RTX 3060 vs RTX 2060 vs GTX 1060 - 3 Generation GPU Comparison

čas přidán 25. 02. 2021
I’ve compared Nvidia’s new RTX 3060 graphics card against the RTX 2060 from last generation and the GTX 1060 before it in games at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolutions to see what the differences are. I’ve also compared content creator workloads like video editing and rendering. Prices below 👇
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RTX 3060: Amazon - amzn.to/2NVyOFq | Newegg: bit.ly/3usBuuS
RTX 2060: Amazon - amzn.to/3qQMVKu | Newegg: bit.ly/2ZM5hAJ
GTX 1060: Amazon - amzn.to/3bO6U6D | Newegg: bit.ly/3dOoEkG
Test PC Components:
Intel i9-10900K CPU: amzn.to/3sh7U9C
MSI MEG Z490 ACE Motherboard: amzn.to/3g7wq7W
Seagate FireCude 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD: amzn.to/309qmYn
G.Skill Flare X Memory: amzn.to/2FWYhYi
NZXT H700 Case: amzn.to/2q22xNC
Fractal S36 AIO Cooler: amzn.to/2yr3raT
Corsair HX850i Power Supply: amzn.to/2SeNInm
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Spec Differences
0:48 Test PC Setup
1:19 Red Dead Redemption 2
1:51 Cyberpunk 2077 (RT/DLSS)
2:47 Control (RT/DLSS)
4:10 Microsoft Flight Simulator
4:43 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
5:07 Watch Dogs Legion
5:31 Fortnite
5:58 CS:GO
6:16 Rainbow Six Siege (R6)
6:34 Battlefield V
6:52 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
7:07 The Witcher 3
7:25 RTX 3060 vs GTX 1060 (1080p/1440p/4K)
8:16 RTX 3060 vs RTX 2060 (1080p/1440p/4K)
9:14 Power Draw & Performance Per Watt
9:46 Content Creator (Premiere/Resolve/Blender/Vray)
10:56 Pricing & Availability
12:07 Cost Per Frame Assuming MSRP
12:20 Why make this video if you can’t buy?
12:41 Summary of 3060 vs 2060 vs 1060
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Metabones Speedbooster: amzn.to/2mSDCtK
Davis & Sanford Tripod: amzn.to/2FXkC6c
Rode NTG3: amzn.to/3ao8cUP
Blue Yeti Mic: amzn.to/3arM7Fg
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  • Is it worth paying more for the 3060 Ti over the 3060? I've compared those two here: cs-tv.org/tv/video-qQvYzBleETs.html

    • @Reece Kordzikowski It does indeed. Barely. If you have a solid PSU. Solid does not mean brand. I saw brand PSUs like Corsairs 450W exploding on 400W load. The rule of thumb is PSU wattage should be at least (CPU+GPU) TDP x2. So even for the 3060, a 500W would be the absolute minimum if you have a power saving CPU (and you disable the Turbo!) -- which most people won't, so better have a 600W PSU. For a 3060 Ti, you would need minimally more for safe operation, ~650W. But if you read carefully, you would have seen that power is not the only issue, as most 3060 Ti cards come in 3-slot design. Go back and read instead of wasting my time, Mr. "crack".

    • @sassuki 3060ti works with 500w, you on crack? 3060ti is far the better pick.

    • @Broder i think youre answering the wrong guy my man lmao

    • @S Malmoe It doesn't matter that the 3060 Ti draws more power, the 3060 Ti offers more performance per watt AND more performance per dollar. It beats the 3060 in absolutely every way.

    • @Reinhardt Wilhelm the 3060 can do 1440p at a stable most titles while the 2060 is getting sub 60fps on many titles at 1440p. The 2060 and 3060 are great 1080p cards but the 3060 is not only better at 1080p its better at 1440p.

  • bought my rtx 3060 for 650$

  • Bought myself a 1660 Super just over a year ago... no way i'm splashing out the amount needed to go up to RTX.

  • here's a trick, compare a 980 TI to a 1070 to a 2060 and you will see, fuck all has changed for 8 years except the pricing prepare yourseel for a 3050 at some point, if they think people would but a 980 with raytracnig, tbh at 1080P you dont need much more, shame I got the 970, idk why but it feels like the 3070 is actually a step forward, all other upgrades barely push past a Titan X, which we thought were crazy priced, now you pay that for the entry level 3060

  • Never clicked on a video so fast when I noticed a fellow Jester reviewing graphics cards. \m/ :)

  • So basically 2 Gtx 1060s= Rtx 3060

  • His results are exaggerated....

  • what about 1660? angry 1660 gang

  • 3060 is a scam , people should get a 3060 ti instead.

  • Giveaway that 1060 man.... I've literally gaved up finding gpu's in there original prices

  • and right now the 3060 is super bad for gaming, need at least a 3060 Ti

  • you forgot the 560 series

  • You should have included 960 , which will show how fxxked up 2060 and 3060 are. Especially given their real pricing.

  • i wanna buy the 3060 when price come back

  • 3060 for U$$ 330,00??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 only in your dreams pal.

  • I have no idea how this guy outputting 43 FPS in Cyberpunk with high settings on 2060. I have i7 8700 + 2060 RoG version, High-Ultra preset with DLSS on Balanced 85-100 fps, never ever under 60 in the most dense areas

  • Did you have ReBAR on?

  • i want an rtx 2060

  • Isnt fair that comparison, might be the 1060 vs 1660

  • Cool the 3060 for me is around 469$ *Nice* and it's cheaper than the 2060 thanks

  • $330 is a dream now

  • I still got my gtx 1060 3GB version in my old desktop. Still seems to do well being able to overclock past 2GHz. But it doesnt beat my RTX 2070 mobile lol

  • "The 1060 launched almost 5years ago now, but they're also easier to pick up second hand and OF COURSE cheaper then the MSRP listed" ..had a good laugh about that one 😂

  • I want to upgrade RX580 to RX6700XT, can I compare the number of frames between RX580 and RX6700XT?

  • 60 vision of gpu are the weakest gpu and 80 vision are the strongest like gtx 1080ti 2080ti 3080

  • i have a 2070 and only get 144 fps

  • Hey, you like forgot the 1660 maaaaan.

  • If you happend to upgrade just before the release of the RTX 3000 sersies, you're probably going to be stuck with that card for another year or two, until production increases and prices get back to normal. In Australia the RTX 3080 is suppposed to for around $1600, but instead are going for closer to $2300. It's not worth it. You can buy a freaking CAR for less than that.

  • I can barely find a 760 for my cousin and you have a 3060? Phffff

  • none cause they're al sold out

  • cant wait to buy the 3060 in 2022

  • do 1080 2080 3080

  • i have super 2060 its so good

  • Bought my 2070 super a year ago for 500$ retail and its every bit as fast as a 3060 which is now close to 1000$ scalper price. Crazy!!! No point in even playing CP77 in 4k unless you have a 3070.

  • Meanwhile I'm sitting with a 960.... 720p gaming ain't that bad....

  • Cant wait for the 3060 to be in stock

  • Love you shirt. One of my favorite bands.

  • gtx 1060 wins, human eye can only see out of stock.

  • Awesome video much helpfull

  • It was so funny to listen to all the ppl talking about the 12 GB being a gimmick, not only is it not a gimmick bc I regularly use 8+ GB of VRAM playing games in 1080, if I added streaming I'd be maxed out. The 3060 is the best "value" card ever! Yes the Ti version is slightly better performance wise, but having less VRAM makes it less viable 4-5 years from now where I think the standard will be 10-12 GB on a card. Maybe I am wrong, thoughts?

  • What about the 1660?

  • hey that's the same model 1060 as mine

  • me watching with my GT 710: *"Interesting"*

  • The gtx1660: Am i a joke to you?

  • Next video: “1060 GDDR5X vs 2060 Super vs 3060 Ti”

  • Do you even need to show rtx 2060 lol they are completely gone

  • Yes yes, rtx 3060 is 330$

  • lots of graphic cards out there but considering inflated prices and the shortage of stock when I look at my 2080 super and what I paid for it I'll just sit on it until we go back to normal

  • I have a 206p and itw fine

  • 3060 for 300$ you wish

  • Drink for the amount of times he says 60

  • But what about the 4090?

  • No 1660?

  • what about 1660?

  • Now do one with the 1660, 960, 760, 660, 560, 460, 260 10 generations together

  • idk why I want a 3060. I play minecraft

  • I bought my RTX 2060 super 8 GB for about 300$ and I am happy with the performance. I have no reason to upgrade it atm .

  • Damn, my poor 1660 feeling left out

  • calling a used 1060 cheap is crazy. seems how there are people out there thinking 1660s are worth $600

  • I'm guessing you were using a 3GB 1060 for comparison right? I have a 1060 6GB slightly overclocked and it runs WAAAY faster than that 1060 you were showing.

  • id like a comparision with the 1660 i do wonder how that would work

  • Well if your doing the hardest games only then youre making 1060 look weak but most games that aren't as hard on your gpu, 1060 will be enough for most of us.

  • But 3060 doesn’t have 12gb it only has 8

  • Lol rip 1660

  • I got to 5:14 sec and could not take it another step! I'm running 4.0ghz RTX 2060 and other sys GTX 1080. boost is 4.2ghz never seen 4.4 GHz and I'm running all games at 60 FPS on the low and a high of between 122 & 127 FPS. For me, 4k is a thing of the past. I have the Z390 Master/9700k and the Z490 Master/10900k and until the gaming world comes out with a game that supports 8k, For me there is no need to upgrade. This 4790 after almost 8 years is still a GOD-Like system. The RTX 3090 isn't 8k ready therefore from where I sit it has very little over my RTX 2080.

  • It would be interesting to see the results of comparisons between AMD's and Nvidia's latest generations of graphics cards, with the same popular titles/games, especially those that are very demanding on systems.

  • 3060 MSRP 330. Let me just see here. No. No one's taking the suggestion.

  • ad is longer than video

  • Results for the 1060 are still impressive! I bought mine second hand for 150€ in Sommer 2019, today in 2021 could sell it for almost 300€ xD

  • What is the point comparing different products with different prices? Names means nothing

  • I've had my 1060 6gb since launch and I have had no problem using it today

  • Those prices are from a time before the world was burning 😢

  • you forgot the gtx 1660 ti :(

  • Salute to all our humble RTX 2060 veterans. We are legion.

  • Me: oh, cool, comparison. Also me: 3060, 2060, 1060. Nice, didn't I have some 60 cards lying somewhere? Me again: nevermind, those are 8600 and 9600. I really need a new gpu😕

  • “The 1060 is easy to pick up 2nd hand” yeah right, you can’t pick up ANYTHING for a reasonable price right now

  • Why not the GTX 1660?

  • Still rocking a 1060 so thanks for this. And by rocking I mean I want to put the poor thing out of its misery asap.

  • I’m flames rocks. What’s your fav in flame song? Mines only for the weak and cloud connected

    • @Jarrod'sTech ohhhhh good choices 😃 rock on 🤘

    • 🤘 there are a lot i like a lot maybe only for the weak or jotun

  • Gtx 1660 *Crying in the background noises

  • 3 generation GPU comparison. GTX 1660: ok, nvm me bruh ✌

  • You should have gotten a base 3060 for a more stable comparison

  • Watching this on GTX1660 super!

  • And here I am with an nvidia quadro p1000 🤮

  • where?

  • Still rocking a 1060, no complaints tbh

  • Lol i have the exakt same gtx 1060 that he is showing in the video.

  • why does he look like Eminem if he were on 10 pounds of meth?

  • GTX 1060 = But You Still Can't Beat Me In The "Most Used Graphics Card In Steam" :)

  • Funny how you omit 1060 because of lack of rat tracing, but don’t omit the 3060 due to lack of availability 😂

  • I have a EVGA KO 2060 6gb plain and them 1440p measures tell me that not all 2060 are the same in performance...even the 3060 on your chart showing less then what I get. I am running on also 4 generation i5 4440 and z asus board that old...that including ray tracing and non...i am ...at a lost lol. I actually run on ultra. not high on game i Play most at 1440p conan exiles at 112 fps dip down to 59 at lowest with high activity very complex area's. Now I want to add some tips I do, I run linux box for all my internet needs and I run windows 10 box fresh install and do nothing but gaming as for usage of windows in no time for other activitys will drive your gaming experience down period. As well tweak out and turn off a few things within the windows using dism and other commands. But key is to never use operating system for internet...that best left to much faster operating system for surfing(linux) and can build a box on low end to do this for insanely cheap nowadays.

  • my 2060 sucks at ray tracing

  • Here for the comment at April 25..... It's Hilarious . LOL

  • I’m grateful I got the 3060 in person as a gamer because it’s the first time I built a PC, and thank goodness I got it before the prices spiked up to what, $1000? So I’m happy.

  • 1660 should be included

  • its pretty funny that there was some people (a lot of people) saying u shouldnt have gotten the 2060 super since u had a 1060 cause theres not that much of a diff... yes a 20 or more frames is not that much

  • 2060 super oc has 8gb ddr6

  • It's hilarious how nobody figured out, reviewer included, that you actually *can't* compare the 1060 with the 2060 with the 3060, because the 2060 pulls as much power as the 1070 Ti and the 3060 as much as the 1080. Yet manages to be "stunned" how far the 2060 has gotten "better" (even though it really is nothing but a revamped overclocked 1070 with Ray Tracing) So a real comparison should have been the 3060 VS 2060 Super VS 1080 (same power draw -> apples to apples) There is no follower to the 1060 in the 20 and 30 series yet. It was followed by the 1660 series which draws about the same kind of power as the 1060, but offers 1070 performance. The rest is just nvidia marketing.

  • Dig the In Flames shirt tho

  • 3060 $330 MSRP🤣😂😂