Rudderless / Billy Crudup - Sing Along

čas přidán 17. 10. 2014
Stuck in your confines chewin? it over.
Caught in your headlights. Stop staring.
Don?t know what?s on my mind. What am I thinking?
Whatever I say is a lie, so stop staring. Tread carefully
Take a breath and count the stars.
Let the world go round without you.
If you?re somewhere you can hear this song
Sing along.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Maybe love?s the only answer.
I will find a way to sing your song
So sing along.
Help me understand the silence.
We make the best we can of everything.
Nothing is what it was. Turning the light on.
Honesty changes us completely. Tread carefully.
Take a breath and count the stars.
Let the world go round without you.
If you?re somewhere you can hear my song
Sing along.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Maybe love?s the only answer.
I will find a way to sing your song.
Just sing along.
What is lost can be replaced.
What is gone is not forgotten.
I wish you were here to sing along
My son
My son
My son


  • hey im back here again, october was really rough but i get thru november barely. still cant chin up my life but trying really hard to at least be alive.

  • Wow this movie is beyond a movie. !!!

  • i'll take the rudder as he does since my dad is a criminal he's the father of a criminal and i'm a son of a criminal so the opposite position but you know people like him and me sometimes need to take the rudder to face the truth

  • a father's love for his son..despite the evil brought about by his son, he found the good in his son's songs this song is so Lennon-esque

  • Thank you so much to make this movie

  • Loved it

  • The lines up to "tread carefully" were written by his son in the movie, considering the lyrics and what his son ended up doing, those lyrics are essentially a threat to people that didn't even know they were upsetting him. It's nice the father got over it, but the song is a reflection of the father's turmoil, not the son's, the son is still horrible.

  • Anyone stuck in confines in 2019. likes?? :( Sing along....

  • A small try .... Please do listen !

  • Made the mistake of watching this movie for the first time on a 4 hr flight and I had no idea what to expect. By the end of it I couldn’t fight the tears off any longer. That was an embarrassing end to the flight! Great movie, RIP Anton.

  • Don't bully next time you maafakeerrr

  • This movie would've been perfect if someone would just bloody hug him after this song. He opened up to everyone in the bar ffs.

  • Love this movie. Great song. Good way to finish the movie. Wonderful directing.

  • Such a beautiful and quite underrated filme. The soundtrack is amazing. No matter how many times I've seen Rudderless the end always touches the depths of my soul. Stories like this are not often told from the perspective of this one. The music and relationship that Billy Crudup & Antoine Yelchin share in the movie builds the storyline. A must see. **Radiohead should totally do a version of Sing Along. Kudos William H. Macy

  • 泣きました。

  • Inspiring song

  • Untuk film sekuat ini sebagus ini ngarep lebih banyak viewer. One of the most best movie. Sedih, dalem..emosinya kuat. Lagu ini aja bener bener menggambarkan gimana perasaan bapak ma anak ga peduli keadaannya anak tetep anak yang kita cintai. Dah brapa kali nonton pun tetep Nyesek sih

  • I love this movie ,,, my cousin was killed in Frontier middle school by Barry loukaitis in 1996, one of the first school shootings. 3 people died . he was sentenced to 189 years.

  • Can anyone tell me why it's wrong playing his son's song? I know it's fucked up because his son is dead by why is it wrong ?

  • it has been 10 months since the last visit. and here i am again. i admit why am i so attached with this song and this movie cuz i have a depression and this movie resonate to my core and somehow still keep me hanging on my life and keeping away from my suicidal thought, it's not always works wonders, but im trying to lived my life now, i'll thread carefully.

  • 2019?

  • I'm looking for the song by Peaches called "whore in the morning"

  • 2019 anyone?

  • This movie and Reign over me always make me cry.

  • I cried.

  • 2019,love this underrated sad song.

  • Who says that guys don't cry? This movie made me cry. This is brilliant, sensitive and deep. I wish there were more movies like that. And it feels especially tragic now, when Anton is gone :(

  • i rewatched this last night. and this ending is on par with how purple rain made me feel. ...(now im 45 and a parent, so it did me in more)

  • Damn, I guess stillwater broke up again.

  • I don't understand, what makes Quentin so angry as if Sam's son did something to his family?

  • my son

  • Look for Ian Curtis.

  • Morpheous hoped the boat was 'The One'

  • I dunno why I have never heard of this film or the actor up until last night .I usually stay clear of these types of films but they got this one right.

  • what a movie. very underrated.

    • Right that what i think for years

  • I listen this every midnight.

  • I wish there's a part from the movie where Selena Gomez like wrote and sang a sad song for Josh.

  • Anton 😢😢

  • I cry for a very long time whenever I watch this part

  • Such a powerful scene.

  • One of my favorite movie of all time.. Got the whole soundtrack saved on my playlist, whenever I play it, I get a sudden sadness that just came out like Sam's Spiral~like emotion.

  • Es bonito el tema pero es muy radiohead depresivo

  • I want the version with his son!!!

  • 4:26 "You don't touch my Gibson, grab what you're worth of" 😂

  • I came across this little gem of a movie on one of the movie networks, I really have to say I enjoyed it. Very well done, great performances, and have to say it was worth my viewing time. The soundtrack was fantastic as well.

  • I honestly almost thought this was a true story. So sad😭

  • This was a very meaningful movie and this song is a treasure.

  • I'm a HUGE MOVIE FAN, and I didn't think ANYTHING could surprise me... But I was KNOCKED BACK & KNOCKED OUT by the "reveal" in this film. BRAVO, Mr. Macy, and everyone else in this drama!!!! And, of course, RIP Anton.

  • 2018? Anyone

  • If you didn’t at least tear up the first time you saw this, you’re not fucking human.

  • still coming back for it i just love this song and the movie is very underrated

  • RIP Anton Yelchin

  • hey, im back here again, after years, just to cut open my feeling and start crying hearing this song

  • This movie broke me

  • thanks for make this song and movie, all about....

  • Best Movie I've seen in a long time.The story. The music, It left me misty eyed and eader to play my music.

  • Allucinante

  • Excellence

  • this song destroy me every time...

  • I rented this movie just cuz it looked kinda cool and I liked Anton. Seriously may be my favorite film, especially since Anton died...added mystique. DEFINITELY the best soundtrack of any movie I've EVER heard. I watched it and cried like a baby. This song touched my soul.