've given me so many great gift ideas over the past year or so with these videos - so just saying thankyou! It's nice for such a range of foodies, normals and chefs to review dope foodie things! Big love!

  • Why have you used the fairport convention font on your thumb nail?

  • I bought one of those steak stones from that company. Maybe US ovens don't get as hot as ones in the UK, but even after close to an hour at max heat the stone only stayed hot enough to cook meat for 15ish minutes, and was barely able to cook vegetables like they advertise at all.

  • Ebber's gift is LOVELY but he will need a really light place to make citrus happy over winter, if not grow lights. I started some pink grape from seed randomly and man it suffers in the winter. Mind you, I am just a little father up north than lovely London. SO I hope you see this and consider the light requirements of citrus.

  • Barry's facial expressions and reactions made this video the best

  • The Americano has French fries on it?! I’m insulted and intrigued

  • can you do some low sodium food/meal ideas? i was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and have been living off unseasoned steamed veggies salads n cucumbers and i want to eat real food lol

  • Alternate title: "Sorted: The Infomercial"

  • Do you guys plan on translate your app/books into different langauges? As a non-english I would love to skip calculate and translate :D Great job, and happy advent

  • Hello, will you ever republish some of your earlier books? most of them are now out of stock and I would love to have a complete collection.

    • @SORTEDfood I know, I'm just a sucker for printed books😁. I''ve been subscribed for yeas and have most books, even the first one( I think it's the first one.. beginners get sorted) Anyway thank you for the reply and all the cooking inspiration. You guys are awesome 🙂

    • Aaaaaah no, we're sorry! Once a book has sold out, we don't do reprints,, however all our books are available as e-books on our Cookbook app. There is a 1 month free trial available if you want to check it out :)

  • im not going to pay 50 pounds on a rock

  • Is this not also just one big ad for their product and if so shouldn't they add the disclaimer? Or are they just hoping they're skirting enough to avoid the advertising laws?

  • So was James on the naughty list or something? We the people of James demand he gets is own gift video!

  • Love the review guys, thanks so much. The more direct the heat, the hotter the Stone will get, so you could even have used the electric hob you have there and it would get well up over 300c to give you a great sear of even a full, deep cut of Steak. We're off to hunt some dinosaur :-) Happy Sizzling!

  • I genuinely don't understand the point of the stone..

  • Hahaha ...its soiled itself -Ben...

  • Recommendation for a future production: From any if the Sorted books, any member of the team (normals/chefs) could execute one of the recipes. Whether at home (granted maybe 2 cameras...1 above cooking area and 1 staged for better conversation...maybe include 'extras' from their family(mom/dad, spouse, child, or friend) or in the studio, they can show one of their favorites. Looking forward to whatever you gentlemen publish next. Please stay healthy and of course productive. *North Carolina, USA

  • We're going to need an update of that tree, preferably Ben vlogging style :D

  • Where did the Yuzu plant come from? I can't see it listed above.

  • Can you guys do a video on advent calendar

  • They should've called their book collection "Assorted Sorted"

  • Thank you guys! I’m definitely getting one of those trees for myself and a friend, as well as the cheeses and Sorted gift set! Happy Christmas!

  • Where did you get the Yippee Ki Yay artwork in the background? I know someone who would love that!

  • i got my brother in law the hotel chocolat hot chocolate maker last year and my sister and i use it religiously. doesnt only make hot choc either, all sorts of lattes work because that froth is ridiculous!

  • How did you not feature The Wasabi Company's Yuzu jam on this eps?! That stuff is divine!

  • You guys made my day💗!!! Happy Christmas and every holiday you celebrate🎄🎊🎉🎅💝

  • That coffee machine needs a grinder to start it by the timer. This will help to wake up:)

  • C H U N A

  • Can we get the gift offer in the US? It only shows UK prices.

  • Merry Christmas, Guys.

  • Mike doesn't like cheese?!?!?!

  • Great ideas here guys - any info on the source for the yuzu tree? Lotta sites showing up on a search, want to go to at least a reliable one, preferably the one used here!

  • "Good for things cook quickly" but you had to had to warm it up for 40 mins

  • The steak stone is a rip off! Go to the local tile store or hardware/home store and get a granite tile for a buck or two...

    • @tim anctil or use Lava and heat it up really quickly to a much higher heat and cool it super quickly with no fear of cracking. Each to their own Tim, it's all about enjoying your food and if you are that makes us happy :-)

    • @Nick Metcalf frying pans have handles and upturned edges. Your lava stone is just that, a stone. Pretentious... yup!

    • @Nick Metcalf I've been using a granite tile as a pizza stone for over ten years, no cracks. Just heat it slowly as the oven comes to temp and let cool to room temp before cleaning...

    • Thanks for your thoughts Tim, although we can't help thinking that's kind of like saying Frying Pans are a rip-off cause you can get a piece of steel from a scrapyard. This is the very best quality Lava Stone cut from quarried blocks of Lava Stone from deep in the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, and expertly honed by hand for use as a Cooking Stone. This is then placed in a specially designed Stainless Steel Tray housed in a sustainably sourced and super strong Bamboo Base to create just one of our attractive collection of Hot Stone Cooking Products, suitable for almost every style of cuisine. It will last you pretty much forever at home, whereas anything made from Granite would crack after just a few uses (this is all about how Lava is formed above ground, but Granite underground, but we'll leave the Geology for another day). Happy Sizzling!

  • Anyone see "cum" behind where he was standing during the yuzu tree part? No just me. ... Okay

  • I was so excited to buy the sorted Christmas gift pack for my Dad....until you told me the a pandemic year when we're all skint at the best of times....sad.

  • I know you guys film way in advance, so maybe for next year, but would love to see a "what I'm getting my chef-y friends for xmas" video

  • I just got "How We Cook" in the mail, and I'm just here from the future/past to advertise... GET IT! You will not regret it.

  • Ahhh, yes. The jokes are back.

  • After rewatching pass it on vids I want to see another christmas dinner pass it on!

  • Hi guys Just wondering when ur cookbooks will back in stock please

  • Guys, I love your channel so much, keep doing it!

  • Do a recipe relay on Indian dish with Japanese fusion and order will be like james, mike, jamie, ben and barry OR the order can be based on the hand size.

  • Have you considered doing Keto friendly food? There is a big market for it an with Ben's fabulous handle on the science behind food, I would love to see something about it.

  • I think that steak stone might be overpriced. I liked the cheese set. Saw that set online for EU 30 a few weeks ago. You can get stones with heating elements and small pans for a family table cooking experience in the same price range. Google "steengrill Tefal" and you might find a UK source for it too. My parents had such a thing in the 1990s already. What we call "gourmetten" in NL is very popular as Christmas dinner. It has nothing to do with the French word but is probably influenced by Chinese hotpot, Japanese grill or other similar cooking styles. On Christmas morning local butchers sell premade kits of assorted meats accompanied by salads. You order and pay weeks in advance and pick them up on Christmas morning. After Christmas the "gourmetset" or "Steengrill" is moved to the attic again for the next year ;). I like the other gifts and your Christmas outfits. Still amazed by office people wearing even crazier outfits to the office just days before Christmas. And in a very hot train between Manningtree and London Liverpool street station. Lucky enough that I have a few shops in my home town who sell all that crazy Christmas British food stuff ;) Still a pitty I did away with TV years ago, so no Dr Who Christmas episode.

  • Ooh vegan content! That cheese selection looks amazing!

  • The best gift was the Yuzu tree! I love citrus trees, I have several and like to grow them from assorted pips myself. Normally I'm really sh*t at keeping plants alive, especially growing stuff from seeds, but I love my tiny lemon, (orange?) and grapefruit plant-babies! :D haven't got a yuzu, though.

  • Poor Mike only got books..I would leave my friend for gifting me books lol

  • "It doesn't smell cheesy" Probably because it's not cheese...

  • As an American I’d like to say French fries on pizza is not a American thing.

  • Pass it on order: Tell Barry he gets to pick the order, but whatever he picks, do it in reverse.

  • Mike got the shitty end of the stick . . .

  • I was missing the Dad jokes more than I realised.. thank you. my children looked forward to them.

  • @sorted can you guys put all of the chefs review kitchen gadgets into a play list plz

  • i have that coffee machine and as a mother of a toddler this is the best thing to come down every morning to a filter coffee is fantastic. I got it as a gift last year with a coffee grinder (i use to to grind spices as well) This is a fantastic to gift for any tired parents or a partner who is regularly running late fresh coffer at 7:30 every morning. AND THE TYNE CHEESE ARE THE BOMB I HAVE THESE FOR MY CHRISTMAS CHEESE BORAD

  • pluggity plug plug

  • Check out Tyne's website. If only 1% of your subscribers bought something from them they will be out of stock till March next year. You really SORTED them out, didn't you? ;-)

  • Funny story. Today I took a client to Orange, that's a country in Australia. Whilst they were at their appointment I wandered into food and kitchen gear store. Lo and behold there was the pizza book featured in this episode. I'm not one for karma etc, but what a find in the most unlikely expects to find these things in a city, not a country town. Suffice to say, I paid the $40 AUD to grab my copy :)

  • "It's soiled itself." STAAAAAHP. That's a dad joke and yummy pun all in one.

  • As a lactose intolerant person that cheese box looks amazing

  • Well that made me smile for the whole video. Merry Christmas guys. Thank you for all you do.

  • Mike doesn't like cheese? Are you human?!

  • I want Ebber’s holiday sweater/jumper.

  • I would totally buy your xmas bundle but 65£ is $112.63 Canadian and in 2020 that is way over my budget.

  • What an absolute tosser of an idea a cooking stone is- like honestly, the pain of preheating the blasted thing alone makes it nothing but a novelty that you'd probably use once and then forget about

  • Merry Christmas... wait, your all British. Should you not be saying "Happy Christmas" at least once?

  • these are probably my favorite videos!! I wait all year long for them

  • That Alan Partridge reference made me wear my drink

  • Is it just me or does the cover of the cook book look like a cover of a romance novel

  • All the ladies checkin' out my sugar lumps...

  • I’ve been watching your old xmas videos, waiting for you to bring out this years ones, and I have to say that they are my favourite and you didn’t let me down! I still love your other videos but there is just something about the xmas ones that make me so happy, maybe it’s the xmas cheer or just that you do things at xmas that you wouldn’t do in the year.

  • Mike... you don't like cheese. Wtaf. Cheese is food of the Gods.

  • Oh bazar. He’s so cute

  • You know what would be a cool gift? A studio tour! Husband and I have been binging a lot of old uploads and you guys used to show a lot more of your studio and we miss that! I’d love to see a tour :p

  • James triggering all the vegans straight up - 🥩 🍣 or 🐊

  • Where did y’all get the jumpers?!? Love!!!

  • There was not enough appreciation for Ebbers' "It soiled itself" pun. It was perfect.

  • Guys, please. I've been watching religiously for years and all I've wanted is a Sorted sweatshirt/hoodie. Just something that has the logo on the sleeve for something. Maybe yellow? Pls. Casual merch.

  • Poor mike.