RIDICULOUS PRANKS! || Funny Summer Tiktok Pranks Best Tricks DIYs And Challenges by 123 GO! SCHOOL

čas přidán 3. 07. 2020
Hey guys! What’s that? 🤗
Wanna see something cool?
But not all friends can be trusted with water toys.🐳
Stay tuned for more hilarious family pranks!

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  • Madison why did you say she's the worst she's the best not the worst

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  • I pranked my sister with the face mask

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  • Maddi is so mean to ava and she said to ava Loser but pranks is so funny😂😂

    • I think pranks are horrible but this video is just for fun and we all have our own opinions

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  • I just watched the video and I did all the pranks on my sisters

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  • Please show part 2

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