RTX 3060 Overclocking is surprisingly good!

čas přidán 1. 03. 2021
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  • wow, $500 for 3060 ? They go for $1,200 - $1,500 here now... sigh

  • I've been owning mine for a week now(MSI GeForce RTX 3060 12GB VENTUS 3X OC). Can't even play a game without the whole fucking thing freezes and shuts my computer down. I've tried DDU and every driver available. Turn off/on XMP profiles for ram, reinstalled my windows twice with format, tried different windows versions. Anyone got any tips?

  • getting the same card tomorrow. i hope i don't regret it

  • I just got the same EVGA 3060 and actually got 10% extra fps in Warzone at 3440x1440p. It's been a while since I OC any GPU because usually it's not worth it for 3%

  • are those Corvette C6 tires in background there? Im not a computer guy - but sure do know a thing or two about tires ;)

  • I finally got an RTX (at msrp) and it was the Asus version of this. Was able to get +196 on core, +147 on memory. It clocked incredibly well for what it is. Saw very nice jumps too. Overall I'm happy to see such a large jump from my 1060. Still wish I could have gotten a 3060ti or 70 but at this point getting anything is amazing.

  • Just got my 3060 from newegg shuff

  • i got the zotac 3060 how about you guys

  • linus fucking is. linus fucking is......

  • Actually I'm trying to find a comment about the 3060's OC

  • What's a veeaches tape? Just kidding, I'm old too. This is good news since the 3060 seems to be the only card that's even reasonable at MSRP anymore. Now just gotta wait for my lucky day in the shuffle. Or wait another two years for things to settle, whichever comes first. Who knows.

  • wait what the hell?! stop touching the pins of the graphics card!!

  • i buyed my 3060 in finland for 599.euros. and in estonia they ask 1.1k euros

  • I’ve just bought an RTX 3060 for £689 which is probably about maybe $850-$900 which makes me a bit ill... but in my defence I’m upgrading from a GTX970 so the difference will be massive.

  • Hi Jay, watching this as I have just bought the exact one. You'll love to learn that living in South Africa, I don'y pay close to $500 dollars, for us living here, it is more like $1000, yes you read that right $1000 dollars for a 3060. The 3070, before we had a national crisis of no graphic card stock is going for a great price off $1530. Oh, I am taking orders if anyone that is angry with their money and would like to be ripped a new one. Thanks as always for the great content!

  • literally just got one for 500 on newegg....

  • In India , it's selling at 75000 Rs = 1000 $ !!!

  • What was your end figures for core clock and memory clock 🙂 and very good video as always big follower 🙂

  • I'm running 2660mhz

  • I still don't get the reason for TI to exist

  • a 150+ on the core clock got a extra 10 fps on my msi dual fan 3060

  • Thanks to Canadian prices, MSRP for this card is in the $500’s lol

  • Goodness Jay I'm with ya. I remember renting a VCR at the grocery store! 🙊

  • Does overclocking the 3060, reduce the life span of the card ?

  • i did everything the exact same and my graphics card crashed and started flicklering

  • In a normal gpu market I would've bought the 3060 Ti, but unfortunately none are available in my area and I was only able to get a 3060. I'm not happy about it but it should be adequate for my needs for now. Perhaps if the market improves I might upgrade and sell the 3060 for a decent price.

  • The card looks so tiny in his big hands LOL

  • Hey i have one What values should i add to oc my card to be perfect?? Ty

  • I bought this graphic card few days ago for 1418$ and you say around 380$ hoooollllyyyy bro

    • You know you're part of the problem right?

    • i got a prebuilt with a 3060 for 1300 bro and i ate that money because its not worth it...u fd up all respect

  • My 500$ MSI version hurt, MSI is raising prices too much.

  • when he said 500 dollars for a 3060 and scoffed, i cried a little because ill pay 500 RIGHT NOW. HAPPY.

  • You think you made an typo in the discription

  • Online shop should sell gpu via email. You email them and they email back for payment.

  • Here in EU this card is 1050 Euro :( . Imposible to get one..... :(

  • I just want to see one review where he's comparing the cards based on the scalp prices

  • Smh moment when I decided to buy a gaming pc and this card alone (3060 OC version) priced at 1300$ which is 4700 AED here in Dubai, fvck crypto mining.

  • Very stable for me at Core 2000 MHZ - Mem 7800 MHZ , and yes there´s like 5-10 fps more in every game (my version is the OC one so it already was at Core 1850 MHZ or so)

  • Thanks for the size reference to a VHS tape, I wasn't sure how big the card was.

  • In my country rtx 3060 hit $1000

  • Would having a double 3060 sli have any benefit? There's one so here offering that, two cards with each 6 gb. And yes i do know not all games support this (yet). More from a future perspective. I have had good experiences in the past with double cards.

  • Hey Jay, I tried everything but for some reason my gpu hz is stuck at 1807. I have an i7 10700k with an rtx 3060.. ive tried everything from removing driver to uninstall them again to removing msi to installing it again. Even did a full format of my pc and it still wont budge. Any ideas ? :/ Im kind of desperate here

  • a 3060 costs 999 aud where I am at the only place I can find it ;-;

  • That card looks small in your hands Jay...

  • i finaly got my one thos cards so gladdd cant wait to get it at home should come tomorow :D 1 x EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC GAMING € 679,00)

  • nvidia power mod consume many wattage in idle. using X1 precision boost lock, one click fix max clock. Extreme comfortable and stable (X1 boost lock set P0 state). im using with msi afterburner. So, set power save mod NV control Panel, overclock using msi afterburner, use X1 you can just one click on off max clock or lowest clock (300~330mhz). This is extreme perfect. People need know.

  • can voltage control set you want voltage increase max clock linear curve by msi afterburner. need manual change, max 1.093. ex, after 1.093V set all same clock. just 3~40mv. what a little Corn seed. this is suk. i recommand all shunt or stack R005 resistor include pci-e R005 (not try if you have pci-e fuse by card PCB. but may be fine). but i saw ampare can reach 1.1V. they increase add 0.007V one Planck length volt. what are you doing nvidia?

  • You should really keep that card, my 3060 does only 2077on the core and 8250 MHz on the memory! I watched bit wit's video and he got the same results. It looks like you won the silicon lottery!

  • They all have samsung memory chips so +1000 is minimum on them

  • You can't even download that older version of MSI afterburner any more where you can move those sliders around. It's really frustrating watching your videos knowing I can't get the same software.

  • had to remove my 1050 ti because a hardware conflict pc beebs 5 time by removal of the 1050 ti problem was solved......... dammm gpu broken ?

  • 3060 on average now are 1000-1200. I got a high end MSI x trio 3060 for 900. I bit the bullet and got it because I wanted the 30 series performance and it is a great card for every game i've played, some even take up 10-11g of the vram but I know everyone hates me for buying at that price. Just wanted to finish the build!

  • I’ve got a 3060 and 1070 in the same computer , if we remove dlss from the equation which we will because it looks like poo it’s a yikes from me

  • I got the metal backplate one, it must be better

  • what the card's normal cost is: 300-350 bucks European retailers: 1200 euros is the best I can do

  • I didn't get a 3060 because I wanted a 3060, I got a 3060 because it was the first to get back to me on the EVGA wait list. I would have gotten a 3080 FE if prices and stock were normal but the 3060 should at lest hold me for a generation or two.

  • VHS stop making me feel old

  • Im just trying to figure out how to overclock my 3060

  • him saying imagine a 3060 for 500$+ me: who just bought it for 1030$ in my country

    • same here in Poland.

  • shut up about cards that do not exist boring

  • Watching these people have these graphics card is making me sad have my built pc but can’t find any graphic cards in stock 🤦‍♂️

  • It has 12g ram and 3060ti only has 8gb?? Can someone explain which is worth it

  • Dude, the setting for texture quality is for DirectX9. That's why you don't see a difference.

  • I feel like we're talking about astronomy. It's so cool to look at them and to know some interesting facts about the cards that exist, but we'll never actually see one. Not in our lifetime anyway.

  • I can get this for $421, worth?

  • "Imagine paying $500 on a 3060" Our country: pushes it to $800 Hi philippines 🇵🇭💖☺💕

  • I'll come back and watch this in a year and a half when you can actually get one of these for

  • i got a whole pc build for $3500

  • VHS TAPE is a GPU u use to put inside the VHS to watch videos right?

  • I just payed 1100 for a 3060 oc. I will look at it with angry eyes forever

  • does overclocking your gpu and max out fans shorten the life of the card?

  • Mine kept crashing at +1000 memory clock. So I have to down to +900 memory clock.

  • You shouldn't encourage people to buy overpriced crap with these videos.

  • I just got the asus oc black 3060 for 500$. Upgrading from a 1060 3g. so.. im pumped asf

  • Had to just bite the bullet and buy a pre-built to get my rtx 3000 series card. Be here this week. Wo0T

  • Don't you just long for the days, when GPUs were the size of an 8 track? We know you had one in your first car Jay. My 68' Skylark didn't, just AM/FM for me lol 😂

  • when you see rx 550's on ebay for 250 bucks you know there's a big problem with zero availability

  • Got the 3060 vision, the blowtrough is right in front of noctua nh-d15 cpu cooler 😅

  • I just got a 3060 outside the us for $575. It's not that we have a chance to choose between ti or non ti. Going to use it for gaming at 1080p anyway. More than enough.

  • Rtx 3060 in slovenija is 800€+ just f... up

  • Oh cut it out Jay we all could probably get at least 2000mhz. I jus bought one. Waiting for it

  • I can afford one of those 3080s at double price from a scalper. But not desperate enough to buy at any more than rrp.

  • Him... Can you imagine a 3060 for 500 dollars?? Everyone today.. No I can imagine a 3060 for 1000 dollars though. SMH scalpers suck

  • Yes... Bots buy everything as soon as it comes out.. That's everything but a problem for Nvidia... They keep making money... So? Gamers can go screw themselves. We are the peasants now.

  • sorry had to do it but what is a VHS tape lmfao I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!!!!

  • could i use these same settings to OC my evga 3060?

  • Imagine spending more than $200 on a video card.... Suckers

  • so its possible to overclock something i cant buy?

  • seriously stop accepting and reviewing cards, whens the last time you had to fight for one?

  • Stop promoting shit we can't BUY.

  • not one fps test ???

  • I still remember when my dad came home excited and breathing heavy because he just bought a BETA video machine. Lol. It will REVOLUTIONIZE the business he said! lmao

  • Just got my hand on one of these in a pre-built, my first pc. Any tips when attempting overclocking.

    • Nice dog

  • 2x overclocking suprinsigly out of stock please stop talking about materials that we can't buy we will heat you soon 😡

  • When I was a kid I used to watch Thomas in VHS Philips player while eating oatmeal, what a beautiful memory...

  • Human Eye can only see "Out of Stock"

  • Imagine actually buying one of these cards! We all have dreams.

  • jay - Reviews and test a Graphics card. Me in denmark with no store having any rtx or amd cards in stock 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • Its literally sold for 800$usd+ at my place nowadays. Fk me.

  • What does he mean when he says the 3060 ti has a completely different core than the 3060?

  • Yeah, Jay! Explain to these kids what the VHS tape is :) I miss those times :/