Roasting Your WORST Setups

čas přidán 3. 04. 2021
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You guys asked for it, and today we deliver. We're roasting the best and worst of your setups from Twitter.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • The safe house for these setups is my home

  • Not only should there be a part two, this should become a weekly segment. Super fun way to get insight into how setups can be improved.

  • lord poop head was in the same boat i was till i shelled out the masive amount for a 1050

  • the bucket from 16:10 is probably a trash-bin.

  • hey guys if you thought those pc setups were bad make sure to check out my old setup and pet fly!!! ill be posting a link...

    • you can check out the full build at this image upload website i used at the time . its a iimgur link and its under gallery/2E5Y5

  • 11:24 who in the fucking right mind would use toilet papers to wipe their nose even if its bought brand new.

  • “They have their numberpad on the left like a freak” 😂😂

  • that voice crack at the very start: NOOOOOOOo

  • My funny moments 4:42 Noctua cooler, square monitor 🤣🤣🤣🤣 7:13 Naked GTX 960 cooled by cheap USB fans 🤣🤣🤣

  • 12:29 he is BSing something.. That top slotcover is for a slot that isn't on the mobo. A dual slot card would go one slot further down.

  • 7:39 Once upon a time, i had an 8" fan plugged into the wall blowing cool air into my open case for additional cooling. It was enough to stop the power supply fan from rubbing against its shroud. The fan lasted longer than the computer did.

  • I dont even have a table for my pc...

  • I had to sign in to my account to post a comment after hearing Linus say "This guy vacs". That was hilarious.

  • lmao guy with the bucket has the same case as i do

  • The server setup definitely looks like an Apple XServ

  • in the other hand my setup is a laptop with a 2 dollar mouse pad and a g102

  • i also have an up-the-skirt fan in my bedroom

  • For once, i understand all xD

  • Hey your setups might not be the best but at least Linus can’t drop them

  • He looks like Jake Paul if he just came out of prison

  • 11:45 I also have my speakers in front of my monitor, because I just don't have room on my desk to put them anywhere else XD. And yes, before you ask, they definitely get in the way of some of the screen

  • Am I a monster for gaming at 5000dpi? I only use a 6 inch wide space for my mouse. I also use two monitors.

  • 13:22 he is a legend with 5 screens

  • I have a G602 and only play wrist with acceleration on fear me GG

  • 16:07 oh, you got a shit bucket!

  • 6:15 fun for the whole family!

  • Epic I should've sent my former mining setup. An old Studio XPS 8200 (i5 650) sitting on some storage tubs. I had a 1660 in it :D

  • The camera cover is more for normal computer infections, like RATs, not NSA spying as they spy on targets and collect everything else.

  • 2:10 Linus: Am I a joke to you? Me: yes you were born a joke

  • help people with no GPU roast people with no pc

  • 13:15 Hi, i've been trying to reach you about your car's extended insurance

  • Floor Gang! Humph 😤 humph 😤 humph 😤

  • Hey Linus how about roasting peoples config setups? Many often just leave windows as it is after it is installed. I prefer modifying the Windows OS so it can boot to desktop in under 2 seconds or at least near it. Very easy to do and the smiles I gave myself when it boots that fast is timeless.

  • I will be the no.1 for the Worst pc

  • Linus:"Roasting Viewers Setup" Linus:"Is on a Pink Laptop"

  • more please

  • Bruh exactly copying ed from tech sources title jk

  • ThaT wAs FuNnY

  • My monitor broke once, and i had to use the computer on the bedroom mounted tv. I sat on a lawn chair in the corner, keyboard in breakfast-in-bed table, mouse in bed

  • This was better than going to any museum! 😍

  • 4:45 just realized I'm watching this video on the exact same monitor . . . 4:3 best ratio don't @ me

  • 16:07 As latin american, I do understand what's the bucket for... And the chair hahahaha

  • My setup is prob worst than the first one lol

  • i already know all the kids that have'nt had a long friend, blink blink. are so confused about the p thing LMAOOO.

  • 1:23 power bar does not fix this, the power bar combines all the power usage and pulls it through 1 outlet and you can draw too much power. My single double outlet cant handle my predator monitor and PC so I needed to install a second one because everything kept shutting off.

  • ive seen haundreds of these vids but these are still my dream setups bruh

  • The one @6:40 very similar to how my PC is set up ATM. I ordered a Noctua fan to replace my CPU fan, and bought 120mm when it's actually a 90mm, so I zip-tied it to my case and have a Ryobi workshop fan faced to the computer. NOW, to be fair. I monitored my CPU temp under load and surprisingly, HW says its max temp only hit 56c after around 4 hours of No Mans Sky. If it looks stupid, and it works, then it isn't stupid.

  • Linus coom cave tips

  • I'm waiting for a miracle giveaway...

  • part 2 pls!!!

  • I think he is use the VR more than 2 times in a year after that hahahhahaha

  • the setup at 11:33 has the exact same computer as me the HP Pavillion computer tower

  • Mean

  • everything except the square monitor is better than mine...

  • We need more!!

  • he would have not stopped laughing if he saw my setup

  • The green bucket is a shit bucket You know if you know

  • do this again. if I place a photo of my setup whitout a GPU do I get 1? mine is old, and not supported anymore in future drivers.

  • Yaay new episode of people showing their setup and making us jealous and making us ask our parents fot this and getting grounded WOW

  • this was fun.

  • 10:31 Linus : i have kids Jake : "just get rid of em" Linus : *y e a*

  • *roasts everyone for having semi-crappy setups* Me with my hp envy pc with i7-7000 cpu, intel 630 graphics card, and 16 gigs of ram with only ~5 gigs of total storage left

  • I wanted to laugh at many of these... But to be honest, I'm currently using a card table for a computer desk and a broken entertainment center to hold my computer tower.

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  • Dude all of these setups are better than mine 😢 no cap

  • The silent forest pragmatically introduce because meat canonically kick inside a plastic editorial. mushy, upset tenor

  • Does anyone know the name of that ultra minimalist case from the second setup shown? The one where basically all the components are exposed?

  • I really wanna get into gaming so the first thing I’m gonna do is watch people shit on other peoples gaming set ups just to get the general vibe of the community

  • Me who doesn't even have a pc nor ever had one 😁🔫

  • 2:37 Léo Take maker is a French youtuber

  • this is the only video on this planet catering this format that i enjoy

  • So nobody's gonna tell that guy that rail road ties are toxic?

  • 3:46 how would you even watch that on a vr???

  • dude i think you guys will like mine but idk about the pc

  • hahaha :-D

  • after seeing those builds without a GPU I have found out that im really lucky I have a 1080TI

  • LOL great video!! 😂😂

  • None of my fellow weebs gonna mention that sweet Megumin profile pic at 2:00?

  • I'd love to share my setup but it's very literally big and complex enough to need a full youtube video lol

  • Number pad on the left bothers me way more than it should

  • coup dur pour leotechmaker de la chaine leotechmaker

  • The dreary lung gully start because sister aerobically contain times a educated open. actually, sable athlete

  • i want that p*** VR headset

  • linus: SIX THOUSAND DPI'S you pleb. I play at 12k DPI. when you lower your dpi and then increase mouse sensitivity in windows settings you basically turn your gaming mouse into a cheap amazon mouse because you're not utilizing all the resolution your mouse can give. Then you end up having a scope that jumps a few pixels every time you try to headshot someone. I tried so hard, and literally can't get it to jump pixels. It's buttersmooth at 12k dpi and low sensitivity in settings

  • i though ppl with vr is rare......nevermind we all have some xd. i just have a quest 1 with broken controllers...if there is another video like that u would be jealous of my setup btw hehe

  • 2:28 i know him i recognized the wallpaer and the door, leo thechmaker reee the frenchie tech guy !

  • lol

  • i have the WORST setup ever

  • My step is my iPhone dr and my lightning earbuds

  • I'm in the same situation as those guys. Gpus are Insanely hard to get right now, and I just spent WAY too much on an rtx 2060 oc

  • Why is everything got to be about p*&$ this ep

  • At least they have a pc 🙂

  • 16:33 I like that Apple Xserve set up

  • It's kind of funny that Jake has a fitness/smart watch yet he doesn't exercise.

  • I like this series. I need a GPU Everything else is great.

  • the fact that linus says 6000 dpi like thats unreasonable but here i am just browsing youtube at 8200. i have no idea how people can go any lower then 4000.