Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

čas přidán 12. 09. 2021
Morty injects himself with Rick’s downloaded brain and learns Rick’s tragic backstory.
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Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim


  • 1:14 is that a Puma I mean warthog in the background

  • "There, now everyone can shut up about it" I feel like that's the creator talking to the audience lol

  • It kind of explain why it was so easy for him to let one of the Beth in the Cronenberg universe: she wasn't his Beth. His Beth is dead, so since he lost everything from the beginning very few things matters to him. One being BP (as we saw in this season) and the other being Morty, which I don't even think is C-137 Morty, is just the first one he found, the very first version of his potential grandson. Also this explain why he was the first suspect when other Ricks started to be killed and why he hate the Citadel, not because of the system but cuz it's just full of Ricks, and Rick HATES all of them, he hated to come in terms with that place, thinking about the fact the one of them is responsible for his family's death. Also maybe this is all fake and he's gonna show his middle finger to us in next season, dunno, that's part of the fun I suppose

  • If you think about it, the story of rick going back to beth doesn't make sense. Why suddenly he chose to be back with beth if he leave her in the first place? Now we know why

  • 2:31 wow rick car is actually futuristic from the beggining, not just a booster made from trash can

  • That was deep.

  • imagine spending your entire live in a tv show when you travel demensions, when is he going to be real?

  • I’m just wondering since he’s the smartest man in the universe why didn’t he just travel back In time and save his family

  • When rick infiltrates that sci fi base , i really wanna know what that cube thing the boss rick had. Or what do yall think it is xDD

  • Dead wife?

  • What if the mortious morty is really the Rick that killed c-137’s family ?

    • Nah

  • He had nothing to do with what the other Ricks had done. He was just a man seeking revenge for his family. Damn Rick, my condolences

  • I wonder why he never time travelled back to that point to save his family ?

  • All he ever wanted was to bring them back,there is nothing a father won't do for his child,even scour the universe looking for a way to bring them back from the dead...

  • what the fuck why is Rick like that

  • Is evil Rick evil Mortys rick?

  • 1:55-2:35 hits the hardest for me.

  • Why is his house is still Walter White's house? Is this also a made up?

  • Does this just contradict season 3 where he says His wife and Beth dying was just a fabricated story?

    • The fabricated story refers to the origin of the portal gun since he created it immediately after the bomb exploded instead of much later

  • Blade Runner Rick is cool.

  • The music, the animation and each individual scene, and the feelings they invoked makes this a modern animated cinematic masterpiece.

  • Think about it, Rick is the happiest he has ever been in his life since meeting Morty. Even if he wasn't his Morty.

  • If you wanna give Rick a real backstory fine but going back to the fake one from Season 3 and going "yeah it's actually real" is so fucking lazy lmao

  • Rick's clothes in 2:06 are Morty's clothes, right?

  • Notice how ready Morty was to finally be let in by Rick? Such a good kid 😖

  • 2:30 hmmm the floor Is ALREADY broken,and it broke in t2...something Is wrong,this must be a Fake memory

  • Song? Pls

  • Почему все рики тупо шли на него Не защищаясь

  • The Rickest Rick is one who kept going after what he lost especially after this showing.

    • Especially after knowing with all you can do you still have a main mission in the end.

  • 1:50 Our Rick gave up on searching for the Rick that killed his wife right after that cube got broken... what might have been there?

  • 0:24

  • Plot twist , Rick never scan picture himself, but it will relate to time travel

  • I don't think rick ever scanned his own face , did he?

  • I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all day

  • Just imagine it, the Rick who killed Beth and his wife just died .

  • This just make Rick is really the Rickest Rick, and consider how Rick unforgiven side for anyone who disturb his new family, I bet he lay trap for Evil Morty.

  • Its all so serious then Morty wakes up and says "Woah" and again im rolling in laughter 😂😂

  • I would love to see how he made clone Beth

  • Why did that rick even try to kill him and his family? To get back at him for not wanting to join the citadel or whatever group they had at the time ? Idk its just so strange all of this . I get morty wants to be the main character for once but where did that morty come from like what universe and which rick and what happened to him to make him this way? Like i get why but i kind of want more backstory on that rick.

  • *SJWs must cease.*

  • Now u know why Rick hates himself

  • This has been by far, THE best season! And the music alone in this episode was GLORIOUS!

  • This hurts so badly. Wabulabdubdub

  • wait, i thought the whole reason he was able to escape from prison was that he made that origin up?

  • I wonder if the Rick that started his story is a Rick that's smarter than the rest of Rick's in the finite curve maybe he's in one of the universes that exist on the outside

  • This scene absolutely Masterpiece!

  • This whole finale showed me that Rick is the _Rickest Rick_ because he actually _cares_ about Morty and his family, and _NOT_ because he doesn't.

  • I just noticed at 2:30 that the ground around Morty's house is cracked when Rick returns, like it became after episode 10 in season 1. Does this imply something?

  • Can someone explain me why Beth is crying at 2:33 ?

    • @Grego Varo Moreno thanks!

    • Easy, she's crying because she hadn't seen her father in a long time. We don't know what happened to Beth original Rick but our Rick isn't him

  • Funny that Evil morty may have done what Rick couldn't. kill the Rick that killed his family

  • I want a movie of this 😭

  • 0:23 is where it starts

  • what if...? evil morty belong to evil rick🤔 the one who kill rick family and motivat every rick in the universe to know the inter-dimension travel and he is more smart then evil morty and that's why rick-c137 cannot find him and that's why he give up in the end...and maybe evil rick is the one who open morty mind and turn him to evil🤪🤔🤔

  • sad

  • Love this show big fan foreva

  • Theory: Outside the central finite curve is where evil Rick is, evil Morty went outside the central finite curve to try to kill evil Rick. I'm guessing evil Rick intentionally made the central finite curve to fuck with C-137 Rick. I'm also guessing, outside the central finite curve is where the parallel universes where "Diane and Beth still lives" resides in. Rick truly hates his fellow Rick. I think evil Rick planned this whole incident to create the Rickest Rick (Rickest Rick being C-137 Rick), because the Rickest Rick have some knowledge that evil Rick doesn't have. So from the very beginning, in quest of God-like intelligence, evil Rick created this whole chain of events to C-137 Rick's life, making C-137 Rick the Rickest Rick known to Ricks. In the prophecy given to me by a deity, Rickest Rick will kill evil Rick, or possibly create a whole time machine, that will fuck up to what we know now.

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • whats that white cube?

  • I like to think Rick just wanted extra pizza n created the portal gun and thn was like "might as well avenge my fam".

  • I feel for Rick so much it’s sad heartbreak is no joke it will destroy you from the inside

  • 2:06 is that the backstoy of Slow Rick/Tall Morty?

  • Quizás hay otro grupo de Rick's que pelea contra el Consejo de rick's.. Porque el que estaba con el cubo estaba "robando" y también vestía igual al rick que mató a la familia de c-137. Creo que lo usaron para matar a sus enemigos indirectamente. Lo sabremos en la 6ta temporada.

  • when beth went to go save tommy, rick showed her all the toys she asked him to make her when she was little but he wasn't around for her childhood and his beth died with his wife so where did the toys come from, who created froopie land, how did he know about it because this rick showed up when she was an adult

  • So, the Rick that killed his family and is still on the loose is the real "Rickiest Rick"?

  • At the end, alongside the somber synth music, when you realize how our Rick and Morty's partnership stands out among their multiversal counterparts? It really brings a tear to your eyes.

  • This backstory is badass and sad

  • Without context this is a trippy sequence. With it? Probably the saddest, most profound episode of the series. From its critique of capitalism to showing ricks true sorrow. Wow. Very well written. Bravo

  • the rick who killed ricks wife and daughter is not in the curve

  • Throughout the show it has been suggested that Rick hates himself. I think that is why he was killing the other versions of himself. He was disgusted that there was a version of him who could murder his family.

  • Things we learned in just 3 minutes: -Morty C-137 never existed -Rick never saw his daughter grow, he just showed up in a universe where she´s alive -"The Rickest Rick" is the most kind, loving, and broken Rick -Rick C-137 hates all Ricks as much as Evil Morty does Feel free to add more

    • Great comment, I add something: -Rick hates Jerry because he spent more time with Beth than Rick -Rick calls himself the rickest Rick because he's the only Rick who did not accept Rough Rick's request, and therefore the only Rick who preferred family to science

  • so does rick travel through time in the flashback? cus we see rick in his 30s meet a version of himself as a grandpa with summer and morty, and again in his 30s he murdered a 70 year old version of himself. so whats the deal?

    • They could be in a reality where people age quicker idk 🤷‍♂️

  • The “Rickest Rick” is the one who actually cares about his family, his friends, and justice. All of those things were taken from him by a jaded, petty version of himself. He spends his life destroying the worst versions of himself but in the end, he gives up and goes to a reality where his daughter is still alive and his grandchildren exist; living out the rest of his days adventuring and exploring with an actual family to return to after those adventures are over. Question is, why does he go to realities where Beth is still alive but not when Diane survived? And in the first episode of season 3 Beth says, “He left my mother”... how does Beth’s mom die in the realities where Beth is still alive? Why didn’t Rick go back to a version of his wife when he still had the chance? Were all the universes where Diane still exists outside the Central Finite Curve?

  • Dam that sad

  • Theory:The Rick that killed his family was Rick

  • The rickest rick chose his family. genius

  • Young Rick is wearing a Blade Runner jacket style and i love it so much. My man got hurt so bad and i hope he find peace someday

  • I wish this was me

  • Rick kill count - INFINITE !

  • Rick is the one person who killed himself and lived to tell the tale

  • Underrated twist actually, our Rick apparently being the one who cares about nothing is actually the one who cares about the most important things, the one who rejected the life of a multiverse god only to be forced into being the greatest of them all

    • @Andrew DeVita well yeh i mean the finite curve obviously, but that was still our rick in control of that whole thing. He was a god there

    • He's literally not the greatest of them all though. The central finite curve proves that. He literally created a pocketed infinity where that IS true, but in terms of the grand view of the infinite cosmos, it simply isn't.

  • I get the feeling after seeing this that Rick's general nihilism is less of a epiphany he had from interdimensional travel, and more of a coping mechanism.

  • What episode is this?

  • So now Morty know Rick as much as Rick knows himself. I wonder what the dynamic will be from now on.

  • Someone know Where I can find this music ?

  • I think the reason why Rick hates serialization so much is because he hates being reminded of his past. It’s like Evil Morty said, “Never look back.”

  • Man, this season finale was the best. Can't wait to see where they go with the series!

  • idk why i have feelin that killed his wife is evil morty 😬

  • SONG ID, please!

  • Honestly they ruined it for me after this. Rick and Morty is officialy done

  • 🥲

  • There are infinite universes and all of them Rick's wife dies but only c-137 was the Rickest Rick to go hunt other Ricks

  • Rickiest Rick never raise his own daughter, after they were killed, he spent all his life searching the Vile one. At first the past episode show this memory but we all think it's his trick, turn out it's real. wow Hope S6 really show how Evil Morty plan work out and Rick go hunt the villian again.

  • Damn, 1 month and still hurt.

  • It was this episode right here that made me realize that Rick truly is the most pathetic character on the show. Don't get me wrong, his backstory (I felt) had justification to it. The reason he is what he is now to me is because for the past 4 seasons Jerry was the most pathetic. But it turns out Rick helped MAKE the citadel, which just became a Morty producing factory by orchestrating infinite Beths and Jerrys to fall in love, never giving the them a chance to live their own lives. Rick sabotaged his daughter (which by the way, ew) and still thinks he can highroad Jerry for being a predator of weakness, when Rick himself can't stand the idea of not being the smartest in the "multiverse", hence the Central Finite Curve, hence a literal fucking baby free of all blame.

  • Does this mean every rick created a froopy land or he went to a dimension that was identical to enough to his original that his original beth was a sociopath

  • The reason Rick never find the one kill his family it's mostly because or he was already death or it's not the smartest man in his universe, remember that is relative to the rest of his universe, so he could be that smart as c137 but there is at least another person that surpassed him. In the case of evil Morty, he basically said he became more intelligent with time and experience, so the finite curve don consider if someone have the potential to surpass Rick eventually.

  • This ask a lot of questions but even now we don't know who was the kid Morty in the portrait of Birdperson house. And it's more weird now we know Rick never can replace Birdperson. PD: i doubt Rick son give him a way to recognize him from any another Rick.

  • What if why Rick c-137 can't find the evil Rick who killed her wife and daughter was because that evil Rick was smarter than him and the central finite curve he just made kinda closed the possibility of meeting the other evil Rick. But since the central finite curve is gone there is a possibility that Rick-c137 might meet him again and might have his revenge.

  • it would be a BIG plot twist if the rick we've been watching this entire time is not even the main character of this story